WILDES – ‘Lay Upon Me’

WILDES reveals captivating new single ‘Lay Upon Me,’ declaring it a “Manifesto for Love”

Lay Upon Me
WILDES image via Alina Zum Hebel

London-based singer-songwriter WILDES has released her latest single, ‘Lay Upon Me,’ offering a glimpse into her upcoming EP Subsidence, scheduled for release on March 15 via Apollo.

‘Lay Upon Me’ captivates with its minimalistic charm, guided by soft piano chords, soft and delicate percussion, and Ella Walker’s powerful voice. The track delves into the minimum demands of love, with Walker’s intensely personal rumination elegantly delivered amidst warped string sections. The song serves as a poignant exploration of love’s complexities and the need for trust.

“Lay Upon Me is a manifesto for love, laying down my wants and needs. While there is underlying fear and delicacy, and almost a disclaimer that I need to be handled gently, it’s a hopeful and romantic declaration that I am proud to make.”

Scheduled for release on March 15, Subsidence promises a return to WILDES’ roots as she self-produced and recorded the entire project from her flat in Dalston. The EP revolves around the abrupt end of a loving relationship, showcasing Walker’s ability to masterfully portray romantic trauma through her evocative songwriting and alluring sonic evolution.

Subsidence EP tracklist:

1. I Was New
2. heartbreak is silent
3. Lay Upon Me
4. Flow Through

As WILDES unveils ‘Lay Upon Me’ and prepares for the release of Subsidence, fans can expect a continuation of her spellbinding storytelling and sonic exploration.

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