Silent Mass – ‘Nest of Flowers’

Silent Mass cultivates a bouquet of sound on its latest single, ‘Nest of Flowers’

Nest of Flowers
Silent Mass image via press photo

Midnight rock and shoegaze artist Silent Mass explore themes of restlessness and disorientation in a vibrant world.

Follow-up to their first single of 2024, ‘Land of Heart’s Desire,’ ‘Nest of Flowers’ emerged during a period of introspection for lead vocalist Ammo, who describes the track as a reflection of feeling directionless amidst a lively and energetic backdrop. Drawing inspiration from the Moon Card in Tarot, the song embodies the sensation of walking a path into the unknown, urging listeners to embrace uncertainty and take steps forward, even when the destination is unclear.

Ammo of the band confides:

“‘Nest of Flowers’ came about during a time when I was feeling especially restless and directionless. I felt like I was at a standstill while the world around me was vivacious and energetic. The use of tension and repetition in this song expresses the disorientation of feeling caught in a loop. Much like the Moon Card from the Tarot, the song illustrates walking a directionless path and the winding journey into the unknown, highlighting the importance of taking some steps forward even if you’re unsure of what’s to come.”

‘Nest of Flowers’ is out now on all streaming services.

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