Paige Bea – ‘Worth It’

Paige Bea announces new EP Flutters / New single ‘Worth It’ out now

Worth It
Paige Bea image via Chloe Karnezis

London-based singer, songwriter, and producer Paige Bea has just released her new single ‘Worth It,’ coinciding with the announcement of her upcoming EP, Flutters, which will be available on July 17 via DMY Artists.

‘Worth It’ explores the frustrations of uncertain romantic beginnings with Paige’s characteristic directness. Delving into the anxieties of new relationships, the song pushes for frankness and honesty.

Paige describes the song as a statement against stereotypical expectations of women in relationships:

“The lyrics for ‘Worth It’ came shortly after a date I’d just been on. I was already just so anxious about when I was going to get the text back and how much longer we were going to have to do this silly dance before we just gave in to falling in love and seeing what happens. It felt like we were both coming into the start of it with a lot of trepidation given past relationships we’d been in, and we were trying to be adults by taking it slow, but it also felt like that was sucking the fun, spontaneous joy of starting something new out of it? I was also thinking about expectations of women in relationships, the peacemaker, the homemaker, the PA, the mother (I’m not here to convince and coerce / Make things nice then give birth / I’m a difficult person) and I wanted to make a statement that I probably won’t fit into the idea of who you think I am and I want to make that clear, but I’m also up for just leaning into this new feeling and taking a leap of faith if you are? I think our generation has this tendency to think that because they are grown and therapised, it means we can micro-manage all our relationships and behaviours and I’m far too impulsive for that. I’m much more about throwing myself in the deep end and seeing where it takes me.”

The song, along with the rest of the Flutters EP, was co-produced in Berlin with Gabriel Gifford (BODUR, August Charles, Harvey Causon). The EP is inspired by Berlin’s electronic scene and Paige’s distinctive vocal style, weaving between experimental production and synth-pop influences.

‘Worth It’ is out now. Flutters, will be available on July 17 via DMY Artists.

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