Yaz León – ‘Mouthwash’

Rising singer/songwriter Yaz León shares a hypnotic new single ‘Mouthwash’ ahead of upcoming EP, Bleach

Yaz León image via press photo

Hailing from West London, rising artist Yaz León presents her latest single, ‘Mouthwash,’ offering a glimpse into her highly anticipated EP Bleach.

Following the experimental trajectory set by her previous release, ‘AAA/Triple A,’ Yaz León continues to carve her path in the music scene with her distinctive lyricism and genre-bending sound. Infused with a sense of nostalgia, reminiscent of summer days in the 2010s, ‘Mouthwash’ reverberates with its acoustic-led production and infectious percussive beat. Delving into themes of tentative romance and introspection the song explores the complexities of relationships and the ambiguity of closure.

Reflecting on the track’s meaning, Yaz León shares:

“I swear ‘Mouthwash’ was meant to be a pop song. It’s become a bit more of a mental breakdown in audio. I go on singing about weighing the good and painful bits of a relationship. So, lyrically it’s all over the place. Sometimes I’m taking the piss out of my astoundingly bad judgment and sometimes I’m trying to be a little kinder. There’s clearly a lack of closure so it’s hard to focus on one emotion. But I like that.”

‘Mouthwash’ is out now. Her upcoming Bleach EP is imminent.

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