Wine Pride – ‘12:01 A.M.’

Wine Pride takes listeners on a dreamy journey with ‘12:01 A.M.’

1201 AM
Wine Pride image via press photo

North Carolina-based band Wine Pride unveils their new single, ’12:01 A.M.,’ out now via Crafting Room Recordings.

Serving as a preview to their upcoming EP Lost Years, the track showcases the band’s evolution as they dive deeper into their emotive and nostalgia-infused sound. With interlocking guitar lines, melodic bass, and precise drumming, ’12:01 A.M.’ creates a rhythmic musical landscape as lead vocalist Aaron Felger’s ethereal vocals float softly above swirling harmonies.

Felger explains:

“The person telling the story is struggling to understand whether their desire to party is fueled by their lust for life or addiction. The outro, “Life like a dream you live” represents both celebrating your life, feeling like you’re living a dream, and a washed up, sense of denial about your clouded reality. 12:01 AM symbolises the first minute of the new day and all the possibilities for change that come with it. You could be embracing it as you’re enjoying time with your friends or dreading what comes next.”

’12:01 A.M.’ is out now on all streaming services. Their forthcoming EP, Lost Years is out on May 9th.

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