Music News & Releases 2024

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Music Releases 2024

Music News & Releases by Year:




Australian Trio daste. release new single ‘Colours’ / Announce tour dates.


‘Bailar (I Want to Dance)’ featuring Daniela Andrade

Bodysync drops euphoric new single ‘Bailar (I Want to Dance)’ featuring Daniela Andrade

Need For Speed

‘Green Lights’

Need For Speed returns with new single ‘Green Lights.’

Paige Bea

‘Worth It’

Paige Bea announces new EP ‘Flutters’ / New single ‘Worth It’ out now.



Danish-Chilean composer Molina shares new single ‘Scorpio’


‘Richard E Grant’

Langkamer announce third album ‘Langzamer’ and release lead single ‘Richard E Grant.’

Beachwood Sparks

‘Gentle Samurai’

Beachwood Sparks announce their upcoming album ‘Across The River Of Stars’ / Share new single ‘Gentle Samurai.’

Jessica Boudreaux

‘Main Character’

Former Summer Cannibals leader Jessica Boudreaux shares new single ‘Main Character.’

Cal in Red

‘She Won’t Say’

Cal in Red Announces Debut Album ‘Low Low’ and Headlining U.S. Tour / Share lead single and video for ‘She Won’t Say.’

Wakey Wakey Rise & Shined

‘Magic Hill’

Wakey Wakey Rise & Shine release new single ‘Magic Hill.’


‘Forever Blue’

OSKA Releases New Single ‘Forever Blue.’


‘Run Away’

VENUS releases new single ‘Run Away.’


‘Heaven To Me’

lotusbliss to share new single ‘Heaven To Me.’

Yarin Glam


Yarin Glam releases new single ‘BLIND.’

Ghost Fan Club

‘Now and Then’

Ghost Fan Club returns with new single ‘Now and Then.’


‘Give Me Something For The Soul’

LOW-RES releases second single of 2024, ‘Give Me Something For The Soul.’

Oh, Rose

‘The Call’

Oh, Rose Celebrates 10th Anniversary of debut EP with new single ‘The Call.’


‘Try Again’

Sunnsetter unveils new track ‘Try Again’ with more music coming in 2024.


‘ASHAMED’ featuring Lauren Mayberry of CHVRCHES

HEALTH shares electrifying collaboration with Lauren Mayberry of CHVRCHES.


‘Sploinky Dub’ featuring Grech

Subtronics officially releases viral TikTok-inspired single ‘Sploinky Dub’ featuring Grech.

Alan Walker and Ina Wroldsen


Alan Walker teams up with Ina Wroldsen on summery new anthem ‘Barcelona.’

Rosesleeves and re6ce

‘So Bad About It’

Rosesleeves and re6ce team up on new broody alt-pop single ‘So Bad About It.’


‘Triple Seven’

Wishy shares new single ‘Triple Seven’ and announces US & EU headline tour.



Zuso releases new single ‘Amber.’

Dr. Dog

‘Love Struck’ featuring M. Ward

Dr. Dog shares new single ‘Love Struck’ featuring M. Ward.



Korean R&B artist, SAAY returns with new single, ‘DOMINO.’

Brother Valiant

‘C’est La Vie’

New York-based indie folk/pop singer/songwriter Brother Valiant releases new single ‘C’est La Vie.’

Tragic Sasha

‘Die Trying’

Tragic Sasha shares new single ‘Die Trying.’

Jahnah Camille

‘Carnival Sounds’

Winspear signee Jahnah Camille shares ‘Carnival Sounds.’


‘Shallow Water’

Elderbrook shares uplifting new single ‘Shallow Water.’


‘Water the Flowers, Pray for a Garden’

Valley announces third studio album / Share title track, ‘Water the Flowers, Pray for a Garden.’

Camille Jansen

‘Screw Loose’

Camille Jansen releases new single, ‘Screw Loose.’


‘Big Muzzy’

Fine shares new single ‘Big Muzzy’ ahead of debut album release ‘Rocky Top Ballads.’

My Best Unbeaten Brother

‘Blues Fatigue’

My Best Unbeaten Brother releases new single ‘Extraordinary Times.’


‘The City Never Felt So Good’

Australian Grammy-nominated producer 1tbsp releases new single ‘The City Never Felt So Good.’


‘Pulling Quotes’

Cola shares new single ‘Pulling Quotes’ ahead of upcoming album The Gloss.

Wila Frank

‘In My Soul’

Wila Frank shares haunting new single ‘In My Soul’ from upcoming EP Agua Verde.


‘Spirit Gum’

Montreal’s knitting share lead single ‘Spirit Gum’ from Debut LP Some Kind of Heaven / Sign to Mint Records.

Land of Talk

‘Speak to Me Bones’

Land of Talk announce Applause Cheer Boo Hiss: The Definitive Edition / Shares new single ‘Speak to Me Bones.’


‘Last Time’

Kississippi releases irresistible summer breakup banger ‘Last Time’ / Announces damned if i do it for you EP.


‘The Breaks’

SUUNS announce new album The Breaks and share title track & video.



amilost releases first new single of 2024, ‘Bloom.’

Michael B Thomas

‘Skeleton On Strings (SOS)’

Michael B Thomas announces new EP A New Dance and releases single ‘Skeleton On Strings (SOS).’


‘Opening/Track ID’

Newcomer Eli releases new single ‘Opening/Track ID.’


‘French Riviera’

Pop newcomer PHIA shares sun-kissed new single ‘French Riviera’ via LAB Records.

Fancy Gap

‘Little Heart Racer’

Fancy Gap shares new single ‘Little Heart Racer.’

Annabel Lauren


Annabel Lauren shares poignant new single ‘Alone.’

Under The Rug

‘mad girl’s love song’

Under The Rug captures Sylvia Plath’s spirit in new single ‘mad girl’s love song.’

Matte Blvck

‘Pupula Duplex’

Matte Blvck unveils new single ‘Pupula Duplex.’



Jacklyn dazzles with new single ‘LoveDrunk.’



SCHØØL shares debut single ‘N.S.M.L.Y.D.’

Beach Weather

‘High in Low Places’

Beach Weather releases new single ‘High in Low Places.’

Leah Mason

‘Midas Touch’

Leah Mason shares new single ‘Midas Touch’ & announces debut album Hexed.


‘Monalisa’ featuring Luciana, Jowell & Marcos Jungle

Bzars carries on the momentum with epic new Latin house track ‘Monalisa’ featuring Luciana, Jowell & Marcos Jungle.

The Rolling People

‘The Thief’

The Rolling People unleash powerful new single ‘The Thief.’



KEO’s new single ‘Fly’ out now.



Closebye announces new album ‘Hammer of My Own’ and shares new single ‘Pilates.’



Bodysync drops new single/video ‘Babies.’

Rum Jungle

‘Did The Morning Let You Down’

Rum Jungle’s new single ‘Did The Morning Let You Down’ captures post-tour energy.



daysormay’s new single ‘SIMMER’ explores the allure of impulses.



Frozemode unleashes bold anthem ‘ASBO BOYS.’

Night Swimming

‘Let That Be Enough’

Night Swimming release new single ‘Let That Be Enough’ from upcoming EP.


‘Two Times Over’

Manchester indie-pop risers Delights unveil new single ‘Two Times Over.’


‘What Could I Say?’

Margaux shares new single ‘What Could I Say?’ ahead of debut LP release.

James Vincent McMorrow

‘Things We Tell Ourselves’

James Vincent McMorrow shares new single ‘Things We Tell Ourselves.’

Leaving Time


Rising shoegaze stars Leaving Time share new Single ‘Wish.’


‘Once Again’

Rotterdam post-punks Tramhaus announce debut album The First Exit and share new single ‘Once Again.’

Frances Mistry

‘Flower in the Garden’

Frances Mistry shares poetic new single ‘Flower in the Garden.’

Lip Filler

‘It’s Not Deep’

Lip Filler Releases New EP witchescrew / Share new single ‘It’s Not Deep.’

My Best Unbeaten Brother

‘Extraordinary Times’

My Best Unbeaten Brother releases new single ‘Extraordinary Times.’


‘Airport Barfight’

YAANG releases chaotic new single ‘Airport Barfight.’


‘Head Hunters Pub and Grub’

Jopy shares new single ‘Head Hunters Pub and Grub.’



Skegss release new single ‘Spaceman.’

mui zyu

‘The Rules of What an Earthling Can Be’

mui zyu unveils empowering anthem with new single ‘The Rules of What an Earthling Can Be.’



Julia-Sophie shares haunting new single ‘Numb’ from upcoming album forgive too slow.

Still Woozy

‘All Your Life’

Still Woozy releases new single ‘All Your Life.’

Daniel Davies

‘Ghost of the Heart’

Daniel Davies shares new single ‘Ghost of the Heart’

Babe Report


Babe Report blend of power-pop and grunge on new single ‘Universal.’

Yaz León

‘4th Wall’

Yaz León joins forces with fellow newcomer Bukky for hypnotic sizzler ‘4th Wall.’



Japanese band Muque release empowering new song ‘desert.’

Mike Lindsay

‘Pretender to Surrender’ featuring Anna B Savage

Mike Lindsay releases new single ‘Pretender to Surrender’ featuring Anna B Savage.

Heiko Maile and Julian Demarre


Heiko Maile and Julian Demarre, pop musicians turned film composers, release new single ‘Melancholia.’

Jake Bugg


Jake Bugg announces new album A Modern Day Distraction / New Single ‘Zombieland’ out now.

Las Nubes


Las Nubes return with electrifying new single ‘Pesada.’

M. Vaughan

‘Cold Read’

M. Vaughan captivates with emotive indie electronic single ‘Cold Read.’

Silent Mass

‘The Great Chaos’

Silent Mass releases third single of 2024, ‘The Great Chaos.’

Max Blansjaar

‘Red Tiger’

Max Blansjaar shares ‘Red Tiger,’ the final single from debut album False Comforts.


‘Miss You Still’ featuring Cub Sport

Allday reveals expansive new single ‘Miss You Still’ featuring Cub Sport.

Chris Lanzon


Indie-folk star Chris Lanzon champions infinite relationships in new single ‘Lilo.’


‘Continuing Endless’

Manchester-by-Calderdale’s Splint hit the road with new single ‘Continuing Endless.’

Wila Frank

‘Light of the Moon’

Nashville’s Wila Frank releases captivating new single, ‘Light of the Moon’ / Announce upcoming EP.

Dr. Dog

‘Tell Your Friends’

Dr. Dog shares new single ‘Tell Your Friends.’

Young Jesus

‘Am I the Only One’

Young Jesus shares ‘Am I the Only One.’

Beachwood Sparks

‘Falling Forever’

Beachwood Sparks share new single ‘Falling Forever’ ahead of first album in 12 years.



daste. shares new single ‘Around.’

Jessica Boudreaux

‘Back Then’

Jessica Boudreaux shares powerful new single/video ‘Back Then’ from her upcoming solo album.

John Myrtle

‘How Do You Break a Heart?’

John Myrtle delivers sunshine-filled folk pop with latest single, ‘How Do You Break a Heart?’



Nashon ignites the summer with thrilling new single ‘runaway.’

Moon Tide Gallery


Baltimore’s Moon Tide Gallery releases new single ‘Television.’

Martial Arts


Martial Arts strikes again with explosive new single ‘Defector.’

Michael Bernard Fitzgerald

‘After A While’

Michael Bernard Fitzgerald releases new single ‘After A While’ / Announces upcoming album Horizon Lines.

Mal Not Bad

‘Come On/Hard Times’ and ‘Mustang’ (featuring Junaco)

Mal Not Bad shares double single ‘Come On/Hard Times’ and ‘Mustang’ (featuring Junaco).



Fine releases new single ‘Coasting’ and announces debut album Rocky Top Ballads.

Zero Point Energy


Zero Point Energy shares powerful new single and video ‘Disintegration.’


‘Love On The Outside’

Wishy announces debut LP Triple Seven with infectious single ‘Love On The Outside.’



Arz turns up the heat with new grime-infused single ‘hostage.’

Johnny Hunter


Australian post-punk sensation Johnny Hunter releases new single, ‘Frustration.’

Paris Paloma

‘Boys, Bugs and Men’

Paris Paloma announces debut album ‘Cacophony’ and releases new single ‘Boys, Bugs and Men.’

Lily Meola


Lily Meola releases cheeky alt-country single ‘Cowboy.’

Devon Cole

‘I Got You’

Devon Cole has your back on ‘I Got You.’

Ducks Ltd.

‘When You’re Outside’

Ducks Ltd. shares new single ‘When You’re Outside’

Eleni Drake

‘Let it Go and Let it Be’

Eleni Drake releases swooning ode to self-empowerment ‘Let it Go and Let it Be’



MarMar releases thought-provoking single ‘Without.’



TA GA DA unleashes explosive new single ‘Boy.’

My Best Unbeaten Brother

‘Time on Our Hands, Spider-Man’

My Best Unbeaten Brother announces debut mini-album Pessimistic Pizza / Shares lead single ‘Time on Our Hands, Spider-Man.’


‘Limosina’ (feat. Cherry Chola)

1tbsp delivers stirring new single ‘Limosina’ (feat. Cherry Chola).

Josienne Clarke

‘Double-Edged Sword’

Josienne Clarke shares empowering new single ‘Double-Edged Sword’ ahead of album release.

Midnight Pool Party


Midnight Pool Party goes back to their disco roots with ‘USE ME.’


‘you’ll make a fool of me’

ammar delivers an emotional exploration of relationship struggles with new single ‘you’ll make a fool of me.’

Van Zon

‘Cannon Fodder’

Van Zon’s debut single ‘Cannon Fodder’ takes post-rock to new heights.


‘The Woman You Are’

JESSIA honors mothers everywhere with heartfelt single ‘The Woman You Are.’


‘Rock It’

Bodysync announces second album ‘Nutty’ / Drops electrifying single ‘Rock It.’

Bonny Light Horseman

‘Old Dutch’

Bonny Light Horseman releases new single ‘Old Dutch’ / announces double album release.



Cola shares new single ‘Albatross’ ahead of sophomore album release.

Bibi Club


Bibi Club dazzles with new single ‘Shloshlo.’

VK Blanka

‘Never Run’

Japanese musician VK Blanka surprises fans with new English-language song ‘Never Run.’

Fancy Gap

‘Strawberry Moon’ featuring Sharon Van Etten

Fancy Gap announces debut album with lead single ‘Strawberry Moon’ featuring Sharon Van Etten.

Juniper Honey

‘Tell Me’

Juniper Honey set to release debut album with emotional single ‘Tell Me.’

Jonah Kagen

‘God Needs the Devil’

Jonah Kagen explores the struggle between good and evil in his new track ‘God Needs the Devil.’

Ax and the Hatchetmen


Ax and the Hatchetmen embark on a summer adventure with new single ‘Flagstaff.’


‘Hold On’

Deathpact emerges with new single ‘Hold On’ / Announces debut album Transmission from Darkness.



Mutes drops raw and engrossing new single ‘Transparency.’

Ghost Fan Club


Tyler Costolo’s Ghost Fan Club shares deeply personal single ‘Shoulders.’



BORDER. unleashes irreverent synth-punk anthem ‘Workers.’

Alan Walker and Kylie Cantrall


Alan Walker and Kylie Cantrall collaborate on dance-pop anthem ‘Unsure.’


‘Love You Right Back’ DJ ALOK Remix

London pop star Allegra teams up with DJ ALOK for electrifying remix of ‘Love You Right Back.’


‘Picture It’

Margaux shares third single ‘Picture It’ from debut album Inside The Marble.

The Garrys


The Garrys set to charm audiences with new single ‘Cakewalk’ and upcoming UK tour.

Babe Report


Babe Report blend of power-pop and grunge on new single ‘Universal.’


‘So We Find Ourselves’

FINK shares new single ‘So We Find Ourselves.’

How To Dress Well

‘Contingency/Necessity (Modality of Fate)’

How To Dress Well unveils ‘Contingency/Necessity (Modality of Fate).’



Australian artist cln drops new indie/alternative pop single ‘Carousel.’

Thin Lear

‘Bowie’s Ley Lines’

Thin Lear shares new single/video ‘Bowie’s Ley Lines.’

All Under Heaven

‘Receiving Certain Answers’

All Under Heaven announces debut album ‘What Lies Ahead of Me’ / Releases new single ‘Receiving Certain Answers’ / Announces tour with fawn.

Tragic Sasha


Lip Filler unleashes new single ‘CARLING’ ahead of debut EP release.

Tragic Sasha

‘Fate’s A Bitch’

Tragic Sasha strikes a witty chord with her latest single ‘Fate’s A Bitch.’

Adele Dazeem

‘Meridian Water’

Adele Dazeem unveils new shoegaze single ‘Meridian Water.’

Natalie Shay

‘All The Time’

Natalie Shay’s latest single ‘All The Time’: A burst of energetic indie-pop.


‘Bed Of Roses’

ORKID blossoms with new single ‘Bed Of Roses’ ahead of EP release.

Mabe Fratti

‘Kravitz’ and ‘Pantalla Azul’

Mabe Fratti’s latest singles ‘Kravitz’ and ‘Pantalla Azul’ showcase postmodern dedication.

Ryan Wright

‘Quarter Life Crisis’

Ryan Wright explores a coming-of-age story on her latest single, ‘Quarter Life Crisis.’

Amanda Cy


Amanda Cy drops emotional new single ‘Yangtze’ from upcoming EP Waterworks.



Rising artist purpl drops feel-good summer anthem ‘Salad’ from upcoming EP.

SALPA, Puma Blue, and Uma

‘Super Quiet’

SALPA, Puma Blue, and Uma craft airy new single ‘Super Quiet.’

Adam Hopper & The Wimps

‘Like Dancers Do’ / ‘Robin Hood’s Bay’

Adam Hopper & The Wimps join Bingo Records, announce split 7″ release – ‘Like Dancers Do’ / ‘Robin Hood’s Bay.’


‘Try Again’

ROSIE faces her greatest fears on ‘Try Again.’

Rachel Grae

‘Do Better’

Rachel Grae’s ‘Do Better’ is a pop anthem of self-discovery.

I.M the Artist

‘these days / outspoken introvert’

I.M the Artist unveils a fusion of musical styles on new single ‘these days / outspoken introvert.’



TIMEA releases new soul-stirring release ‘Home.’

Dr. Dog

‘Talk Is Cheap’

Dr. Dog returns with irresistible lead single ‘Talk Is Cheap.’

Amadou & Mariam


African superstars Amadou & Mariam release new single ‘Mogolu’ composed by Manu Chao.

I Don’t Like Mondays.

‘New York, New York’

Japanese rock band I Don’t Like Mondays. marks 10th anniversary with the release of ‘New York, New York.’

Linn Koch-Emmery

‘No Hands’

Linn Koch-Emmery unveils energetic single ‘No Hands’ ahead of album release.


‘To the Bone’

Dalia returns with unflinching heartbreak in new single ‘To the Bone.’

The Accident Group

‘Go Way (Please Come Back)’

Manchester’s The Accident Group releases new single ‘Go Way (Please Come Back).’

Ellysse Mason

‘Cry Baby’

Ellysse Mason shares emotional alt-pop anthem ‘Cry Baby’ ahead of EP.

Porter Robinson

‘Knock Yourself Out XD’

Porter Robinson releases another slice of pop with new single ‘Knock Yourself Out XD’/ Announces new album SMILE! 😀.

Daniel Davies

‘I Know Why’

Daniel Davies announces new album ‘Ghost of the Heart’ and shares lead single ‘I Know Why.’

Rebecca Karpen


Rebecca Karpen shares new single ’23.’

mui zyu

‘The Rules of What an Earthling Can Be’

mui zyu unveils empowering anthem with new single ‘The Rules of What an Earthling Can Be.’

Kyle Andrews

‘Unfocus Your Eyes’

Kyle Andrews invites listeners to meditative reverie with his new single ‘Unfocus Your Eyes.’

M Wagner

‘Never Gone’

M Wagner releases sonic storm with new single ‘Never Gone.’

Jahnah Camille


Jahnah Camille signs to Winspear / Announces debut EP / Shares first single ‘flesh.’

Mary Ocher


Mary Ocher announces new album Your Guide to Revolution / Shares new single & video for ‘Sympathize.’

Moon Tide Gallery

‘Venus Fly Trap’

Moon Tide Gallery shares new single ‘Venus Fly Trap.’

Zero Point Energy

‘All That You Want’

Zero Point Energy unveils new single ‘All That You Want.’



Singer/songwriter Hayla presents her new single ‘Embers’ out now.

Rec Hall

‘How Long’

Rec Hall unveils vibrant new track ‘How Long.’

Subtronics and REZZ

‘Black Ice’ featuring Phantogram

Subtronics and REZZ join forces with Phantogram on the re-release of ‘Black Ice.’



BUNT. teams up with GRAHAM on new single ‘Maybe.’

Robert Grace


Robert Grace releases heartfelt single ‘Reasons.’

Waiting For Smith

‘Raised Up’

Waiting For Smith embraces true authenticity in latest single ‘Raised Up’ ahead of forthcoming album.

Boy In Space

‘The Last Time’

Boy In Space releases new single ‘The Last Time.’

M. Vaughan

‘Tire Swing’

M. Vaughan returns with emotive indie-rock single ‘Tire Swing’ from upcoming EP

Bon Enfant


Montreal’s Bon Enfant share new single ‘Trompe-l’oeil.’


‘Imposter’ featuring Becca Kruger

MarMar releases sensual single ‘Imposter’ featuring Becca Kruger.

Las Nubes

‘Would Be’

Las Nubes share haunting and raucous new single ‘Would Be.’

Pigeon Club

‘Ancient History’

Pigeon Club releases indie-folk epic ‘Ancient History.’

Monkey Majik


Monkey Majik drops new song ‘Borderline.’



Telenova unveils ‘Power’ and announces debut album Time Is A Flower.

Home Counties

‘Dividing Lines’

Home Counties unveils synth-laced album teaser ‘Dividing Lines.’

Boy Jr.

‘I Hope You Feel Terrible’

Boy Jr. introduces new single ‘I Hope You Feel Terrible.’


‘Crystal Lights’

ZUSO shares atmospheric single ‘Crystal Lights.’

Blitzen Trapper


Blitzen Trapper releases new single ‘Planetarium’ alongside animated video.

Jessica Boudreau

‘Be Somebody Else’

Jessica Boudreaux returns with raw and reflective single ‘Be Somebody Else.’


‘Days Incomplete’

Copenhagen artist Fine announces debut LP Rocky Top Ballads / Shares lead single ‘Days Incomplete.’

Make Friends

‘Loaded Fun’

Make Friends drop thrilling evolution with new single ‘Loaded Fun.’

Silent Mass

‘Nest of Flowers’

Silent Mass cultivates a bouquet of sound on its latest single, ‘Nest of Flowers.’

Hot Joy

‘Head Out of the Window’

St. Louis’ Hot Joy shares new single, ‘Head Out of the Window.’

Elderbrook and George Fitzgerald

‘Glad I Found You’

Elderbrook and George Fitzgerald join forces on uplifting new single ‘Glad I Found You.’


‘Show Up’

Aniwa delivers harmonious new single ‘Show Up.’


‘Lucid Love’

Cardiff-based cinematic pop project Siula release new single ‘Lucid Love’ via Libertino Records.

Annabel Lauren

‘three a.m.’

Annabel Lauren releases new single ‘three a.m.’


‘Not Exactly’ (Rebūke Remix)

deadmau5’s iconic single ‘Not Exactly’ receives remix treatment by chart-topping DJ/producer Rebūke.


‘Strawberry Dream’

Norwegian pop artist Dagny releases new single ‘Strawberry Dream’ ahead of upcoming mini-album Elle.

Leah Mason


Leah Mason shares new single ‘Klepto.’


‘Healing Out Of Spite’

CATTY releases new single ‘Healing Out Of Spite.’

Her Skin

‘Karen’s Couch’

Her Skin explores yearning and frustration in new single ‘Karen’s Couch.’


‘I Think She’s In Love With Me’

Marella shares new single ‘I Think She’s In Love With Me’: A surf rock love anthem.

Max Blansjaar

‘Burning In Our Name’

Indie pop artist Max Blansjaar releases second single ‘Burning In Our Name’ from debut album False Comforts.

Izzy Raye

‘Favorite Girl’

Izzy Raye collaborates with Lukey to reinvent ‘Favorite Girl’ in electrifying remix.


‘Parasite’ ft. Courtney LaPlante of Spiritbox

GrayWeather release heart-pounding single ‘Parasite’ ft. Courtney LaPlante of Spiritbox / Set to release debut EP The Soma Collective.



1tbsp shares energetic indie-dance track ‘Starchitect’ ahead of sophomore album release.

Chris Lanzon

‘Angel Litany’ featuring Harmony

Indie-pop sensation Chris Lanzon releases new single ‘Angel Litany’ featuring Harmony from Girlpool.

The Rolling People

‘Before It’s Gone’

Burning youth ignites ascendant alt-rock incomers The Rolling People on new single ‘Before It’s Gone.’

Fake Dad


Fake Dad release first single of 2024 with ‘Crybaby.’

Wine Pride

’12:01 A.M.’

Wine Pride takes listeners on a dreamy journey with ‘12:01 A.M.’



denn. releases first single of 2024, ‘think.’

The Red Pears

‘See What I Mean’

The Red Pears drop enchanting single ‘See What I Mean’ ahead of album release.

Josef Scott

‘Nine To Five’

Josef Scott shares new single ‘Nine To Five.’

Night Swimming


Night Swimming unveils enveloping new single ‘Evergreen.’

Yaz León


Rising singer/songwriter Yaz León shares a hypnotic new single ‘Mouthwash’ ahead of upcoming EP, Bleach.

Bonny Light Horseman

‘I Know You Know’

Bonny Light Horseman announces double album Keep Me on Your Mind/See You Free and lead single ‘I Know You Know.’

Josienne Clarke

‘Fear of Falling’

Josienne Clarke releases new single and video ‘Fear of Falling’ from upcoming album Parenthesis, I.

Louisa Stancioff


Louisa Stancioff releases delicate new single ‘Alice’ ahead of debut album.


‘Heat Potential’

Beams illuminate with hopeful new track ‘Heat Potential.’


‘Don’t Feel Myself’

modernlove. releases raw anthemic new single ‘Don’t Feel Myself’

Balli Ivory

‘What Could’ve Been?’

Balli Ivory makes striking debut with dreamy single ‘What Could’ve Been?’

Annabel Gutherz


Annabel Gutherz releases new single ‘Shame’ – A reflection on relationship insecurities.

Valentino Khan and Cuco


Platinum music producer and DJ Valentino Khan collaborates with singer/songwriter Cuco for new single ‘Closer.’

Alberta Cross and Band Of Skulls

‘Born In Amazement’

Alberta Cross and Band Of Skulls deliver hopeful anthem with ‘Born In Amazement.’

Luke Hemmings

‘Close My Eyes’

Luke Hemmings reflects on transition to adulthood in ‘Close My Eyes’ ahead of EP release.

Mackenzy Mackay

‘Bruised One’

Mackenzy Mackay’s vulnerability shines in latest single ‘Bruised One’ ahead of EP release.

Jeffrey James

‘Day by Day’

Jeffrey James delivers soulful reflection with new single ‘Day by Day.’


‘Drip Drop’

Allday releases new single ‘Drip Drop.’

Lo Lauren

‘No Good in Goodbye’

Lo Lauren returns with her first single of 2023, ‘No Good in Goodbye.’

Bibi Club

‘Parc de Beauvoir’

Bibi Club release new single ‘Parc de Beauvoir’ ahead of album release.



Norwich alt-pop duo PleasureInc. tease debut EP with new single ‘2:45.’


‘Slipping in the Dark’

5-piece indie outfit Mascots release their first song of 2024, ‘Slipping in the Dark.’


‘Kickin’ and ‘In Time’

Devarrow returns after a five-year hiatus with double single release: ‘Kickin’ and ‘In Time’ are both out now.

Lauren Dejey

‘Nothing Ever Really Matters’

Lauren Dejey unleashes vibrant new single ‘Nothing Ever Really Matters.’

Lei Hope


Lei Hope delves into vulnerability with new single ‘Sinner’ ahead of EP release.

Winstons Inc.


Winstons Inc. releases debut single ‘Runaway.’

YouNotUs, Sam Feldt, and Martin Jensen

’24K Heart Of Gold’ feat. Sam Gray

YouNotUs, Sam Feldt, and Martin Jensen unleash infectious new single ’24K Heart Of Gold’ feat. Sam Gray.

James Vincent McMorrow

‘Give Up’

James Vincent McMorrow releases new single ‘Give Up’ and announces album Wide Open, Horses.

Lip Filler


Lip Filler announces new EP witchescrew / Drops new single ‘followup.’

Beachwood Sparks

‘Torn In Two’

Beachwood Sparks return after 12-year hiatus with new album announcement Across the River of Stars / Lead single ‘Torn In Two’ out now.

Mike Lindsay and Anna B Savage


Mike Lindsay and Anna B Savage release collaborative single ‘table.’


‘Always Looking In’

Pleaser announce new album ‘Read The Room’ and releases new single ‘Always Looking In.’

Eva Rose

‘The Good Guy’

Eva Rose unveils ethereal new single ‘The Good Guy.’


‘Barely Living Proof’

Mutes release raw new single ‘Barely Living Proof’ ahead of upcoming album …Buried Where You Stand.

Hardwell, Blasterjaxx, and Maddix


Hardwell, Blasterjaxx, and Maddix unite to drop explosive new track ’16’


‘What Would You Call Yourself’

FINK announces new album Beauty In Your Wake / Releases lead single ‘What Would You Call Yourself.’


‘Long Time No See’

Arz returns with emotionally charged single ‘Long Time No See.’

Headaches & Golden Vessel

‘The Song of You’

Headaches & Golden Vessel release magnetic new single ‘The Song of You.’

Bodysync & Dazy

‘Back of My Mind’

Bodysync & Dazy’s latest collaboration ‘Back of My Mind’ delivers a bubbling cut of hook-laden dance music.

Margo Raats

‘Crying In The Taxi’

Margo Raats releases heartfelt new single ‘Crying In The Taxi’ ahead of debut album Paper Paradise.

Luís Fernandes

‘Let You Go’

Luís Fernandes releases heartfelt new single ‘Let You Go.’

Tragic Sasha

‘I Gave Permission’

Tragic Sasha reveals ethereal new single ‘I Gave Permission.’



MarMar releases new single ‘Heart’ ahead of Feel Okay EP.

Annika Kilkenny

‘Stone’s Throw Away’

Annika Kilkenny shares heartfelt new single ‘Stone’s Throw Away.’

Earthquake Lights

‘Pictures’ featuring Lindsey Lomis

Earthquake Lights release new single ‘Pictures’ featuring Lindsey Lomis.


‘Hidden Sun’

Dreamwave release enchanting dream-pop track, ‘Hidden Sun.’



Dreamcat releases sentimental new single ‘Nostalgia.’



Songer releases new single ‘WIDE AWAKE’ is out now.

Chloe Star

‘Wasted Youth’

Chloe Star unveils second single of 2024, ‘Wasted Youth.’

Sophia Alexa

‘Losing by a Landslide’

Sophia Alexa releases heartfelt indie-folk single ‘Losing by a Landslide.’


‘pho & cry’

DAISY WORLD unveils new single ‘pho & cry’ ahead of debut album release.

Ghostly Kisses


Ghostly Kisses return with hypnotic new release ‘Crimson.’

Michael B Thomas

‘Test Tube Baby’

Michael B Thomas returns with new single ‘Test Tube Baby.’

Porter Robinson


Porter Robinson debuts bracing new single and music video, ‘Cheerleader.’


‘Contact High’ featuring Heather Russell

NAWAS drops new single ‘Contact High’ featuring Heather Russell.

Silent Mass

‘Land of Heart’s Desire’

Exploring the ethereal depths, Silent Mass release ‘Land of Heart’s Desire.’

Karina Stone

‘Daylight Robbery’

Karina Stone unveils hauntingly beautiful single ‘Daylight Robbery.’

Natalie Shay

‘Like You Boy’

Natalie Shay releases heartfelt breakup anthem ‘Like You Boy.’

Zach Hood

‘how to change a tire’

Zach Hood releases intimate, autobiographical track ‘how to change a tire.’

Ax and the Hatchetmen

‘Where tf Did I Park My Car?’

Ax and the Hatchetmen unleash raw energy with new single ‘Where tf Did I Park My Car?’


‘Friends Don’t Kiss’

Pop Newcomer PHIA announces debut EP / Shares lead single ‘Friends Don’t Kiss.’


‘Self Sabotage’

SMILEZ unleashes chaotic energy with new single ‘Self Sabotage.’

The Wildfires Projekt

‘Forget About You’ featuring Joshua Roberts

The Wildfires Projekt collaborates with Magnolia Park’s Joshua Roberts on ‘Forget About You.’

Stela Cole

‘Blood Orange Wine’

Stela Cole unveils the thrilling conclusion to her trilogy with ‘Blood Orange Wine.’

Home Counties

‘You Break It, You Bought It’

Home Counties drop infectious new single ‘You Break It, You Bought It.’

MarMar feat. LUUNG


MarMar and LUUNG collaborate on infectiously hopeful single ‘Try.’



SCATTERCHILD unleashes energetic indie rock anthem ‘BLEEP TEST.’

Tim Sun


Tim Sun unveils dynamic debut single ‘Passerby.’

Louisa Stancioff


Louisa Stancioff lights up the scene with her new single ‘Cigarette’ and debut album announcement.

Dog Park


Dog Park announces debut album Festina Lente / shares new single ‘Time.’

Peace Ritual


Peace Ritual release new single ‘Seconds.’


‘High School Boyfriend’

Mandy (Miranda Winters of Melkbelly) announces debut album Lawn Girl with infectious lead single ‘High School Boyfriend.’

Yves V

‘Speed Of Light’

Yves V electrifies with high-energy release ‘Speed of Light’ on Spinnin’ Records.

Amanda Cy

‘A Mother’s Touch’

Amanda Cy’s emotionally charged single ‘A Mother’s Touch’ sets the stage for her upcoming Waterworks EP.

Street Fever


Street Fever’s ‘Fate’ is a sonic reflection on self-love, desire, and spiritual discovery.


‘Magic Dance’

PUÀ release final single ‘Magic Dance’ from anticipated album Animali.


‘Break Free’

Magana conjures sonic magic with her final Teeth single, ‘Break Free.’

Max Blansjaar

‘Anna Madonna’

Max Blansjaar releases lead single ‘Anna Madonna’ from upcoming debut album.

Luke Hemmings


Luke Hemmings drops soul-stirring single ‘Shakes’ as prelude to new EP, ‘boy.’

Ceiling Spirits


Ceiling Spirits unveil enchanting prelude ‘Falter’ from collaborative opus ‘The Bloodwren’ with The National and Augustines members.



Chinwe dives deep into love’s abyss with ‘Down.’

Mal Not Bad

‘No Worries’

Mal Not Bad releases their new low-key single ‘No Worries’ and announces debut album ‘This Is Your New Life.’

Blitzen Trapper

‘Hello Hallelujah’

Blitzen Trapper release dreamy new single ‘Hello Hallelujah.’

Mike Lindsay


Mike Lindsay conjures up culinary magic with ‘Kachumber.’

Library Card

‘For The World Is Hollow’

Library Card unveil their newest single ‘For The World Is Hollow.’



Lamplight shares the title track from their self-titled debut album.



ELLiS·D unveils dark and unrelenting new single ‘Humdrum.’

The Red Pears

‘Didn’t Realize’

The Red Pears drop anthemic single ‘Didn’t Realize’ / Announce album Better Late Than Never.



Beams release invigorating single ‘A.W.I.L’ / Announces new album Requiem for a Planet.

Fie Eike


Copenhagen’s Fie Eike releases emotionally charged piano ballad ‘Sad.’

Mackenzy Mackay

‘Cold Stare’

Mackenzy Mackay drops ‘Cold Stare’ and announces UK/EU headline tour.

Alberta Cross

‘Watch Me Fall Down’

Alberta Cross release powerful new single ‘Watch Me Fall Down.’

Kayla DiVenere

‘Small Talk’

Kayla DiVenere releases catchy alt-pop single ‘Small Talk.’

Your Future Ghost


Your Future Ghost releases a Dance anthem of unapologetic messiness ‘PRITTY.’

Paper Wings

‘Listen to the World Spin’

Paper Wings release soul-searching title track ‘Listen to the World Spin’ ahead of March album.

Martial Arts


Martial Arts release pent-up energy on debut single ‘Warsaw.’

Zero Point Energy

‘Over My Head’

Zero Point Energy announce debut album ‘Tilted Planet’ / Release lead single ‘Over My Head.’


‘Rave Angel’ 3 am Edits

Blusher paints the town with electro-pop anthem ‘Rave Angel’Blusher unleashes late-night magic with ‘Rave Angel’ 3 am Edits.



cln unveils enchanting single ‘rainonmyparade’ from upcoming album.

Bibi Club

‘L’île aux bleuets’

Bibi Club releases dynamic new single ‘L’île aux bleuets’ / Announce new album Feu de garde.

Murdo Mitchell

‘One Glass’

Murdo Mitchell’s emotional journey pours over in new single ‘One Glass.’

Lei Hope


Lei Hope announces ambitious new EP Matrices / Releases new single ’21.’

Trip Westerns

‘False Start’

Brighton’s Trip Westerns unleash the wild spirit of the West with ‘False Start.’

Tilly Louise


Tilly Louise shines on her dynamic new single ‘Restart.’

Josienne Clarke

‘Most Of All’

Josienne Clarke releases the poignant prelude ‘Most Of All’ from her anticipated Album Parenthesis, I.

Mr. Belt & Wezol

‘It’s Not Right (But It’s OK)’

Mr. Belt & Wezol revitalize Whitney Houston’s classic with an infectious house remix: ‘It’s Not Right (But It’s OK)’

Still Corners

‘Crystal Blue’

Still Corners conjure up dreamy realms with their new single ‘Crystal Blue.’

James Vincent McMorrow

‘Never Gone’

James Vincent McMorrow releases new single ‘Never Gone’ and announces upcoming album Wide Open, Horses.

Annika Kilkenny


Annika Kilkenny’s vulnerability shines in latest single ‘Sentences.’

Audrey Nuna

‘Starving’ ft. Teezo Touchdown

Audrey Nuna drops a sonic feast with ‘Starving’ ft. Teezo Touchdown.

Rudimental x Skepsis

‘Green & Gold’ Featuring Charlotte Plank & Riko Dan

Rudimental x Skepsis drop explosive drum and bass anthem ‘Green & Gold’ featuring Charlotte Plank & Riko Dan.



Sharifa breaks boundaries with his new charged single ‘SOMEONE.’

The Skinny Limbs

‘To The Limit’

The Skinny Limbs take listeners for a ride on ‘To The Limit.’

98 Poly and D•LINGS


98 Poly and D•LINGS unleash explosive collaboration with ‘Brakes.’

Ghostly Kisses

‘Keep It Real’

Ghostly Kisses release captivating single ‘Keep It Real’ ahead of highly anticipated album Darkroom

Bonny Light Horseman

‘When I Was Younger’

Bonny Light Horseman release reminiscent new single ‘When I Was Younger’ following signing to Jagjaguwar.



Milkshed. release new single ‘Mud.’


‘Call On You’

MarMar delivers hope and harmony with his latest single ‘Call On You.’

Frances Mistry

‘Our Blood’

Frances Mistry releases atmospheric indie anthem ‘Our Blood.’

Tragic Sasha

‘Number One’

Tragic Sasha delves into human egotism with provocative single ‘Number One.’

Hot Joy

‘Fingers On My Side’

Hot Joy release an infectious track with debut single ‘Fingers On My Side.’

Earthquake Lights


Earthquake Lights release uplifting new single ‘January.’



Brighton’s SoftTop drops rapturous indie-ballad ‘Runaway.’

Ballroom Thieves


Ballroom Thieves release new single ‘Tender’ ahead of upcoming album ‘Sundust.’

Lily Meola

‘Over The Moon’

Lily Meola shares her vulnerable side on ‘Over The Moon.’



Magana releases her latest single ‘Paul,’ a deeply personal track from upcoming album ‘Teeth.’



bedbug explores the depths of indie rock and emo with ‘Postcard.’



Mutes release frenzied new single ‘Televangelist’ from upcoming album.


‘Lay Upon Me’

WILDES reveals captivating new single ‘Lay Upon Me,’ declaring it a “Manifesto for Love.”

Paper Wings

‘Mad Thing’

Paper Wings soar with whimsical charm in new indie folk single ‘Mad Thing.’

Eyesore & The Jinx

‘Float Like a Jellyfish (Sting Like a Subtweet)’

Eyesore & The Jinx make a splash with ‘Float Like a Jellyfish (Sting Like a Subtweet)’ / Album release March 15th.

Leah Marie Mason


Nashville-based singer, songwriter, and artist Leah Marie Mason releases the perfect Galentine’s Day anthem with her latest single, ‘YOUR BOYFRIEND SUCKS.’

Louisa Stancioff

‘Nobody’s Watching’

Louisa Stancioff releases stirring new single and video ‘Nobody’s Watching’ in anticipation of debut album.


‘Call My Name’

AVAION releases new serene minimalist single ‘Call My Name.’

Mike Lindsay

‘lie down’ featuring Anna B Savage

Mike Lindsay releases first new single of 2024, ‘lie down’ featuring Anna B Savage.

rei brown

‘Get Me Out’

rei brown shares powerful short film accompanying new single ‘Get Me Out’ — A cinematic exploration of mental health.


‘Pretty Traumatized’

Sadye releases resilient alt-pop anthem with ‘Pretty Traumatized.’

Sam Walwyn


Sam Walwyn pours emotion into his latest single ‘Overtime.’

Rose Betts


Rose Betts declares emotional turmoil in powerful new single ‘War.’


‘Love Me Not’

Emei releases explosive alt-pop track with vibrant single ‘Love Me Not.’

WhoMadeWho and RY X

‘Love Will Save Me’

WhoMadeWho and RY X strike a blend of indie electronic bliss on their latest single ‘Love Will Save Me.’



Narwhals release emotional single with ‘Unstitched’ ahead of sophomore album.


‘Scribbled Sunset’

Mylar paints sonic enjoyment with ‘Scribbled Sunset’ ahead of EP release.

Fie Eike

‘The Nile’

Fie Eike releases debut single and video ‘The Nile’ – A captivating exploration of darkness.

Karina Stone


Karina Stone drops debut single ‘afterparty’ — A melancholic dive into the hazy realms of youth and heartache.


‘In The Dark’

ZUSO illuminates the sonic landscape with his latest single, ‘In The Dark.’


‘Everything Will Make Sense’

Scout’s latest single ‘Hurt’ marks a stirring prelude to their debut EP, ‘Everything Will Make Sense.’

Lauren Dejey

‘Till I Wilt’

Lauren Dejey juxtaposes delicacy and static chaos in latest single ‘Till I Wilt.’

Peri Rae

‘i should be happy’

Peri Rae releases emotionally charged single ‘i should be happy’ – A beacon of hope in contemporary folk.

Blitzen Trapper

‘Cosmic Backseat Education’

Blitzen Trapper releases psychedelic odyssey with lead single ‘Cosmic Backseat Education’ from upcoming album.

Marie Dahlstrom

‘A Good Life’ featuring Odeal

Marie Dahlstrom releases enchanting single ‘Nothing On You’ featuring Odeal / Announces deluxe edition for ‘A Good Life.’



Australian trio Telenova release new single ‘Teardrop.’

Home Counties


Home Counties deliver indie-disco fury with ‘Uptight’ ahead of debut album.

Danielle Durack


Danielle Durack shares heartfelt tribute in new single/video ‘Dean’ ahead of upcoming album.



Lamplight casts shadows of contemplation with new single ‘Confrontation’ ahead of debut album.


‘Flight Risk’

PEGGY releases new single/video ‘Flight Risk’ and announces debut EP Dear Reader.


‘Lose Me Too’

ROSIE releases empowering single ‘Lose Me Too’ on her 24th birthday.

Charm of Finches

‘Clean Cut’

Charm of Finches unveil ethereal folk-pop in new single ‘Clean Cut.’


‘Touch Me’ and ‘Demelza’

PUÀ releases ethereal indie pop gems in debut double singles ‘Touch Me’ and ‘Demelza.’

Good Cop Bad Cop

‘Running Away With The Circus’

Good Cop Bad Cop unveils ‘Running Away With The Circus’ – A sonic escape from adulting realities.

Nicole Zignago

’26 (Ni Tarde, Ni Temprano)’

Nicole Zignago serenades us with a captivating acoustic indie pop single, ’26 (Ni Tarde, Ni Temprano).’

Arky Waters


Arky Waters releases breakbeat anthem ‘Hercules’ – A glimpse into his upcoming EP.

Street Fever


Street Fever releases cinematic sonic journey with ‘Sinner.’

Izzy S.O


Izzy S.O unveils a heartfelt and anthemic ‘Refuse’ – A 90s-inspired musical journey.

The Short Causeway

‘On My Way Home’

The Short Causeway returns to deliver their first single in two years, ‘On My Way Home.’

Ducks Ltd.

‘Heavy Bag’

Ducks Ltd. drops moody reflection on despair with latest single ‘Heavy Bag’ from forthcoming album.

Oxford Drama

‘The Leader’

Oxford Drama’s new single ‘The Leader’ strikes a balance between political satire and dance floor anthem.


‘Red Wine’

Maximilian pens heartfelt indie-folk ode with ‘Red Wine.’



ADMT Pays Homage to His Roots with Anthemic Single ‘North.’

Jenny Stenger


Jenny Stenger bares all in new single ‘Unlovable.’


‘If I’m Honest’

AJA returns with triumphant and empowering new single ‘If I’m Honest.’

James Vincent McMorrow

‘Stay Cool’

James Vincent McMorrow takes a soulful journey with new single ‘Stay Cool’ following Nettwerk signing.

Paul Russell

‘Say Cheese’

Paul Russell’s ‘Say Cheese’: A joyful ode to celebration and life.

Krooked Kings


Krooked Kings unleash a sonic storm with guitar-led indie anthem ‘Catacombs.’

Jade LeMac


Jade LeMac unleashes attitude and rawness in latest single ‘Narcissistic.’

Deadbeat Girl

‘Everything You Wanted’

Deadbeat Girl strikes a chord with gritty anthem ‘Everything You Wanted.’

Still Corners

‘The Dream’

Dream Talk: Still Corners release ‘The Dream,’ a hypnotic journey shaped by fantasies.

Kirsty Grant


Kirsty Grant unleashes euphoria with captivating single ‘Outerbody.’

Amanda Cy

‘Know Nothing’

Amanda Cy marks a refresh and rebirth with divine single ‘Know Nothing.’

Paris Paloma

‘My Mind (now)’

Paris Paloma unveils emotionally charged single and video ‘My Mind (now).’

Earthquake Lights


Earthquake Lights evoke emotion with poignant single ‘Heartbeat.’

My First Time


Bristol indie risers My First Time put in the effort with their latest single, ‘Workwear.’

Millie Turner


Millie Turner unveils mystical ode to femininity with ‘Venus.’


‘Feel So Good’

Creeds unleashes boisterous remix, transforming DJ Isaac’s ‘Feel So Good’ into a classic hardstyle track.


‘Perfectly Broken’ featuring Lily Meola

BANNERS strikes a chord with soulful duet ‘Perfectly Broken’ featuring Lily Meola.

Tai Verdes

‘Pipe Down’

Tai Verdes releases sonic meditation with ‘Pipe Down.’


‘Nothing But Love’

LU KALA pours heart and soul into ‘Nothing But Love.’

Tutara Peak

‘Orbit’ featuring Winifred

Tutara Peak and Winifred Take Listeners on a Celestial Journey with ‘Orbit.’

Merryn Jeann

‘Subconscious Love Connections’

Merryn Jeann paints musical magic with ‘Subconscious Love Connections.’

Tragic Sasha

‘Prettier in Person’

Tragic Sasha unveils ‘Prettier in Person’: Navigating digital identity.

Her Skin

‘Practical Magic’

Her Skin unleashes explosive power pop energy with ‘Practical Magic.’


‘No Mast’

Loving reveal dreamy single ‘No Mast’ ahead of album release.

Paper Wings

‘Is It True’

Nashville’s Paper Wings unveil vibrant single/video ‘Is It True’ ahead of album release.

Mal Not Bad


Mal Not Bad drops sonic gem ‘Dodgeball’ – A dark exploration of personal growth.


‘Rave Angel’

Blusher paints the town with electro-pop anthem ‘Rave Angel.’

The Boxer Rebellion

‘A Man As Alive As The City’

‘A Man As Alive As The City’ – The Boxer Rebellion’s electrifying resurgence.



Skateland invites listeners on a reflective journey with latest single ‘Autobahn!’

Josef Scott

‘Summer Dopamine’

Josef Scott Spreads Warmth with New Single ‘Summer Dopamine.’

Jack Kane

‘I’m Just Being Honest’

Jack Kane unveils vivid Indie Pop single ‘I’m Just Being Honest.’

Das Koolies

‘Masters Of Mankind’

Das Koolies unleash a sonic storm with ‘Masters Of Mankind’ ahead of UK tour.

Annie Dressner

‘Dance We Do’

Annie Dressner releases heartfelt reflections in new single ‘Dance We Do’ ahead of new album release.

Jamie Webster

‘Sing Your Tears’

Jamie Webster inspires resilience with anthemic release – ‘Sing Your Tears.’


‘Who’ featuring Phoebe Green

Scout and Phoebe Green redefine ‘Who’ in captivating collaboration.



pecq unveils electro-pop gem ‘Closer’ from upcoming EP red moon, rare night

Seth Glier

‘My Body Remembers’

Seth Glier’s new single, ‘My Body Remembers,’ carries nature’s healing language.


‘Not Your Place’

HUNNY BUZZ unleashes raw energy with piercing new single ‘Not Your Place.’


‘Careless Love’

Sourface takes a playful stroll into eclecticism with ‘Careless Love.’

Library Card

‘Well, Actually’

Library Card unveil their newest single ‘Well, Actually’ / announces debut EP Nothing, Interesting.

Chloe Star

‘Happy Place’

Chloe Star finds healing in electrifying single ‘Happy Place.’

Danielle Durack

‘Good Dog’

Danielle Durack reveals her vulnerability in intimate new single, ‘Good Dog.’


‘House Rules’

Lamplight illuminates poignant themes of loss and growth in new single, ‘House Rules.’

Anna Mieke

‘Red Sun (Live)’

Anna Mieke releases captivating rendition of ‘Red Sun (Live)’ from acclaimed LP, Theatre.


‘Mountain Snow’

Ferdous transcends boundaries with ‘Mountain Snow’ ahead of Dreamland EP release.

Mall Girl

‘Emo Shred’

Mall Girl unveils ethereal romance in new single ‘Emo Shred.’

Ducks Ltd.

‘Train Full of Gasoline’

Ducks Ltd. spark introspection with ‘Train Full of Gasoline.’

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