PHIA – ‘Friends Don’t Kiss’

Pop Newcomer PHIA announces debut EP / Shares lead single ‘Friends Don’t Kiss’

PHIA - 'Friends Don't Kiss'
PHIA image via Em Marcovecchio

Emerging from the vibrant music scene of the North West of England, London-based newcomer PHIA announces the release of her debut EP, Talk To Me with the lead single ‘Friends Don’t Kiss.’

Out now, ‘Friends Don’t Kiss’ marks PHIA’s bold entry into the pop landscape, reclaiming the role of the narrator in her own story. The track dives into the complexities of relationships, exploring unspoken promises, miscommunication, and silent heartbreak against a backdrop of pulsing electro-pop bass and haunting vocals. With its ominous message warning against crossing the line of friendship, ‘Friends Don’t Kiss’ captivates listeners with its raw emotion and infectious energy.

Produced by BLANDA (known for his work with Raye, Khalid, and isaac dunbar), PHIA’s vision for the sound was clear from the start.

She explains:

“I wanted the sound to elevate the story; the mystery and tension in the lyrics… I didn’t want it to sound clean or pretty as the situation I was in wasn’t that. It’s gritty and I love how the post-chorus explodes with the guitar, releasing some of that tension.”

Accompanied by hazy kaleidoscopic artwork, PHIA’s upcoming EP promises a journey through the many facets of her world. From stripped-back and sentimental tracks like ‘Everything’s Not Fine’ to the darker pop exploration of relationships in ‘Friends Don’t Kiss’ and ‘Talk To Me,” PHIA’s music thrives on the melodrama of everyday life and the complexities of human emotions.

PHIA shares:

“These songs are my real-life experiences. The things I never got to say through some of the worst and some of the best times of my life. They come from the heart, I’m someone who feels so deeply so I hope it allows people to feel connected to my world.”

‘Friends Don’t Kiss’ is out now. Talk To Me EP is set for a future release.

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