James Vincent McMorrow – ‘Things We Tell Ourselves’

James Vincent McMorrow shares new single ‘Things We Tell Ourselves’

Things We Tell Ourselves
James Vincent McMorrow image via Rich Gilligan

His new album Wide Open, Horses is out June 14.

Acclaimed Irish singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer James Vincent McMorrow has released his new single ‘Things We Tell Ourselves’ from his forthcoming album, Wide Open, Horses, set to drop on June 14.

The track features a hypnotic drum pattern and cyclical instrumentation, building to a reflective and anthemic finish. McMorrow describes the track as “a mantra” repeating the poignant lyrics, “I’ve been thinking about how much I miss you around / If you come back, I’ll never let you down.”

McMorrow explains his unique approach to creating the album in 2023. He premiered Wide Open, Horses at two live shows at The National Concert Hall in Dublin before it was officially recorded. The aim was to refine the material based on live audience reactions.

“I literally performed the album before it was recorded. The whole point was to expose the flaws and also highlight the special little moments. It was an odd experiment, but it worked great. The notion is so simple, ‘Write songs and perform them live’. Without cameras, they were the best shows I’ve ever played—which is interesting because no one knew the music! Everyone was just experiencing it though. I had friends in the lobby talking to strangers. Who talks to strangers anymore? It was lovely. It was a heartening experience for everyone involved.”

Wide Open, Horses promises to be a nostalgic yet forward-looking album, offering listeners a break from the relentless pressures of modern life.

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