Jessica Boudreaux – ‘Be Somebody Else’

Jessica Boudreaux returns with raw and reflective single ‘Be Somebody Else’

Be Somebody Else
Jessica Boudreaux image via Kait De Angelis

Produced and recorded by Boudreaux herself, with drums performed and recorded by Ricardo Lagomasino, mixed by Joe Reinhart, and mastered by Adam Gonsalves, the song is a testament to her resilience and creative vision.

‘Be Somebody Else’ is touted as a journey of self-discovery and acceptance. Each verse serves as an opportunity for Boudreaux to reflect on her experiences with cancer treatment and the emotional aftermath. Through raw and honest lyrics, she confronts the challenges of finding normalcy after facing a life-altering diagnosis, ultimately learning to show herself the same kindness she extends to others.

Boudreaux says:

“Each verse in ‘Be Somebody Else’ was a personal epiphany. This song started with the first line, “I wanna be somebody else” and in real time, as I wrote the song, I was learning what exactly I meant by that. A lot of my songs I tend to write in one sitting but the lyrics of this one came in pieces over time as I parsed through the last few years of my life. After finishing cancer treatment in 2021 I kept waiting to feel “normal”, I didn’t totally grasp that I was never going to be able to unsee any of that experience. I wasn’t going to ever move through life without a big question mark hanging over my future. When I got to the third and final verse of this song, I started to really understand how unkind I had been to myself for so long. Throughout my 20s I constantly extended grace and understanding to people who were completely undeserving all while hurting myself in the process. Wanting to be somebody else isn’t about envy, it’s about learning to give myself the same kind of love I so willingly gave to others.”

Listen to ‘Be Somebody Else’ today.

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