Music News & Releases 2023

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Music Releases 2023

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Headaches and Golden Vessel

‘Happy Days in Happy Weather’

Headaches and Golden Vessel embrace sunny soundscapes on their latest collaboration ‘Happy Days in Happy Weather.’

Midnight Pool Party


Midnight Pool Party’s ‘BADDIE ERA’: A playful ode to growth and confidence.

Lisa Curtis

‘Made For You’

Lisa Curtis dives into love’s complexities in ‘Made For You.’

Kid Prexy

‘I Think That You’re Pretty’

Kid Prexy releases ‘I Think That You’re Pretty’: A Gen Z ode to first lust.


‘Over Them Hills’

Sacrobosco transcends with ‘Over Them Hills’ remix.


‘heartbreak is silent’

WILDES announces new EP, Subsidence, Releases lead single ‘heartbreak is silent.’

Jamie Webster

‘How Do You Sleep At Night?’

Jamie Webster releases a resonant call for peace in ‘How Do You Sleep At Night?’


‘Peace In Silence’

BUNT. paints a sonic landscape with ‘Peace In Silence.’

Ant Saunders


Ant Saunders takes us on a ride with ‘Gravitron.’

Caroline Romano

‘Tell Her I Said Hi’

Caroline Romano unleashes raw emotion in ‘Tell Her I Said Hi.’

Tragic Sasha

‘Prettier in Person’

Tragic Sasha unveils ‘Prettier in Person’: Navigating digital identity.

Asha Jefferies

‘Keep My Shit Together’

Asha Jefferies strikes a chord with ‘Keep My Shit Together.’

SALEUM, Just Reality, and City Lake

‘Forget Me’

SALEUM, Just Reality, and City Lake craft unforgettable synth-pop in ‘Forget Me’ Collaboration.


‘uh uh uh uh UH?’

denn. drops a vulnerably bright anthem in ‘uh uh uh uh UH?’



Jantoje unveils electro-house gem with ‘Honesty.’

Middle Part


Middle Part unveils enigmatic new single ‘Nowhere’ from highly anticipated album Disruptor.

Mall Girl

‘Super Lazy Girl’

Mall Girl’s ‘Super Lazy Girl’: A sonic confluence of indie, dream-pop, and math rock.


‘Fever Tree’

doops release guitar-infused single ‘Fever Tree.’

The Dead South

‘A Little Devil’

The Dead South releases electrifying single ‘A Little Devil’ / Announces two-night return to Ryman Auditorium.



re:abel releases atmospheric new single, ‘Concentrate.’


‘Call Your Mom’

Lamplight illuminates his journey with new single ‘Call Your Mom’ / Announces debut album.

Gabriela Bee


Gabriela Bee’s heartfelt single ‘Maybe’ marks a profound bond.

Robert Grace

‘Nice Guys Finish Last’

Robert Grace drops ‘Nice Guys Finish Last’ / Joins Arista Records.

Jenny Stenger

‘What Ifs’

Sad girl pop sensation Jenny Stenger releases emotional odyssey in new single ‘What Ifs.’

The Bedside Morale

‘Bitter Things’

The Bedside Morale unveil ‘Bitter Things’: A poignant 80s-infused anthem of insecurity and deception.

Ducks Ltd.

‘The Main Thing’

Ducks LTD. release new single/video ‘The Main Thing.’

Dutch Uncles

‘At The Wheel’

Dutch Uncles unveil No Hooks: A treasure trove of rarities and unreleased tracks / Release new single ‘At The Wheel.’

Olive Louise


Olive Louise’s candid storytelling shines on her latest single ‘Special.’

Cosmic Strip

‘Another Day’

Cosmic Strip returns with new single ‘Another Day.’

Houis, WEI & JVLY


Houis, WEI & JVLY Blend Ethereal Sounds in Collaborative Single ‘haze.’

kid apollo

‘these things’ / ‘sylvie’

kid apollo drops final release of the year: Double single ‘these things’ / ‘sylvie.’



Loving announce sophomore album ‘Any Light’ alongside release of lead single ‘Medicine.’

Ella Tobin


Ella Tobin unveils new single ‘Older’ and announces debut show.



cln releases soul-stirring single ‘ihopeyoufindsomeone.’


‘Best Friend’

ADMT Releases Captivating Rework of 50 Cent’s ‘Best Friend.’



Naaz champions resilience and growth on new single ‘Uproot.’

Flat Party


Flat Party unleashes a resonant call to action with politically charged anthem ‘Hindsight.’

Sam Walwyn

‘That Song’

Sam Walwyn’s ‘That Song’: An ode to emotional resonance.

Ashlie Skye


Ashlie Skye gets personal with her enchanting new single ‘Laundry.’

Arky Waters


Arky Waters Unveils Energetic Techno Offering ‘Gum’ from New EP.


‘For the Kill’

Steinsdotter unleashes electric collaboration ‘For the Kill’ with UK electronic powerhouses KDA and Joseph Ashworth.

Mia Nicolai


Mia Nicolai shares vibrant alt-pop anthem ‘Stuck.’

Daisy Harris

‘The Way I Live My Life’

Daisy Harris releases new single ‘The Way I Live My Life.’



Langkamer unveils melancholic new single ‘Jenny’ ahead of December tour dates.

Eighty Ninety


Eighty Ninety reveals emotional single, ‘Ruins,’ from upcoming debut album.

Michael Isaak

‘hey boy’

Michael Isaak delivers a heartfelt ode to self-discovery with ‘hey boy.’

Mighty One

‘Wake The Dead’

Mighty One releases debut track with emotionally charged single/video ‘Wake The Dead.’

ZHU and Wax Motif

‘Better Recognize’

ZHU and Wax Motif unveil energetic collaboration: ‘Better Recognize.’

Car Colors

‘Old Death’

Car Colors releases debut single ‘Old Death’ marking Charles Bissell’s return.

The Boxer Rebellion

‘Lightness Out Of Darkness’

The Boxer Rebellion releases uplifting new track: ‘Lightness Out Of Darkness.’

Middle Part

‘Get Fixed’

Middle Part unleashes spirited anthem ‘Get Fixed’ as a prelude to debut album.



HEALTH release of their latest single and accompanying video, ‘UNLOVED.’


‘Everyday Life’

Honas unveils ethereal folk-pop single ‘Everyday Life.’


‘break it off’

DAISY WORLD announces debut solo album ‘TOOTHPICK’ and drops new single ‘break it off.’

Oya Paya

‘Don’t Ask’

Oya Paya releases anti-morning anthem ‘Don’t Ask’ ahead of debut album.

Jack Kane

‘Swimming Pool’

Jack Kane dives into vulnerability with new single and video, ‘Swimming Pool.’

Home Counties

‘Wild Guess’

Home Counties announces debut album ‘Exactly As It Seems’ / Releases shapeshifting single ‘Wild Guess.’

Frances Mistry

‘pick at my skin’

Frances Mistry unleashes fiery social commentary with ‘pick at my skin.’


‘out loud’

pecq unveils captivating single ‘out loud’ ahead of November tour with Chartreuse.

Alex Spencer

‘One Step Forward’

Alex Spencer unleashes fiery new single, ‘One Step Forward’ ahead of debut EP.

Glass Violet

‘Oxygen Machine’

Glass Violet shares new single ‘Oxygen Machine.’

Dea Doyle

‘One For Me’

Dea Doyle’s latest single ‘One For Me’ celebrates unexpected love.

Danielle Durack

‘Shirt Song’

Danielle Durack announces highly anticipated album ‘Escape Artist’ with initial single ‘Shirt Song.’



KIANA unveils dark and edgy 80’s pop ambiance with latest single ‘Secrets.’

Eden Rain

‘All Things Change’

Eden Rain drops poetically striking single ‘All Things Change’ ahead of upcoming EP release.

Tragic Sasha


Tragic Sasha unveils enchanting single ‘Fishbowl.’

Krooked Kings

‘On Again, Off Again’

Krooked Kings Unleash New Single ‘On Again, Off Again.’

44 Ardent


44 Ardent Drops Latest Indie-Dance Gem ‘onlyknow’ via Mammal Sounds Records.

Unusual Demont


Unusual Demont returns with new single ‘ALLTHATUWANT.’

Mal Not Bad


Mal Not Bad Returns with New Single ‘AP.’

Ali Coyle


Ali Coyle shares her latest single, ‘Dreamkiller.’



MIMI releases new single ‘Copenhagen.’

Jamie Webster

‘Looking Good’

Jamie Webster releases new single ‘Looking Good.’

Anna Mieke


Anna Mieke shares new single/video ‘Ornament.’


‘Make It Somehow’ featuring Golden Vessel

Melisa Bester debuts new project, Headaches with collaborative track ‘Make It Somehow’ featuring Golden Vessel.



Linying unveils new single ‘Porcupine.’



ammar shares new single ‘(nevermind)’ / Announces ‘WHAT’S BEHIND BLUE SKIES?’



MarMar’s unique blend of lo-fi house music continues to shine with ‘Veins.’

Rosie H Sullivan


Rosie H Sullivan releases ‘Timeless’ from her upcoming EP In My Nature.



Scout announces debut EP ‘Everything Will Make Sense’ / Releases new single ‘Who.’


‘Renaissance’ with VisionV

DJ and producer BUNT. shares his latest single ‘Renaissance’ with VisionV.

Jade LeMac

‘You’re Not A God’

Jade LeMac returns with new single, ‘You’re Not A God.’


‘Wish You Loved You’

ADMT shares his new single ‘Wish You Loved You.’

Adult Leisure

‘All For You’

Adult Leisure Unveils Heartfelt Single ‘All For You’ / Announce upcoming EP.


‘life gets hard’

iilliaa releases his debut single ‘life gets hard.’

Library Card

‘Cognitive Dissonance’

Library Card release new single ‘Cognitive Dissonance.’



Jantoje Unleashes the Summertime Vibes with New Single ‘Runaway.’

Flat Party

‘Glances In The Dark’

Flat Party share new single ‘Glances In The Dark’ / Announce self-titled debut EP Flat Party.



Australian producer re:abel has released his first new single of 2023, ‘Carbonceramics.’

Holly Macve

‘Suburban House’ featuring Lana Del Rey

Holly Macve shares ‘Suburban House’ featuring Lana Del Rey.



HEALTH release new single ‘ASHAMED.’


‘Forced Perspective’

Dazy shares his latest single, ‘Forced Perspective.’

Delilah Brao

‘Over the Phone’

Rising singer/songwriter Delilah Brao releases ‘Over the Phone.’

Lily Meola

‘Without You’

Lily Meola shares new single ‘Without You.’


‘Teach Me’

Augustine releases his new single ‘Teach Me.’



Loving share new single ‘Blue.’

Ducks LTD.

‘The Main Thing’

Ducks LTD. release new single/video ‘The Main Thing.’

merci, mercy

‘Silver Lining’

Sydney alt-pop star merci, mercy announces new EP ‘Like A Orchid’ / Releases new single ‘Silver Lining.’

Wila Frank

‘The Returning Dream’

Wila Frank releases new single ‘The Returning Dream.’


‘Night Terrors’

SPELLES release new single ‘Night Terrors.’


‘Hold Me’

ZUSO releases new single ‘Hold Me.’

Cherry Lena


Cherry Lena releases ‘EDGE.’

Paris Paloma


Paris Paloma stands tall on her latest single ‘Drywall.’

Unusual Demont


Unusual Demont releases his first song of 2023, ‘NIGHTTIME.’

The Boxer Rebellion

‘Powdered Sugar’

The Boxer Rebellion return after 5 years to share their new single ‘Powdered Sugar.’


‘Moth Love’ and ‘Mosquito (Extended)’

1tbsp releases 2 new singles ‘Moth Love’ and ‘Mosquito (Extended).’

Humane The Moon


Humane The Moon share new single ‘Ozymandias.’

Kayla DiVenere

‘Date Myself’

Kayla DiVenere shares new single ‘Date Myself.’

Land of Talk


Land of Talk shares new single / video ‘Sitcom.’

Zola Courtney


Zola Courtney releases new single ‘Unthinkable.’

Lip Filler


Lip Filler share new single ‘Limelite.’

Late Night Therapy


Late Night Therapy shares new single ‘Fallin’.’

Dallas Ugly

‘Born Crying’

Dallas Ugly Share New Song ‘Born Crying.’

Rosie H Sullivan

‘Only A Woman’

Rosie H Sullivan shares new single / Announces upcoming EP.

Eden Rain

‘Pet Names’

Eden Rain drops her new single ‘Pet Names.’

Arky Waters

‘Take My Time’

Arky Waters releases ‘Take My Time.’


‘On Sight’

HUNGRY share their new single ‘On Sight.’



HEALTH release two new singles / announce new album.


‘Monday Morning’

cln releases his first single of 2023, ‘Monday Morning.’

Felix Ames

‘Don’t Be Alarmed’

Felix Ames shares his new single ‘Don’t Be Alarmed.’

My First Time

‘Wind Up Merchant’

Bristol band, My First Time, release riotous debut with ‘Wind Up Merchant.’

The Lathums

‘Thoughts Of A Child’

The Lathums return with new single ‘Thoughts Of A Child.’

Mike Sabath


Mike Sabath shares single and video for ‘LIFE.’

Jade LeMac


Jade LeMac unveils new single ‘Grapevines’ / Set to release sophomore EP ‘Confessions.’

Little Thief

‘On The Line’

Little Thief share their latest single ‘On The Line.’

Deadbeat Girl

‘Talk Tonight’

Today Deadbeat Girl (Val Olson) returns with their dreamy new single ‘Talk Tonight.’

44 Ardent


44 Ardent shares his latest single ‘evergreen.’

Wila Frank

‘The Falling Hours’

Nashville’s Wila Frank releases new single ‘The Falling Hours.’

Mall Girl

‘All I Should Have Said’

Mall Girl release new single ‘All I Should Have Said.’

Sophia Alexa


Sophia Alexa releases ‘Stones.’



Ūla reveals new single ‘Scandal.’

Alex Amor

‘Cherry Blossom Boy’

Alex Amor releases new single ‘Cherry Blossom Boy.’

Lauren Dejey


Lauren Dejey shares new single ‘Permanent’ featuring JUST OSKA.


‘Running Shoes’

AVIV finds her ‘Running Shoes’ on her latest single.



CLOVES shares her latest single, ‘Care.’

Hera Lind


Hera Lind releases a sentimental new single ‘Someday.’


‘Hotter now’

LU KALA releases new single ‘Hotter Now.’

Chasing Kites

‘Late Night’

Indie-rock four-piece Chasing Kites unveil energetic new single ‘Late Night.’

Bo Milli

‘I’m In’

Bo Milli shares her new single ‘I’m In.’

Glassio and Beauty Queen

‘A Friend Like You’

Brooklyn’s Glassio and Los Angeles-based Beauty Queen release ‘A Friend Like You.’

Japan, Man

‘Overdid It’

Today Japan, Man shares new single ‘Overdid It’ / Announces debut album, Metropolis.



Automan release ‘Peace’ – Their second and final teaser from their debut EP Vegetables.

China Steps


Leeds band China Steps release new single ‘Tintwhistle.’

Flip Top Head

‘Alfred Street’

Brighton’s Flip Top Head share new single ‘Alfred Street.’

Keni Titus

‘just keep driving’

Keni Titus releases her third song of 2023, ‘just keep driving.’

Al Costelloe

‘Shrink’s Couch’

Al Costelloe delivers a bit of sonic therapy with her latest single ‘Shrink’s Couch.’



Decant Elevates Sonic Boundaries with Latest Single ‘Passing.’

The Bedside Morale


Indie-Rock Four Piece The Bedside Morale Drop Debut Single ‘Safeword.’


‘Phantom Limb’

Fiiz share new single ‘Phantom Limb.’


‘Poor Madeline’

Daffo releases new single ‘Poor Madeline.’

School Disco

‘Victory Day’

School Disco release their final single from their upcoming record – ‘Victory Day.’

Flat Party

‘I’m Bored, Give Me Love’

Buzzy London newcomers Flat Party release new single ‘I’m Bored, Give Me Love.’



Hojean slows everything down on his latest single ‘Cruel.’



DAGNY releases new single ‘Ray-Bans’ / Announces trilogy of mini-albums.

Bekah Bossard

‘Stranger To Myself’

Bekah Bossard shares a delicate new track, ‘Stranger To Myself.’

Humane The Moon

‘I Saw A Dog’

Humane The Moon shares his new single ‘I Saw A Dog.’

Emma Ogier

‘Too Young For That’

Emma Ogier reveals new single ‘Too Young For That.’


‘Another Victim’

YAOUNDÉBOXINGCLUB shares new single ‘Another Victim.’

Eden Rain

‘I Found My Brain’

Leeds-born, London-based artist Eden Rain releases ‘I Found My Brain.’

The Coral

‘Faraway Worlds’

The Coral travel to ‘Faraway Worlds’ on their latest single.

The Gulls


The Gulls rock with a rebellious spirit on their latest single ‘Sanitation.’

Beck Pete


Beck Pete unveils powerful new single ‘BITE DOWN’ exploring human extremes.

Matthew And The Atlas

‘Record Store’

Matthew And The Atlas releases poignant single ‘Record Store’ ahead of new album.

Juniper Honey

‘Another Morning’

Rising indie outfit Juniper Honey has shared a candid new single, ‘Another Morning.’

Japan, Man


Japan, Man releases ‘Wormhole.’

Alex Spencer

‘Do What I Wanna’

Alex Spencer shares ‘Do What I Wanna.’

Pen Pin


Pen Pin release their debut single/video, ‘Fringe.’

J Mahon

‘Charly (Romantic Heart)’

J Mahon unveils poignant teaser for debut album: ‘Charly (Romantic Heart).’



Hojean reveals his latest single ‘9-5.’

Sophia Alexa

‘Hall Pass’

Sophia Alexa breaks free on her latest single ‘Hall Pass.’

Jade LeMac

‘Got Me Obsessed’

Jade LeMac shares ‘Got Me Obsessed.’

Rosie H Sullivan


Rosie H Sullivan shares ‘Chapters.’

The Wildfires Projekt

‘Going Blind’

The Wildfires Projekt shares new single ‘Going Blind.’

Lilac Haze

‘Daisy Girl’

Lilac Haze shares her second single ‘Daisy Girl.’


‘Holy Hells’

SPELLES release ‘Holy Hells.’

Das Koolies

‘Out Of This World’

Das Koolies release ‘Out Of This World.’



Rising American producer MarMar releases his latest single ‘You.’

La Force

‘How Do You Love A Man’

La Force releases new single/video ‘How Do You Love A Man.’

Alex Amor

‘Like The First Time’

Indie-pop riser Alex Amor releases new single ‘Like The First Time.’

Nature TV


Nature TV release ‘Frida.’


‘Good Try’

CLOVES unveils emotionally charged single ‘Good Try.’


‘Catch Me (Beautiful Fall)’

twst returns with new single ‘Catch Me (Beautiful Fall).’


‘Apex Predator’

Milkshed. release debut single ‘Apex Predator.’

School Disco

‘Through Dimensions’

School Disco release ‘Through Dimensions,’ their second single from their upcoming record, Denton Rock.

Cayo Coco

‘Ghosts Talk’

Cayo Coco reveals new single ‘Ghosts Talk.’

Lauren Dejey


Lauren Dejey returns with her new single ‘Solar.’

Black Pines

‘Run and Hide’

Black Pines drop new single ‘Run and Hide’ / Announce new EP BODIES.


‘It Never Gave Me Anything’

Spunsugar return with new single ‘It Never Gave Me Anything.’

Olivia Browse

‘Debbie Harry’

Olivia Browse releases ‘Debbie Harry.’


‘Ugly Boy’

NOCHES releases a razor-sharp track, ‘Ugly Boy.’


‘Pretty Boy’

LÉON shares new single ‘Pretty Boy.’

Thomas Day


Thomas Day drops new single/video ‘Gravity.’

Gretta Ray

‘Don’t Date The Teenager’

Gretta Ray returns to heartbreak territory with new single ‘Don’t Date The Teenager.’

Arny Margret


Icelandic artist Arny Margret shares new single/video ‘waiting.’

44 Ardent

‘don’t give up on me’

44 Ardent releases ‘don’t give up on me.’

The Coral

‘The Sinner’

The Coral release ‘The Sinner.’

Felix Hill


Felix Hill releases ‘SWIM DEEP.’

Elley Duhé


Elley Duhé shares ‘Delirium.’


‘ur soggy’

DAISY WORLD releases her second single of 2023 ‘ur soggy.’



SLOE JACK drops his second single of 2023 ‘2 WORDS.’

Land of Talk

‘Your Beautiful Self’

Land of Talk announces new album / Releases first single & video for ‘Your Beautiful Self.’

Pseudo Cool

‘Sharp’s Catching Waves’

Pseudo Cool release new single ‘Sharp’s Catching Waves.’

Blanco White

‘Silver Beaches’

Blanco White releases ‘Silver Beaches.’

Hindley and Dexter Seamus

‘Piss Right’

Hindley and Dexter Seamus release ‘Piss Right.’



Hojean shares ‘Easily.’

Love Spells


Love Spells releases new track ‘Flow.’


‘When It Starts To Rain’

SANDS Unveils New Single ‘When It Starts To Rain’ Ahead of Upcoming Album Release.

Bo Milli

‘Come After Me’

Bo Milli announces debut EP and shares wistful dream-pop single ‘Come After Me.’


‘Aint It’ (ft. Chelsea Warner)

TOBY releases ‘Aint It’ (ft. Chelsea Warner).


‘Miss You’

ZUSO unveils hypnotic new single ‘Miss You.’

Das Koolies

‘Pain Down The Drain’

Das Koolies drops new single ‘Pain Down The Drain.’


‘Tuggin’ Me Back’

Kanwal unveils the world of “Rage Funk” with debut single ‘Tuggin’ Me Back.’

Keni Titus

‘american spirit’

Keni Titus releases ‘american spirit.’


‘Best of Me’

1tbsp releases ‘Best of Me.’

Hunny Buzz

‘Deli Man’

Hunny Buzz release ‘Deli Man.’

Connie Talbot

‘Growing Pains’

Connie Talbot shares new single ‘Growing Pains.’

Cayo Coco

‘Gently, Dreamer’

Cayo Coco releases ‘Gently, Dreamer.’



Computerwife releases new single ‘Vacation.’


‘I Saw His Eyes’

Activity release new track/video ‘I Saw His Eyes.’


‘Terms & Conditions’

Australian indie-pop band Vacations release new single ‘Terms & Conditions.’


‘west end wedding’

tmdistant releases new single ‘west end wedding.’

Lemonade Baby

‘Tints’ (feat. Kevin Collett)

Lemonade Baby shares ‘Tints’ (feat. Kevin Collett).

Violet Sands and Deidre & the Dark

‘Desert Rental Home’

Violet Sands and Deidre & the Dark release new single ‘Desert Rental Home.’

Japan, Man

‘Nowhere To Hide’

Japan, Man delivers her second single of 2023, ‘Nowhere To Hide.’



FIIZ release new single ‘Lungs.’

kid apollo

‘fantasise’ ft. dexter in the newsagent

kid apollo link up with dexter in the newsagent for new single and video ‘fantasise.’


‘Luv Me’

Munan releases new single ‘Luv Me.’

Party Nails

‘Someway Somehow’

Party Nails releases ‘Someway Somehow.’

Eden Rain

‘Terry and Julie’

Eden Rain shares new single ‘Terry and Julie.’

NAMESAKE ft. Jewel Owusu


NAMESAKE and Jewel Owusu link up for ‘IN DIFFERENT CITIES.’

Midnight Pool Party

‘On Your Mind’

Midnight Pool Party shares ‘On Your Mind.’

Humane The Moon

‘A Track In Orbit’

Humane The Moon releases debut single ‘A Track In Orbit.’

Lauren Dejey

‘I’m Not Ready’

Lauren Dejey shares new single ‘I’m Not Ready.’

Alex Amor

‘Time To Smile’

Alex Amor releases ‘Time To Smile’ / Announces new EP Super Sonic.



Sody releases new single/video ‘Trust.’

Emotional Oranges and Zhu

‘Not Like This’

Emotional Oranges link up with Zhu on ‘Not Like This.’

Blanco White


Blanco White shares single ‘Tarifa.’


‘In View’

Cosial shares new single/video ‘In View.’



Filter releases new track ‘Obliteration.’



Emei releases the title track from her upcoming EP, Cynical.


‘Without You’

ADMT (Adam Taylor) shares fan favorite ‘Without You.’



StereoTyped release ‘Adultery.’


‘Circuit Current’

1tbsp returns with a new single, ‘Circuit Current.’

Oslo Twins

‘Back to Nothing’

Bristol dream-pop outfit Oslo Twins release new single / EP title track ‘Back to Nothing.’



JVLY drops new single ‘here.’

Nature TV


Nature TV release ‘Words.’

Arny Margret

‘i went outside’

Arny Margret releases new single ‘i went outside.’

La Force


La Force releases new single/video ‘october.’


‘I Get Better Every Day’

Computerwife releases new single/video for ‘I Get Better Every Day.’

Jonah Kagen

‘The Roads’

Jonah Kagen releases new single and video ‘The Roads.’

Me Nd Adam

‘Best Of Me’

Me Nd Adam release their fourth single of 2023 with ‘Best Of Me.’

Gretta Ray

‘America Forever’ (with Maisie Peters & Carol Ades).

Gretta Ray releases new track ‘America Forever’ (with Maisie Peters & Carol Ades).

44 Ardent

‘double shot flat white’

44 Ardent releases ‘double shot flat white.’



YAOUNDÉBOXINGCLUB release new single ‘SNAKES.’

Annie Taylor


Annie Taylor releases ‘Schoolgirl.’

Eyesore & The Jinx

‘No More Nails’

Eyesore & The Jinx release ‘No More Nails.’

Emika Love

‘Mueve Tu Cuerpo’

Emika Love Releases ‘Mueve Tu Cuerpo.’


‘Cut Me Loose’

MINOE returns with infectious new single ‘Cut Me Loose.’


‘Dark Side’

Sadye releases ‘Dark Side.’

Paris Paloma

‘yeti’ feat. Old Sea Brigade

Paris Paloma releases new single ‘yeti’ feat. Old Sea Brigade.


‘Your Melody’

Meltt releases new single ‘Your Melody’ / Announces new album ‘Eternal Embers.’

The Coral

‘Oceans Apart’

The Coral release ‘Oceans Apart.’

kid apollo

‘been here before’

kid apollo announce new EP In Your Own Right / Release new single ‘been here before.’

Jamie Webster

‘Voice Of The Voiceless’

Jamie Webster shares ‘Voice Of The Voiceless.’

Das Koolies

‘A Ride’

Das Koolies release new single ‘A Ride.’

Deadbeat Girl

‘When You Went’

Deadbeat Girl share ‘When You Went.’

Keni Titus

‘if u want’

Keni Titus releases ‘if u want.’

Homes at Night

‘Midwest Summer’

Homes at Night shares new single ‘Midwest Summer.’



quinnie releases new track ‘ribbons.’



Berlin-based artist/producer CROOK shares new single ‘NERVOUS.’


‘Now I Can Get Over You’

HUNNY BUZZ release ‘Now I Can Get Over You.’

Mati Gavriel

‘Someone to Somebody’

Mati Gavriel releases new single ‘Someone to Somebody.’

Far Caspian

‘Pet Architect’

Far Caspian release new single/video ‘Pet Architect.’

Lemonade Baby

‘Don’t Stop (Keep on Keepin on)’

Lemonade Baby shares his single ‘Don’t Stop (Keep on Keepin on).’

Alex Spencer

‘One Way Ticket’

Alex Spencer releases ‘One Way Ticket.’


‘Department of Blood’

Activity release new single/video ‘Department of Blood.’

Bo Milli

‘Making Friends’

Bo Milli releases ‘Making Friends.’

Holy Fool

‘Winter Coat’

Holy Fool release their debut single ‘Winter Coat.’


‘Same Again (For Love)’

Dagny releases new single ‘Same Again (For Love).’


‘My Self’

WESSON share new single ‘My Self.’



Babel release ‘Closer.’

The New Division

‘One Day’

The New Division share ‘One Day.’

The Coral

‘Drifter’s Prayer’

The Coral Collaborate with Acclaimed Actor John Simm on Evocative Track ‘Drifter’s Prayer.’

Buffalo Nichols

‘You’re Gonna Need Somebody On Your Bond’

Buffalo Nichols announces new album The Fatalist / Releases lead single ‘You’re Gonna Need Somebody On Your Bond.’


‘Once Upon a Time’

Munan releases ‘Once Upon a Time’ / Announces debut EP.


‘Skin Unwell’

Spunsugar release ‘Skin Unwell.’

Mother Tongues

‘Only You’

Mother Tongues release new single/video for ‘Only You.’

Adult Leisure

‘Bad Idea’

Adult Leisure share ‘Bad Idea.’

The Parade

‘I’m a Dreamer’

The Parade share debut single ‘I’m a Dreamer.’



Vacations release ‘Midwest’ / Announce US tour.

Thomas Day

‘Come Home’

Thomas Day shares new single/video ‘Come Home.’

44 Ardent

‘bones (sinking like stones)’

44 Ardent shares an emotional and personal track ‘bones (sinking like stones).’

Hera Lind

‘hungry lion’

Hera Lind delivers her second single ‘hungry lion.’

This Is The Kit

‘Stuck In A Room’

This Is The Kit release new single ‘Stuck In A Room’ / Share live video at Minack Theatre.


‘King of Wands’

Housewife reveals new single ‘King of Wands.’

Dante Bowe

‘Wind Me Up’ featuring Anthony B.

Dante Bowe releases ‘Wind Me Up’ featuring Anthony B.



Xana releases ‘babyblue.’

The Velveteins

‘Declarations of the 3am Freeway’

The Velveteins share ‘Declarations of the 3am Freeway’.



Computerwife announces self-titled debut album / Releases lead single.

Jenny Kern

‘Move On’

Jenny Kern shares ‘Move On.’

Annie Taylor

‘Ride High’

Annie Taylor releases ‘Ride High.’


‘The Jig’

HUNGRY shares ‘The Jig.’


‘Frozen Lake’

Sody releases ‘Frozen Lake.’


‘need to get out of here’

tmdistant releases ‘need to get out of here.’

Florence Arman

‘Good Girls’

Florence Arman releases ‘Good Girls.’

Downtown Kayoto


Downtown Kayoto releases new single/video for ‘Lite.’

kid apollo

‘know where to find me’

kid apollo share new single ‘know where to find me’ / release accompanying video.

Anyone’s Ghost

‘More Than I Care To Admit’

Anyone’s Ghost shares ‘More Than I Care To Admit.’

La Force

‘condition of us’

La Force releases ‘condition of us’ / Announces new album XO SKELETON.



ZUSO shares new single ‘Aurora.’

Das Koolies

‘Nuthin Sandwich’

Das Koolies release ‘Nuthin Sandwich’ / Announce first live appearances.

M. Byrd


M. Byrd shares new single ‘Gunslinger.’


‘Nothing But Pain’

Dalia shares ‘Nothing But Pain.’


‘Ride Or Die’

POLARTROPICA releases new single ‘Ride Or Die.’


‘Too Much Money’

Manchester Punk Trio YAANG share ‘Too Much Money.’

Chasing Kites

‘Two Towns’

Chasing Kites shares ‘Two Towns.’

Home Is Where

‘floral organs’

Home Is Where release new single ‘floral organs.’


‘The Song Thrush and the Mountain Ash’

LYR release new single ‘The Song Thrush and the Mountain Ash.’

Party Nails

‘Bull In A China Shop’

Party Nails shares ‘Bull In A China Shop.’

The Coral

‘Wild Bird’

The Coral announce two new albums / Release new single ‘Wild Bird.’



BENTLE shares new single ‘Beam.’


‘Overtime Lover’

Sivu shares new single ‘Overtime Lover.’


‘Holding Onto Time’

Nightjarr releases ‘Holding Onto Time’ featuring Jingle


‘The Wheel’

Ugly release ‘The Wheel.’

Johanna Samuels

‘Golden Gate’

Johanna Samuels shares new single ‘Golden Gate.’

Skepsis, Turno, and Charlotte Plank

‘Rave Out’

Skepsis, Turno, and Charlotte Plank release ‘Rave Out.’

Emika Love

‘Bad Day Not Life’

Emika Love releases ‘Bad Day Not Life.’


‘Did It My Way’

YAOUNDÉBOXINGCLUB releases new collaboration with tmdistant, ‘Did It My Way.’

Oslo Twins

‘Miss Yesterday’

Oslo Twins release new single ‘Miss Yesterday’/Announce debut EP.

Fake A Smile

‘Don’t Stop’

Fake A Smile release ‘Don’t Stop.’


‘one day’

viisi releases new single ‘one day.’

Nature TV


Nature TV shares new single ‘Illusions.’


‘Rip It Out’

HotWax releases ‘Rip It Out.’

Al Costelloe

‘So Neurotic’

Al Costelloe (ex-Big Deal) announces debut solo EP/releases title track ‘So Neurotic.’

Deer Tick

‘Once In A Lifetime’

Deer Tick release ‘Once In A Lifetime.’

Mike Rogers

‘Live Out Loud’

Mike Rogers release ‘Live Out Loud.’


‘Jimmy’s House’

AVIV shares her first new music of 2023 ‘Jimmy’s House.’

Natisa Gogol


Natisa Gogol releases ‘Aesthetics.’

Mother Tongues

‘Worm Day’

Mother Tongues release ‘Worm Day.’



NOT A TOY reveal new single ‘Nervous.’

Emotional Oranges

‘Not Worthy’

Emotional Oranges connect with Nonso Amadi on ‘Not Worthy.’



beachtown share new EP ‘UNSAYABLE’ via Young Poet Records.



Zylva shares new single ‘Eyelash.’

Far Caspian


Far Caspian debuts new single/video ‘Own.’

Lauren Early


Lauren Early releases new single ‘Twisted.’


‘Lovesick’ (feat. OmenXIII)

AlienBlaze unveils new single ‘Lovesick’ (feat. OmenXIII).


‘Indigo’ (feat. Adelaide James)

Brasstracks drops ‘Indigo’ (feat. Adelaide James).


‘Come Fly With Me’

Chinwe releases ‘Come Fly With Me.’



mlbacard¡ shares her debut single ‘KETCHUP.’

This Is The Kit

‘More Change’

This Is The Kit releases new single/video ‘More Change.’

Kid Apollo


Kid Apollo drops ‘Plansfor2.’

Lip Filler


Lip Filler release ‘Susie’ / Self-titled debut EP Lip Filler out now.



headboy share new single and self-directed video for ‘Reservoir.’

Tiger Silko


Tiger Silko release ‘Feeler.’

Charlotte Plank

‘White Noise’

Charlotte Plank releases ‘White Noise.’



Australian pop force Blusher announce debut EP / release new single and video ‘Backbone.’

44 Ardent

‘hold the world in your hands’

44 Ardent drops his second single of 2023 with ‘hold the world in your hands.’

Sofie Winterson

‘Lost You To A Boy’

Sofie Winterson drops emotional new single ‘Lost You To A Boy.’


‘Hey Little Sister’

Bishopskin share new single ‘Hey Little Sister.’

Love You Later

‘Long Sleeves’

Love You Later shares ‘Long Sleeves.’


‘Mr. Taxi Driver’

Munan releases ‘Mr. Taxi Driver.’

Wila Frank

‘Black Cloud’

Wila Frank releases ‘Black Cloud.’


‘sugarhoneyiceicetea’ and ‘moving on’ (featuring Khary)

SEB shares ‘sugarhoneyiceicetea’ and ‘moving on’ (featuring Khary).

Emotional Oranges


Emotional Oranges reveal new single ‘Justified.’


‘Heartbreak In The Making’

Dagny releases ‘Heartbreak In The Making.’

Swim Deep and Jenny Lee Lindberg (Warpaint)

‘King City’ (jennylee’s version)

Swim Deep and Jenny Lee Lindberg (Warpaint) link up for ‘King City’ (jennylee’s version).

Johah Kagen


Johah Kagen shares ’18.’


‘Mass Confusion’

GANGS OF KIN release ‘Mass Confusion.’

Olive Louise

‘Moroccan Oranges’

Olive Louise releases new single ‘Moroccan Oranges.’

Green Gardens

‘Things I Didn’t Do’

Green Gardens share ‘Things I Didn’t Do.’

Lisa Remar

‘Woke Up Early’

Lisa Remar releases ‘Woke Up Early.’



HEALTH release new single ‘Hateful.’

Late Night Therapy

‘Feel Something’

Late Night Therapy releases ‘Feel Something.’

The Boo Radleys

‘How Was I To Know?’

The Boo Radleys release their fourth single of 2023.


‘Won’t Cry’

Aáyanna releases new single ‘Won’t Cry.’

Alex Spencer

‘A Night To Waste’

Alex Spencer releases his debut single ‘A Night To Waste.’

Deer Tick

‘Forgiving Ties’

Deer Tick release lead single ‘Forgiving Ties’ from newly announced album.

Shelf Lives

‘All The Problems’

Shelf Lives returns with ‘All The Problems.’

Home Is Where

‘yes! yes! a thousand times yes!’

Home Is Where release lead single ‘yes! yes! a thousand times yes!’ from newly announced upcoming album.

Alex Anwandter

‘Mi vida en llamas’ ft. Buscabulla

Alex Anwandter releases new track ‘Mi vida en llamas’ ft. Buscabulla.


‘Star Potential’

Sody releases ‘Star Potential.’

Thomas Day


Thomas Day drops ‘MASOCHIST.’

Alice Auer

‘Baby, Cry’

Alice Auer reveals new single ‘Baby, Cry.’

Das Koolies

‘Best Mind F*ck Yet’ ft. Rhys Ifans

Das Koolies release ‘Best Mind F*ck Yet’ ft. Rhys Ifans / announces debut album.


‘Choral Light’

Sivu shares new single ‘Choral Light.’

The Winches

‘Kitchen Sink’

South London folk collective The Winches share ‘Kitchen Sink.’


‘Anesthesia’ featuring Mandy Lee of MisterWives

Brasstracks releases ‘Anesthesia’ featuring Mandy Lee of MisterWives.


‘Awaiting Hills’

splint release ‘Awaiting Hills.’

OK Cool

‘soaked in’

OK Cool release new single/video for ‘soaked in.’

Annie Taylor

‘Valley Queen’

Valley Queen release new single ‘Nobody Ever.’

Annie Taylor

‘Love Is Blind’

Annie Taylor share ‘Love Is Blind.’


‘Back to School’

Vacations return with new single ‘Next Exit.’

Pink Flamingo Rhythm Revue

‘Back to School’

Pink Flamingo Rhythm Revue release his new single ‘Back to School.’

Middle Part ft. Yuno


Middle Part links up with Yuno for new single ‘Chinatown.’

Eden Rain


Eden Rain releases ‘Crumb.’



MarMar releases ‘Phoenix.’

Asher Ossn


Asher Ossn drops his sophomore single ‘Hopeless.’

Ray Laurél


Ray Laurél Connects With Jeshi on ‘DONTLEAVEMYSIDE.’


‘Sucker Punch’

Toronto duo share their final single in advance of their forthcoming new album ‘Velveteen.’

Lauren Early


Lauren Early shares new single/video ‘Tomorrow.’

M. Byrd

‘Only A Feeling’

M. Byrd releases ‘Only A Feeling.’

Michael B Thomas

‘The Moment’

Michael B Thomas shares his new single ‘The Moment.’

Eleni Drake


Eleni Drake shares new single ‘Rookie.’

Marie Dahlstrom

‘Make It Up To You’

Marie Dahlstrom shares ‘Make It Up To You’ featuring Kofi Stone.


‘Breathing In’

WESSON release ‘Breathing In.’

Fake A Smile

‘Prom Dress’

Fake A Smile reveal debut single ‘Prom Dress.’


‘A Thousand Times’

HotWax announces debut EP / Shares single/video for title track.

This Is The Kit

‘Inside Outside’

This Is The Kit announce new album and share first single/video ‘Inside Outside.’

Lip Filler

‘Monster Truck’

West London indie risers Lip Filler announce self-titled debut EP / Release new single ‘Monster Truck.’

Heather Woods Broderick

‘Wherever I Go’

Heather Woods Broderick shares ‘Wherever I Go.’

Deadbeat Girl

‘These Walls’ and ‘More’

Deadbeat Girl releases a pair of singles: ‘These Walls’ and ‘More.’



CROOK releases ‘OH GOD’ / Announces debut mixtape FEEL BETTER.

Love You Later

‘Are You Gonna Care When I Die?’

Love You Later shares new single ‘Are You Gonna Care When I Die?’

Nati Dreddd


Nati Dreddd releases new single ‘Older.’

Downtown Kayoto

‘Changed It’

Downtown Kayoto announces new 6 track EP Learning In Public / Releases new single ‘Changed It.’


‘tacit (feat. Una Mey)’

JVLY shares ‘tacit (feat. Una Mey).’

Cosmo Sheldrake

‘Bathed In Sound’

Cosmo Sheldrake announces Wild Wet World EP / Releases lead single ‘Bathed In Sound.’

Alex Anwandter


Alex Anwandter releases ‘Precipicio.’

The Boo Radleys

‘Now That’s What I Call Obscene’

The Boo Radleys release ‘Now That’s What I Call Obscene.’

44 Ardent

‘far gone’

44 Ardent releases ‘far gone.’

Tobias Arbo


Tobias Arbo releases new single ‘Carousel.’

Sofie Winterson


Sofie Winterson announces Benny Sings-produced new album Southern Skies / Releases ‘Jump.’

Caroline Romano


Caroline Romano shares her new single ‘Guts.’

Jack Kane

‘Tell Me What I Need To Do’

Jack Kane returns with ‘Tell Me What I Need To Do.’

Johanna Samuels

‘Ugly On The Inside’

Johanna Samuels announces new album Bystander / Releases lead single ‘Ugly On The Inside.’

Holy Reptile

‘The Land’

Holy Reptile share ‘The Land.’

The Accident Group

‘The Myth of Sisyphus’

The Accident Group release debut single ‘The Myth of Sisyphus.’

Paris Paloma


Paris Paloma shares her latest single ‘Labour.’

London Topaz

‘Promises’ Featuring Zoe A’dore

London Topaz shares new track ‘Promises’ Featuring Zoe A’dore.

Josienne Clarke

‘Words Were Never The Answer’

Josienne Clarke releases ‘Words Were Never The Answer.’


‘I Dare You To Break’

MAUVEY shares ‘I Dare You To Break.’


‘Push the Tide’

Lipstereo release ‘Push the Tide.’



headboy announce debut EP and release lead single ‘Cement.’


‘Back To The End’ (Yumi Zouma Remix)

Stars release ‘Back To The End (Yumi Zouma Remix).’

Lauren Early

‘Good Girl Bad Boy’

Lauren Early announces her debut album / Releases lead single ‘Good Girl Bad Boy.’

Alice Auer

‘Unknown’ ft. Conor Albert

Alice Auer shares new single ‘Unknown’ ft. Conor Albert / Announces EP.



BENTLE releases new single ‘Sideshow.’



Maruja share ‘Kakistocracy’ / Release debut EP Knocknarea.

Luna Morgenstern

‘Dance Dance (Don’t Go)’

Luna Morgenstern releases ‘Dance Dance (Don’t Go).’

CJ’s Mirra Maze

‘Self Medicate’

CJ’s Mirra Maze releases debut single ‘Self Medicate.’

Krooked Kings

‘Coming of Age’

Krooked Kings drop new single ‘Coming of Age.’

OK Cool


OK Cool release single/video ‘nissanweekends.’

Tribe Friday


Tribe Friday release new single ‘Swimsuit.’



ZUSO releases ‘Higher.’

Ben Imber


Ben Imber releases ‘Climb.’

Kevin Silvester and JVCQUI

‘Be The One’

Kevin Silvester and JVCQUI release ‘Be The One.’

Nat Vazer

‘Addicted to Misery’

Australian singer/songwriter Nat Vazer shares that she is ‘Addicted to Misery.’


‘Without You’ (Radio Edit)

Bangbang releases their second single of 2023 ‘Without You’ (Radio Edit).

Jonathan Bree

‘Miss You’

Jonathan Bree drops new single/video ‘Miss You.’

Kishi Bashi

‘Winter’s Eve’

Kishi Bashi shares new single ‘Winter’s Eve.’

Flat Party

‘Dig Up Concrete With A Plastic Shovel’

Flat Party sign to Submarine Cat Records and release new single ‘Dig Up Concrete With A Plastic Shovel.’



British songwriter Sivu shares new single ‘Apollo’ and announces his upcoming LP Wild Horse Running.



SALPA releases debut single ‘England.’

Wila Frank

‘Oh, Fate’

Wila Frank shares the lead single/video for her upcoming album, Black Cloud.

Kris Ulrich


Kris Ulrich shares new single/video ‘1994.’

Lauren Lakis

‘Take My Hand’

Lauren Lakis shares her new single ‘Take My Hand.’



New York City’s Ilton releases new power anthem ‘GO!’

Robert PM and Lyric Christian

‘Hands Off (My Crown)’

Robert PM and Lyric Christian release ‘Hands Off (My Crown).’


‘Emotional Punching Bag’

dePresno unveils new single ‘Emotional Punching Bag.’



beachtown drop their latest single ‘Unsure’ / Announce new EP UNSAYABLE.

Cam Kahin

‘try again’

Cam Kahin releases new single/video for ‘try again.’

Rachel Bochner

‘Sucker Punch’

Rachel Bochner catches the world off guard with ‘Sucker Punch.’


‘Bang Bang’

Momma releases ‘Bang Bang.’

Far Caspian

‘Arbitrary Task’

Far Caspian shares new single/video ‘Arbitrary Task.’

Henry Carlyle

‘I Float’

Henry Carlyle (1/3 of The Orielles) releases ‘I Float.’


‘Four Tet Is My Godmother’

1tbsp drops ‘Four Tet Is My Godmother.’

Valley Queen


Valley Queen share new single ‘Pavement.’

Theresa Gorella

‘House of Broken Mirrors’

Nashville’s Theresa Gorella releases ‘House of Broken Mirrors.’

M. Byrd

‘Outside Of Town’

M. Byrd releases ‘Outside Of Town.’

Alex Anwandter

‘Qué piensas hacer sin mi amor?’

Alex Anwandter announces new album / Releases second single ‘Qué piensas hacer sin mi amor?’

Heather Woods Broderick


Heather Woods Broderick shares new single ‘Admiration.’



Xana releases ‘Bad Bandit.’



REYA releases a fiery new single that oozes confidence and swagger.

Danelle Sandoval


Danelle Sandoval releases ‘Cold.’

Ray Laurél


Ray Laurél releases new single, ‘TEMPTRESS.’



JVLY releases ‘ambien.’

Valeria Pozzo

‘Cape St Vincent’

Valeria Pozzo releases ‘Cape St Vincent.’

Krooked Tongue


Krooked Tongue release new single ‘Velociraptor’ / Announce upcoming EP.

London Topaz

‘Drifting’ (ft. Blush’ko)

London Topaz drops ‘Drifting’ (ft. Blush’ko).

Eleni Drake

‘Strawberry Moon’

Eleni Drake shares ‘Strawberry Moon.’

Sad Boys Club


Sad Boys Club release new single ‘Delicious.’


‘Do You Wanna’

Binta releases ‘Do You Wanna.’

Billy Lockett

‘Don’t Be Hard On Yourself’

Billy Lockett releases his highly anticipated debut album Abington Grove / shares new single ‘Don’t Be Hard On Yourself.’

Eden Rain

‘Bed (For A Year)’

Eden Rain releases her first single of 2023 ‘Bed (For A Year).’

Harry Nathan

‘So Real’

Harry Nathan drops ‘So Real.’

Shelf Lives


Shelf Lives release ‘Bite.’


‘No Nein’ (featuring Mietze Conte)

1tbsp releases ‘No Nein’ (featuring Mietze Conte).


‘The Grip’

DAMEFRISØR release ‘The Grip.’


‘Wedding, March, Flower’

Deerhoof releases ‘Wedding, March, Flower.’


‘Très Jolie’

PONY release new single ‘Très Jolie’ / Announce new album.

Alice Auer

‘Greek Street’

Alice Auer releases new single ‘Greek Street.’

Jonathan Bree

‘Pre-Code Hollywood’

Jonathan Bree announces new album Pre-Code Hollywood / Releases title track.

OK Cool

‘normal c’

OK Cool announce new EP Fawn Out / Share new single ‘normal c.’

Late Night Therapy

‘Through Your Eyes’

Late Night Therapy shares his new single ‘Through Your Eyes.’

Downtown Kayoto

‘Run from you’

Downtown Kayoto drops his new single ‘Run from you.’

Das Koolies

‘The Condemned’

Das Koolies (Super Furry Animals spinoff project) release ‘The Condemned’

Bad Sounds

‘Hard MF 2 Luv’

Bad Sounds return with smooth, new groove ‘Hard MF 2 Luv.’


‘My Body Is A Friend’

SOMOH releases new single ‘My Body Is A Friend.’

Lip Filler


Lip Filler sign to Chess Club Records and release new single ‘Haircut.’

Bekah Bossard

‘What You Wanted’

Bekah Bossard release their debut single ‘What You Wanted.’



Bangbang share their newest single ‘Illusion.’


‘Pioneer Digital Plastic Sound’

1tbsp releases his first single of 2023 ‘Pioneer Digital Plastic Sound.’


‘Beats Me Up’ (feat. Coucheron)

Ponette releases ‘Beats Me Up’ (feat. Coucheron).

Mazey Haze

‘Kill Me I Got You’

Mazey Haze announces new EP / Releases new single ‘Kill Me I Got You.’

Kian Blume


L.A.-based singer/songwriter Kian Blume releases ‘Daphne.’


‘Wild Horse Running’

Sivu releases new single ‘Wild Horse Running.’


‘we’re the last to leave’

Australian newcomer Ordley releases ‘we’re the last to leave.’

Valley Queen


Valley Queen announce new album Chord of Sympathy / Release new single and video for ‘Cassavetes.’

Michael B Thomas

‘Team Leader’

Michael B Thomas announces debut EP The Moment / Releases new single ‘Team Leader.’

Kris Ulrich

‘Big In The USA’

Kris Ulrich announces new album Big In The USA / Shares title track.



joan release new single ‘nervous’ / Announces 20 date U.S. headlining tour.

Nite Bjuti

‘Mood (Liberation Walk)’

Nite Bjuti release their debut single ‘Mood (Liberation Walk).’


‘Deal With It’

Afghan-Dutch artist, producer, and experimental visionary Ferdous announces debut mixtape Cool Party / Releases new single ‘Deal With It.’



beachtown release ‘Toybox.’

Krooked Kings

‘Sick of Being Young’

Krooked Kings release their first song of 2023, ‘Sick of Being Young.’

Cam Kahin


Cam Kahin announces new EP / Releases new single and video for ‘birds.’

Sad Boys Club

‘To Heal Without a Scar (Is a Waste Of a Good Wound)’

Sad Boys Club announce debut album / release new single ‘To Heal Without a Scar (Is a Waste Of a Good Wound).’

Tobias Arbo


Tobias Arbo announces debut EP Powerlines / Releases second single ‘Within.’


‘Unglow The’

Pearla drops her latest single ‘Unglow The.’

Heather Woods Broderick

‘Crashing Against the Sun’

Heather Woods Broderick announces her fifth full-length album Labyrinth / Releases second single ‘Crashing Against the Sun.’

Jack Kane

‘We’d Be Good’

Jack Kane release new single ‘We’d Be Good.’

Bo Milli

‘Good Kid’

Bo Milli joins the fight on ‘Good Kid.’

Eleni Drake


Eleni Drake announces new album Surf the Sun / Releases new single ‘Guts.’

The Lathums


The Lathums release their soaring album opener ‘Struggle.’

MF Tomlinson

‘We Are Still Wild Horses, Part II’

MF Tomlinson releases part two of ‘We Are Still Wild Horses.’


‘I’m Sorry I Killed Your Plant’

Skofee releases ‘I’m Sorry I Killed Your Plant.’

Charlotte Plank

‘L.S.D. Love So Damaged’

Charlotte Plank releases ‘L.S.D. Love So Damaged.’

Dutch Uncles

‘Tropigala (2 to 5)’

Dutch Uncles release their first song of 2023 ‘Tropigala (2 to 5).’


‘Don’t Say No’

Softlung has released his first single of 2023 ‘Don’t Say No.’

M. Byrd

‘The Seed’

M. Byrd releases his first single of 2023 ‘The Seed’ / Announces new album

Matilda Mann featuring spill tab

‘Borderline Insane’

Matilda Mann releases ‘Borderline Insane’ featuring spill tab.

Sweet Baboo

‘The Worry’

Sweet Baboo releases new single ‘The Worry.’



Bristol-based DAMEFRISØR release new single ‘D.O.D.’

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