Ballroom Thieves -‘ Tender’

Ballroom Thieves release new single ‘Tender’ ahead of upcoming album Sundust

Ballroom Thieves image via Shervin Lainez

Their upcoming album Sundust is set to release on April 12.

Born from the duo’s inspiration at the Newport Folk Festival, Ballroom Thieves’ latest song reflects the influence of their peers, particularly the band Watchhouse. Martin Earley, sharing insights into the creation of ‘Tender,’ emphasizes the importance of creating space within the composition, allowing the music to breathe and reveal the magic that unfolds between the notes.

“We were listening to the band Watchhouse at the Newport Folk Festival in 2022 and their sparse instrumentation and fluid melodies inspired me to start writing ‘Tender’ right on the spot. We learn a lot from our peers, and in this case, the lesson was about the importance of creating space for your songs to breathe so you can hear what’s happening between the notes.”

Watch the live and intimate official music video below.

‘Tender,’ is out now.

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