Margaux – ‘What Could I Say?’

Margaux shares new single ‘What Could I Say?’ ahead of debut LP release

Margaux - 'What Could I Say?'
Margaux image via Angalis Field

Rising indie singer-songwriter Margaux, has unveiled her latest single ‘What Could I Say?’ from her eagerly awaited debut LP Inside The Marble, set for release next Friday via Massif Records.

The new single begins with a delicate vocal and acoustic guitar arrangement, gradually blossoming into a lush, layered composition incorporating electronics and strings. Margaux’s vocal performance intensifies as the song progresses, capturing the complexities of social anxiety and the early stages of new friendships.

Margaux explains:

“As I’m sure most can relate, I find it takes me quite some time to feel truly at ease around a new group of people… being a touring musician I am often thrown into these new social settings of people I don’t know that well but am suddenly in quite close quarters with. It’s like you’re spending all your time together but isn’t it too soon to start asking questions about what your parents are like? But who wants to talk about fluff? ‘What Could I Say’ is about feeling socially anxious and unsure and how that can manifest as seeming reserved and closed off… a nifty feedback loop that feels a lot like the inside of a marble just swirling around meeting back up with itself.”

Inside The Marble, Margaux’s first full-length studio LP, navigates themes of heartbreak, self-discovery, and the struggles of growing up.

Ansari, who also produced, recorded, and mixed the album, describes the process:

“The sonics of this record revolve around creating zones of deep contrast with organic sounds. We spent months experimenting with layers of harmonically dense sounds—vocal stacks, pedal steel guitar, weird tape loops, horns, transistor organs, string ensembles—to try and pin down these nostalgic, blown-out 70s soundstage feelings embedded in Margaux’s songs while framing it against small moments… intimate and fragile snapshots.”

Tracklist for Inside The Marble:

1. DNA
2. Picture It
3. I Wouldn’t Want It Any Other Way
4. Sadie Something
5. Ships
6. Make The Move
7. I Can’t Decide
8. Dissolve/Resolve
9. Midnight Contact
10. What Could I Say?

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