Ferdous – ‘Mountain Snow’

Ferdous transcends boundaries with ‘Mountain Snow’ ahead of Dreamland EP release

Ferdous - 'Mountain Snow'
Ferdous image via Niko Zelenik (Art Director), Melissa Verhoeven (Photographer)

‘Mountain Snow’ encapsulates Ferdous’ genre-defying mastery, crafting a juxtaposition of sounds and themes that dance between chaos and innovation.

Amsterdam-based artist and experimental electronic producer Ferdous ventures into uncharted sonic territories with his latest single, ‘Mountain Snow,’ ahead of the imminent arrival of his forthcoming visual EP, Dreamland, set to drop on February 16th via Faintly Red. The track emerges as a vibrant narrative and sonic expression of escapism from personal struggles.

Teaming up with 3D art director Niko Zelenik, Ferdous presents a visually stimulating world that harmonizes seamlessly with his musical landscape. Zelenik’s intricate visuals, inspired by the song’s lyrics and ambiance, elevate the sonic experience, capturing the essence of emotional turmoil amidst a wintry setting.

Speaking about the new release, Ferdous says:

“For me, this is the most thematic song on the EP… I really tried to dive deep into this contradictory state of desperately craving to live my life relentlessly in a time where I was surrounded by loss and transition.”

After a moment of reflection and regeneration, Ferdous adds:

“This was my way of trying to breathe new life into myself, to try and break free from the crippling lethargy I had been dealing with for so long. It was really fulfilling to capture this state of mind for myself, even if for other people it might just be a nice dance-pop song.”

As for the upcoming EP, Dreamland marks a transformative chapter for Ferdous, incorporating electronic, techno, and dance influences that echo his experiences from DJing in Amsterdam’s vibrant club scene. With previous acclaim for his R&B work in Klyne and the hip-hop-infused Cool Party mixtape, Ferdous continues to embrace a diverse range in his musical expression.

‘Mountain Snow’ is available on all streaming services today. Dreamland is set to drop on February 16th via Faintly Red.

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