Music News & Releases 2024

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Music Releases 2024

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Mackenzy Mackay

‘Cold Stare’

Mackenzy Mackay drops ‘Cold Stare’ and announces UK/EU headline tour.

Alberta Cross

‘Watch Me Fall Down’

Alberta Cross release powerful new single ‘Watch Me Fall Down.’

Kayla DiVenere

‘Small Talk’

Kayla DiVenere releases catchy alt-pop single ‘Small Talk.’

Your Future Ghost


Your Future Ghost releases a Dance anthem of unapologetic messiness ‘PRITTY.’

Paper Wings

‘Listen to the World Spin’

Paper Wings release soul-searching title track ‘Listen to the World Spin’ ahead of March album.

Martial Arts


Martial Arts release pent-up energy on debut single ‘Warsaw.’

Zero Point Energy

‘Over My Head’

Zero Point Energy announce debut album ‘Tilted Planet’ / Release lead single ‘Over My Head.’


‘Rave Angel’ 3 am Edits

Blusher paints the town with electro-pop anthem ‘Rave Angel’Blusher unleashes late-night magic with ‘Rave Angel’ 3 am Edits.



cln unveils enchanting single ‘rainonmyparade’ from upcoming album.

Bibi Club

‘L’île aux bleuets’

Bibi Club releases dynamic new single ‘L’île aux bleuets’ / Announce new album Feu de garde.

Murdo Mitchell

‘One Glass’

Murdo Mitchell’s emotional journey pours over in new single ‘One Glass.’

Lei Hope


Lei Hope announces ambitious new EP Matrices / Releases new single ’21.’

Trip Westerns

‘False Start’

Brighton’s Trip Westerns unleash the wild spirit of the West with ‘False Start.’

Tilly Louise


Tilly Louise shines on her dynamic new single ‘Restart.’

Josienne Clarke

‘Most Of All’

Josienne Clarke releases the poignant prelude ‘Most Of All’ from her anticipated Album Parenthesis, I.

Mr. Belt & Wezol

‘It’s Not Right (But It’s OK)’

Mr. Belt & Wezol revitalize Whitney Houston’s classic with an infectious house remix: ‘It’s Not Right (But It’s OK)’

Still Corners

‘Crystal Blue’

Still Corners conjure up dreamy realms with their new single ‘Crystal Blue.’

James Vincent McMorrow

‘Never Gone’

James Vincent McMorrow releases new single ‘Never Gone’ and announces upcoming album Wide Open, Horses.

Annika Kilkenny


Annika Kilkenny’s vulnerability shines in latest single ‘Sentences.’

Audrey Nuna

‘Starving’ ft. Teezo Touchdown

Audrey Nuna drops a sonic feast with ‘Starving’ ft. Teezo Touchdown.

Rudimental x Skepsis

‘Green & Gold’ Featuring Charlotte Plank & Riko Dan

Rudimental x Skepsis drop explosive drum and bass anthem ‘Green & Gold’ featuring Charlotte Plank & Riko Dan.



Sharifa breaks boundaries with his new charged single ‘SOMEONE.’

The Skinny Limbs

‘To The Limit’

The Skinny Limbs take listeners for a ride on ‘To The Limit.’

98 Poly and D•LINGS


98 Poly and D•LINGS unleash explosive collaboration with ‘Brakes.’

Ghostly Kisses

‘Keep It Real’

Ghostly Kisses release captivating single ‘Keep It Real’ ahead of highly anticipated album Darkroom

Bonny Light Horseman

‘When I Was Younger’

Bonny Light Horseman release reminiscent new single ‘When I Was Younger’ following signing to Jagjaguwar.



Milkshed. release new single ‘Mud.’


‘Call On You’

MarMar delivers hope and harmony with his latest single ‘Call On You.’

Frances Mistry

‘Our Blood’

Frances Mistry releases atmospheric indie anthem ‘Our Blood.’

Tragic Sasha

‘Number One’

Tragic Sasha delves into human egotism with provocative single ‘Number One.’

Hot Joy

‘Fingers On My Side’

Hot Joy release an infectious track with debut single ‘Fingers On My Side.’

Earthquake Lights


Earthquake Lights release uplifting new single ‘January.’



Brighton’s SoftTop drops rapturous indie-ballad ‘Runaway.’

Ballroom Thieves


Ballroom Thieves release new single ‘Tender’ ahead of upcoming album ‘Sundust.’

Lily Meola

‘Over The Moon’

Lily Meola shares her vulnerable side on ‘Over The Moon.’



Magana releases her latest single ‘Paul,’ a deeply personal track from upcoming album ‘Teeth.’



bedbug explores the depths of indie rock and emo with ‘Postcard.’



Mutes release frenzied new single ‘Televangelist’ from upcoming album.


‘Lay Upon Me’

WILDES reveals captivating new single ‘Lay Upon Me,’ declaring it a “Manifesto for Love.”

Paper Wings

‘Mad Thing’

Paper Wings soar with whimsical charm in new indie folk single ‘Mad Thing.’

Eyesore & The Jinx

‘Float Like a Jellyfish (Sting Like a Subtweet)’

Eyesore & The Jinx make a splash with ‘Float Like a Jellyfish (Sting Like a Subtweet)’ / Album release March 15th.

Leah Marie Mason


Nashville-based singer, songwriter, and artist Leah Marie Mason releases the perfect Galentine’s Day anthem with her latest single, ‘YOUR BOYFRIEND SUCKS.’

Louisa Stancioff

‘Nobody’s Watching’

Louisa Stancioff releases stirring new single and video ‘Nobody’s Watching’ in anticipation of debut album.


‘Call My Name’

AVAION releases new serene minimalist single ‘Call My Name.’

Mike Lindsay

‘lie down’ featuring Anna B Savage

Mike Lindsay releases first new single of 2024, ‘lie down’ featuring Anna B Savage.

rei brown

‘Get Me Out’

rei brown shares powerful short film accompanying new single ‘Get Me Out’ — A cinematic exploration of mental health.


‘Pretty Traumatized’

Sadye releases resilient alt-pop anthem with ‘Pretty Traumatized.’

Sam Walwyn


Sam Walwyn pours emotion into his latest single ‘Overtime.’

Rose Betts


Rose Betts declares emotional turmoil in powerful new single ‘War.’


‘Love Me Not’

Emei releases explosive alt-pop track with vibrant single ‘Love Me Not.’

WhoMadeWho and RY X

‘Love Will Save Me’

WhoMadeWho and RY X strike a blend of indie electronic bliss on their latest single ‘Love Will Save Me.’



Narwhals release emotional single with ‘Unstitched’ ahead of sophomore album.


‘Scribbled Sunset’

Mylar paints sonic enjoyment with ‘Scribbled Sunset’ ahead of EP release.

Fie Eike

‘The Nile’

Fie Eike releases debut single and video ‘The Nile’ – A captivating exploration of darkness.

Karina Stone


Karina Stone drops debut single ‘afterparty’ — A melancholic dive into the hazy realms of youth and heartache.


‘In The Dark’

ZUSO illuminates the sonic landscape with his latest single, ‘In The Dark.’


‘Everything Will Make Sense’

Scout’s latest single ‘Hurt’ marks a stirring prelude to their debut EP, ‘Everything Will Make Sense.’

Lauren Dejey

‘Till I Wilt’

Lauren Dejey juxtaposes delicacy and static chaos in latest single ‘Till I Wilt.’

Peri Rae

‘i should be happy’

Peri Rae releases emotionally charged single ‘i should be happy’ – A beacon of hope in contemporary folk.

Blitzen Trapper

‘Cosmic Backseat Education’

Blitzen Trapper releases psychedelic odyssey with lead single ‘Cosmic Backseat Education’ from upcoming album.

Marie Dahlstrom

‘A Good Life’ featuring Odeal

Marie Dahlstrom releases enchanting single ‘Nothing On You’ featuring Odeal / Announces deluxe edition for ‘A Good Life.’



Australian trio Telenova release new single ‘Teardrop.’

Home Counties


Home Counties deliver indie-disco fury with ‘Uptight’ ahead of debut album.

Danielle Durack


Danielle Durack shares heartfelt tribute in new single/video ‘Dean’ ahead of upcoming album.



Lamplight casts shadows of contemplation with new single ‘Confrontation’ ahead of debut album.


‘Flight Risk’

PEGGY releases new single/video ‘Flight Risk’ and announces debut EP Dear Reader.


‘Lose Me Too’

ROSIE releases empowering single ‘Lose Me Too’ on her 24th birthday.

Charm of Finches

‘Clean Cut’

Charm of Finches unveil ethereal folk-pop in new single ‘Clean Cut.’


‘Touch Me’ and ‘Demelza’

PUÀ releases ethereal indie pop gems in debut double singles ‘Touch Me’ and ‘Demelza.’

Good Cop Bad Cop

‘Running Away With The Circus’

Good Cop Bad Cop unveils ‘Running Away With The Circus’ – A sonic escape from adulting realities.

Nicole Zignago

’26 (Ni Tarde, Ni Temprano)’

Nicole Zignago serenades us with a captivating acoustic indie pop single, ’26 (Ni Tarde, Ni Temprano).’

Arky Waters


Arky Waters releases breakbeat anthem ‘Hercules’ – A glimpse into his upcoming EP.

Street Fever


Street Fever releases cinematic sonic journey with ‘Sinner.’

Izzy S.O


Izzy S.O unveils a heartfelt and anthemic ‘Refuse’ – A 90s-inspired musical journey.

The Short Causeway

‘On My Way Home’

The Short Causeway returns to deliver their first single in two years, ‘On My Way Home.’

Ducks Ltd.

‘Heavy Bag’

Ducks Ltd. drops moody reflection on despair with latest single ‘Heavy Bag’ from forthcoming album.

Oxford Drama

‘The Leader’

Oxford Drama’s new single ‘The Leader’ strikes a balance between political satire and dance floor anthem.


‘Red Wine’

Maximilian pens heartfelt indie-folk ode with ‘Red Wine.’



ADMT Pays Homage to His Roots with Anthemic Single ‘North.’

Jenny Stenger


Jenny Stenger bares all in new single ‘Unlovable.’


‘If I’m Honest’

AJA returns with triumphant and empowering new single ‘If I’m Honest.’

James Vincent McMorrow

‘Stay Cool’

James Vincent McMorrow takes a soulful journey with new single ‘Stay Cool’ following Nettwerk signing.

Paul Russell

‘Say Cheese’

Paul Russell’s ‘Say Cheese’: A joyful ode to celebration and life.

Krooked Kings


Krooked Kings unleash a sonic storm with guitar-led indie anthem ‘Catacombs.’

Jade LeMac


Jade LeMac unleashes attitude and rawness in latest single ‘Narcissistic.’

Deadbeat Girl

‘Everything You Wanted’

Deadbeat Girl strikes a chord with gritty anthem ‘Everything You Wanted.’

Still Corners

‘The Dream’

Dream Talk: Still Corners release ‘The Dream,’ a hypnotic journey shaped by fantasies.

Kirsty Grant


Kirsty Grant unleashes euphoria with captivating single ‘Outerbody.’

Amanda Cy

‘Know Nothing’

Amanda Cy marks a refresh and rebirth with divine single ‘Know Nothing.’

Paris Paloma

‘My Mind (now)’

Paris Paloma unveils emotionally charged single and video ‘My Mind (now).’

Earthquake Lights


Earthquake Lights evoke emotion with poignant single ‘Heartbeat.’

My First Time


Bristol indie risers My First Time put in the effort with their latest single, ‘Workwear.’

Millie Turner


Millie Turner unveils mystical ode to femininity with ‘Venus.’


‘Feel So Good’

Creeds unleashes boisterous remix, transforming DJ Isaac’s ‘Feel So Good’ into a classic hardstyle track.


‘Perfectly Broken’ featuring Lily Meola

BANNERS strikes a chord with soulful duet ‘Perfectly Broken’ featuring Lily Meola.

Tai Verdes

‘Pipe Down’

Tai Verdes releases sonic meditation with ‘Pipe Down.’


‘Nothing But Love’

LU KALA pours heart and soul into ‘Nothing But Love.’

Tutara Peak

‘Orbit’ featuring Winifred

Tutara Peak and Winifred Take Listeners on a Celestial Journey with ‘Orbit.’

Merryn Jeann

‘Subconscious Love Connections’

Merryn Jeann paints musical magic with ‘Subconscious Love Connections.’

Tragic Sasha

‘Prettier in Person’

Tragic Sasha unveils ‘Prettier in Person’: Navigating digital identity.

Her Skin

‘Practical Magic’

Her Skin unleashes explosive power pop energy with ‘Practical Magic.’


‘No Mast’

Loving reveal dreamy single ‘No Mast’ ahead of album release.

Paper Wings

‘Is It True’

Nashville’s Paper Wings unveil vibrant single/video ‘Is It True’ ahead of album release.

Mal Not Bad


Mal Not Bad drops sonic gem ‘Dodgeball’ – A dark exploration of personal growth.


‘Rave Angel’

Blusher paints the town with electro-pop anthem ‘Rave Angel.’

The Boxer Rebellion

‘A Man As Alive As The City’

‘A Man As Alive As The City’ – The Boxer Rebellion’s electrifying resurgence.



Skateland invites listeners on a reflective journey with latest single ‘Autobahn!’

Josef Scott

‘Summer Dopamine’

Josef Scott Spreads Warmth with New Single ‘Summer Dopamine.’

Jack Kane

‘I’m Just Being Honest’

Jack Kane unveils vivid Indie Pop single ‘I’m Just Being Honest.’

Das Koolies

‘Masters Of Mankind’

Das Koolies unleash a sonic storm with ‘Masters Of Mankind’ ahead of UK tour.

Annie Dressner

‘Dance We Do’

Annie Dressner releases heartfelt reflections in new single ‘Dance We Do’ ahead of new album release.

Jamie Webster

‘Sing Your Tears’

Jamie Webster inspires resilience with anthemic release – ‘Sing Your Tears.’


‘Who’ featuring Phoebe Green

Scout and Phoebe Green redefine ‘Who’ in captivating collaboration.



pecq unveils electro-pop gem ‘Closer’ from upcoming EP red moon, rare night

Seth Glier

‘My Body Remembers’

Seth Glier’s new single, ‘My Body Remembers,’ carries nature’s healing language.


‘Not Your Place’

HUNNY BUZZ unleashes raw energy with piercing new single ‘Not Your Place.’


‘Careless Love’

Sourface takes a playful stroll into eclecticism with ‘Careless Love.’

Library Card

‘Well, Actually’

Library Card unveil their newest single ‘Well, Actually’ / announces debut EP Nothing, Interesting.

Chloe Star

‘Happy Place’

Chloe Star finds healing in electrifying single ‘Happy Place.’

Danielle Durack

‘Good Dog’

Danielle Durack reveals her vulnerability in intimate new single, ‘Good Dog.’


‘House Rules’

Lamplight illuminates poignant themes of loss and growth in new single, ‘House Rules.’

Anna Mieke

‘Red Sun (Live)’

Anna Mieke releases captivating rendition of ‘Red Sun (Live)’ from acclaimed LP, Theatre.


‘Mountain Snow’

Ferdous transcends boundaries with ‘Mountain Snow’ ahead of Dreamland EP release.

Mall Girl

‘Emo Shred’

Mall Girl unveils ethereal romance in new single ‘Emo Shred.’

Ducks Ltd.

‘Train Full of Gasoline’

Ducks Ltd. spark introspection with ‘Train Full of Gasoline.’

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