Silent Mass – ‘Land of Heart’s Desire’

Exploring the ethereal depths, Silent Mass release ‘Land of Heart’s Desire’

Silent Mass - 'Land of Heart's Desire'
Silent Mass image via press photo

In the misty expanse where dream pop meets shoegaze, Silent Mass emerges like a haunting melody, beckoning listeners with their latest single, ‘Land of Heart’s Desire.’

Brooklyn shoegazers Silent Mass have released their first new single of 2024. Entitled ‘Land of Heart’s Desire,’ the track effortlessly blends elements of post-punk, ethereal wave, shoegaze, and 90s alternative into an exploration of unfulfilled aspirations, inspired by the works of W.B. Yeats and the intricate tapestry of human escapism.

Ammo of Silent Mass confides:

“I wrote the song while reading W.B. Yeats who was a member of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. Yeats wrote a play entitled The Land of Heart’s Desire about unfulfilled aspirations and how they can inadvertently affect those around you. This led me to consider the consequences of avoidant behaviors in my own life and uncover the source of my escapism.”

‘Land of Heart’s Desire’ is out now on all streaming services.

Connect with Silent Mass:


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