Tim Sun – ‘Passerby’

Tim Sun unveils dynamic debut single ‘Passerby’

Tim Sun image via press photo

Driven by a desire to push boundaries and explore diverse sonic landscapes, Litche’s latest project marks a significant evolution in his musical journey.

Australian producer Sam Litchfield, recognized by his alias Litche, has been a consistent force in the music scene, exploring various musical styles and genres over the years. Now on the cusp of a new creative era, Litche introduces his latest venture with the debut of his new project alias, Tim Sun. Drawing inspiration from his deep connection with nature and the freedom of the open road, Litche’s creative process is fueled by moments spent immersed in the great outdoors, often accompanied by his faithful companion, Harley the sausage dog.

“A lot of my inspiration comes from immersing myself in nature and driving. These moments spark my creativity, especially during runs with my loyal companion, Harley, my sausage dog. Whether it’s along the beach or amidst bushland, these outings accompanied by high-energy experimental electronic music often lead to new musical ideas. Tim Sun represents a new phase in my creative exploration, a departure from the confines of the ‘Litche’ project, allowing me to venture into uncharted creative territories.”

‘Passerby’ is out now.

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