The Red Pears – ‘Didn’t Realize’

The Red Pears drop anthemic single ‘Didn’t Realize’ / Announce album Better Late Than Never

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The Red Pears image via Robert Nuñez

Indie rock trio The Red Pears announce their upcoming album Better Late Than Never, slated for release on April 12th, 2024.

The lead single, ‘Didn’t Realize,’ delves into the theme of parting ways with loved ones and the subsequent process of self-discovery in their absence. The urgency of the song is underscored by heartfelt emotions, with Vargas expressing the realization that, despite the initial difficulties, life became clearer and more purposeful after their departure.

“The lyrics talk about a time when I was trying my best to make things work but no matter what I did nothing seemed to change their mind or fix things,” says Vargas. “But after time went by I realized that things were actually better, or that some things were clearer to me now. Despite missing them it made me understand a new purpose in life. It allowed me to find who I was without them in the picture.”

The forthcoming album, Better Late Than Never, represents a culmination of The Red Pears’ decade-long journey of friendship, music, and touring. The trio, comprising Henry Vargas, Jose Corona, and Patrick Juarez, brings a fresh perspective to indie rock by blending the sounds of the 2000s with Latin influences from their upbringing. The album was written and recorded in their self-built home studio, reflecting a newfound freedom and creativity.

‘Didn’t Realize’ is available now. Their forthcoming album, Better Late Than Never, is slated for release on April 12th, 2024.

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