Music News & Releases 2023

Check out all the latest songs that are catching our ear. Every song written about below has been added to one of our music releases playlists on Spotify.

Music Releases 2023

Music News & Releases by Year:


Holy Reptile

‘The Land’

Holy Reptile share ‘The Land.’

The Accident Group

‘The Myth of Sisyphus’

The Accident Group release debut single ‘The Myth of Sisyphus.’

Paris Paloma


Paris Paloma shares her latest single ‘Labour.’

London Topaz

‘Promises’ Featuring Zoe A’dore

London Topaz shares new track ‘Promises’ Featuring Zoe A’dore.

Josienne Clarke

‘Words Were Never The Answer’

Josienne Clarke releases ‘Words Were Never The Answer.’


‘I Dare You To Break’

MAUVEY shares ‘I Dare You To Break.’


‘Push the Tide’

Lipstereo release ‘Push the Tide.’



headboy announce debut EP and release lead single ‘Cement.’


‘Back To The End’ (Yumi Zouma Remix)

Stars release ‘Back To The End (Yumi Zouma Remix).’

Lauren Early

‘Good Girl Bad Boy’

Lauren Early announces her debut album / Releases lead single ‘Good Girl Bad Boy.’

Alice Auer

‘Unknown’ ft. Conor Albert

Alice Auer shares new single ‘Unknown’ ft. Conor Albert / Announces EP.



BENTLE releases new single ‘Sideshow.’



Maruja share ‘Kakistocracy’ / Release debut EP Knocknarea.

Luna Morgenstern

‘Dance Dance (Don’t Go)’

Luna Morgenstern releases ‘Dance Dance (Don’t Go).’

CJ’s Mirra Maze

‘Self Medicate’

CJ’s Mirra Maze releases debut single ‘Self Medicate.’

Krooked Kings

‘Coming of Age’

Krooked Kings drop new single ‘Coming of Age.’

OK Cool


OK Cool release single/video ‘nissanweekends.’

Tribe Friday


Tribe Friday release new single ‘Swimsuit.’



ZUSO releases ‘Higher.’

Ben Imber


Ben Imber releases ‘Climb.’

Kevin Silvester and JVCQUI

‘Be The One’

Kevin Silvester and JVCQUI release ‘Be The One.’

Nat Vazer

‘Addicted to Misery’

Australian singer/songwriter Nat Vazer shares that she is ‘Addicted to Misery.’


‘Without You’ (Radio Edit)

Bangbang releases their second single of 2023 ‘Without You’ (Radio Edit).

Jonathan Bree

‘Miss You’

Jonathan Bree drops new single/video ‘Miss You.’

Kishi Bashi

‘Winter’s Eve’

Kishi Bashi shares new single ‘Winter’s Eve.’

Flat Party

‘Dig Up Concrete With A Plastic Shovel’

Flat Party sign to Submarine Cat Records and release new single ‘Dig Up Concrete With A Plastic Shovel.’



British songwriter Sivu shares new single ‘Apollo’ and announces his upcoming LP Wild Horse Running.



SALPA releases debut single ‘England.’

Wila Frank

‘Oh, Fate’

Wila Frank shares the lead single/video for her upcoming album, Black Cloud.

Kris Ulrich


Kris Ulrich shares new single/video ‘1994.’

Lauren Lakis

‘Take My Hand’

Lauren Lakis shares her new single ‘Take My Hand.’



New York City’s Ilton releases new power anthem ‘GO!’

Robert PM and Lyric Christian

‘Hands Off (My Crown)’

Robert PM and Lyric Christian release ‘Hands Off (My Crown).’


‘Emotional Punching Bag’

dePresno unveils new single ‘Emotional Punching Bag.’



beachtown drop their latest single ‘Unsure’ / Announce new EP UNSAYABLE.

Cam Kahin

‘try again’

Cam Kahin releases new single/video for ‘try again.’

Rachel Bochner

‘Sucker Punch’

Rachel Bochner catches the world off guard with ‘Sucker Punch.’


‘Bang Bang’

Momma releases ‘Bang Bang.’

Far Caspian

‘Arbitrary Task’

Far Caspian shares new single/video ‘Arbitrary Task.’

Henry Carlyle

‘I Float’

Henry Carlyle (1/3 of The Orielles) releases ‘I Float.’


‘Four Tet Is My Godmother’

1tbsp drops ‘Four Tet Is My Godmother.’

Valley Queen


Valley Queen share new single ‘Pavement.’

Theresa Gorella

‘House of Broken Mirrors’

Nashville’s Theresa Gorella releases ‘House of Broken Mirrors.’

M. Byrd

‘Outside Of Town’

M. Byrd releases ‘Outside Of Town.’

Alex Anwandter

‘Qué piensas hacer sin mi amor?’

Alex Anwandter announces new album / Releases second single ‘Qué piensas hacer sin mi amor?’

Heather Woods Broderick


Heather Woods Broderick shares new single ‘Admiration.’



Xana releases ‘Bad Bandit.’



REYA releases a fiery new single that oozes confidence and swagger.

Danelle Sandoval


Danelle Sandoval releases ‘Cold.’

Ray Laurél


Ray Laurél releases new single, ‘TEMPTRESS.’



JVLY releases ‘ambien.’

Valeria Pozzo

‘Cape St Vincent’

Valeria Pozzo releases ‘Cape St Vincent.’

Krooked Tongue


Krooked Tongue release new single ‘Velociraptor’ / Announce upcoming EP.

London Topaz

‘Drifting’ (ft. Blush’ko)

London Topaz drops ‘Drifting’ (ft. Blush’ko).

Eleni Drake

‘Strawberry Moon’

Eleni Drake shares ‘Strawberry Moon.’

Sad Boys Club


Sad Boys Club release new single ‘Delicious.’


‘Do You Wanna’

Binta releases ‘Do You Wanna.’

Billy Lockett

‘Don’t Be Hard On Yourself’

Billy Lockett releases his highly anticipated debut album Abington Grove / shares new single ‘Don’t Be Hard On Yourself.’

Eden Rain

‘Bed (For A Year)’

Eden Rain releases her first single of 2023 ‘Bed (For A Year).’

Harry Nathan

‘So Real’

Harry Nathan drops ‘So Real.’

Shelf Lives


Shelf Lives release ‘Bite.’


‘No Nein’ (featuring Mietze Conte)

1tbsp releases ‘No Nein’ (featuring Mietze Conte).


‘The Grip’

DAMEFRISØR release ‘The Grip.’


‘Wedding, March, Flower’

Deerhoof releases ‘Wedding, March, Flower.’


‘Très Jolie’

PONY release new single ‘Très Jolie’ / Announce new album.

Alice Auer

‘Greek Street’

Alice Auer releases new single ‘Greek Street.’

Jonathan Bree

‘Pre-Code Hollywood’

Jonathan Bree announces new album Pre-Code Hollywood / Releases title track.

OK Cool

‘normal c’

OK Cool announce new EP Fawn Out / Share new single ‘normal c.’

Late Night Therapy

‘Through Your Eyes’

Late Night Therapy shares his new single ‘Through Your Eyes.’

Downtown Kayoto

‘Run from you’

Downtown Kayoto drops his new single ‘Run from you.’

Das Koolies

‘The Condemned’

Das Koolies (Super Furry Animals spinoff project) release ‘The Condemned’

Bad Sounds

‘Hard MF 2 Luv’

Bad Sounds return with smooth, new groove ‘Hard MF 2 Luv.’


‘My Body Is A Friend’

SOMOH releases new single ‘My Body Is A Friend.’

Lip Filler


Lip Filler sign to Chess Club Records and release new single ‘Haircut.’

Bekah Bossard

‘What You Wanted’

Bekah Bossard release their debut single ‘What You Wanted.’



Bangbang share their newest single ‘Illusion.’


‘Pioneer Digital Plastic Sound’

1tbsp releases his first single of 2023 ‘Pioneer Digital Plastic Sound.’


‘Beats Me Up’ (feat. Coucheron)

Ponette releases ‘Beats Me Up’ (feat. Coucheron).

Mazey Haze

‘Kill Me I Got You’

Mazey Haze announces new EP / Releases new single ‘Kill Me I Got You.’

Kian Blume


L.A.-based singer/songwriter Kian Blume releases ‘Daphne.’


‘Wild Horse Running’

Sivu releases new single ‘Wild Horse Running.’


‘we’re the last to leave’

Australian newcomer Ordley releases ‘we’re the last to leave.’

Valley Queen


Valley Queen announce new album Chord of Sympathy / Release new single and video for ‘Cassavetes.’

Michael B Thomas

‘Team Leader’

Michael B Thomas announces debut EP The Moment / Releases new single ‘Team Leader.’

Kris Ulrich

‘Big In The USA’

Kris Ulrich announces new album Big In The USA / Shares title track.



joan release new single ‘nervous’ / Announces 20 date U.S. headlining tour.

Nite Bjuti

‘Mood (Liberation Walk)’

Nite Bjuti release their debut single ‘Mood (Liberation Walk).’


‘Deal With It’

Afghan-Dutch artist, producer, and experimental visionary Ferdous announces debut mixtape Cool Party / Releases new single ‘Deal With It.’



beachtown release ‘Toybox.’

Krooked Kings

‘Sick of Being Young’

Krooked Kings release their first song of 2023, ‘Sick of Being Young.’

Cam Kahin


Cam Kahin announces new EP / Releases new single and video for ‘birds.’

Sad Boys Club

‘To Heal Without a Scar (Is a Waste Of a Good Wound)’

Sad Boys Club announce debut album / release new single ‘To Heal Without a Scar (Is a Waste Of a Good Wound).’

Tobias Arbo


Tobias Arbo announces debut EP Powerlines / Releases second single ‘Within.’


‘Unglow The’

Pearla drops her latest single ‘Unglow The.’

Heather Woods Broderick

‘Crashing Against the Sun’

Heather Woods Broderick announces her fifth full-length album Labyrinth / Releases second single ‘Crashing Against the Sun.’

Jack Kane

‘We’d Be Good’

Jack Kane release new single ‘We’d Be Good.’

Bo Milli

‘Good Kid’

Bo Milli joins the fight on ‘Good Kid.’

Eleni Drake


Eleni Drake announces new album Surf the Sun / Releases new single ‘Guts.’

The Lathums


The Lathums release their soaring album opener ‘Struggle.’

MF Tomlinson

‘We Are Still Wild Horses, Part II’

MF Tomlinson releases part two of ‘We Are Still Wild Horses.’


‘I’m Sorry I Killed Your Plant’

Skofee releases ‘I’m Sorry I Killed Your Plant.’

Charlotte Plank

‘L.S.D. Love So Damaged’

Charlotte Plank releases ‘L.S.D. Love So Damaged.’

Dutch Uncles

‘Tropigala (2 to 5)’

Dutch Uncles release their first song of 2023 ‘Tropigala (2 to 5).’


‘Don’t Say No’

Softlung has released his first single of 2023 ‘Don’t Say No.’

M. Byrd

‘The Seed’

M. Byrd releases his first single of 2023 ‘The Seed’ / Announces new album

Matilda Mann featuring spill tab

‘Borderline Insane’

Matilda Mann releases ‘Borderline Insane’ featuring spill tab.

Sweet Baboo

‘The Worry’

Sweet Baboo releases new single ‘The Worry.’



Bristol-based DAMEFRISØR release new single ‘D.O.D.’