daste. – ‘around’

daste. shares new single ‘Around’

daste. - 'Around'
daste. image via Maxwell Byrne

Known for their infectious blend of indie-pop with smooth R&B/soul influences, daste. creates a sound reminiscent of LEISURE, Easy Life, and BADBADNOTGOOD.

Australian indie-pop trio daste., comprised of Callum MacDonald, Braxton Tahi, and Tyler Harden, is excited to unveil their latest single ‘Around.’ ‘Around’ marks the first release from the band in several months and comes with the announcement of a forthcoming album set for early 2025.

Callum MacDonald shares the inspiration and process behind the new single:

“The genesis of ‘Around’ took shape in mid-August 2023. We were deeply immersed in the writing process for the album when our good friend Maxwell (Golden Vessel, 1tbsp) invited us to join him for a writing session.

“Maxwell began the session with a Soul/R&B sample that became the core of the song, as we built chords and melodies around it. Maxwell took charge of the production while Tyler and I focused on the melodies and lyrics.

“We wanted to explore the theme of a situationship or an ex that you know isn’t right for you, yet you can’t help but return to them. Even if they call you, you know you’ll always answer. It’s a cycle of anticipation and regret as you go around and around in a seemingly never-ending loop. Maxwell captured this feeling so well within his moody production, tying it together with his catchy vocal melody across the chorus.

“Following this session, we spent the next few months refining the arrangement before sending it to our mix engineer, James Vincent (Jim Alxndr), who added his post-production touch, providing another level of character to the song.”

‘Around’ is out now. Their forthcoming album is set for release in early 2025.

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