Chris Lanzon – ‘Angel Litany’ featuring Harmony from Girlpool

Indie-pop sensation Chris Lanzon releases new single ‘Angel Litany’ featuring Harmony from Girlpool

Angel Litany
Chris Lanzon image via press photo

Embracing life’s spontaneous moments and celebrating the freedom to be oneself, Lanzon delivers an emotionally charged track.

Indie-pop artist Chris Lanzon kicks off the new year with the release of his latest single, ‘Angel Litany,’ featuring Harmony, formerly of Girlpool. Born from a serendipitous encounter during a writing trip in LA, ‘Angel Litany’ is a reflection on the beauty found in unexpected moments and the inherent spontaneity of life. With its acoustic-driven production and soaring chorus, the song serves as a poignant reminder to pause and appreciate life’s fleeting moments of joy.

When asked about the inspiration behind the track, Chris Lanzon shared:

“‘Angel Litany’ embodies the bittersweet feeling of unconditional love. It’s gratitude and bliss, with the fear and guilt of being undeserving. It’s a desire to please, but never feeling adequate enough. It’s the surrender to the powerful force of love and the sensation of everything falling into place, satisfied but still questioning if it’s too good to be true. It’s an ode to trusting the process and basking in the moment. The songwriting session was very much like this. Harmony and I had only just met, and within an hour this song just poured out of us, without either of us even setting an intention. It just felt right.”

‘Angel Litany’ featuring Harmony from Girlpool is out now.

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