Music News & Releases 2022

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Music Releases 2022

Music News & Releases by Year:


The Veils


The Veils release new single ‘Time.’



93FEETOFSMOKE releases a new single, ‘FEEL SOMETHING AT ALL’

kid apollo


kid apollo release new track ‘btw.’

Dutch Uncles


Dutch Uncles release new single ‘Poppin” / New album True Entertainment out 2023.

The Lathums


The Lathums release new track ‘Turmoil’and Announce pub tour.

The Veils

‘No Limit of Stars’

The Veils release second single, ‘No Limit of Stars’ from their upcoming album.

Dull Reality


Dull Reality releases ‘Pragmatica.’

Haruka Salt, Tony G, and Bohan Phoenix


Three of Brooklyn’s underground music figures join forces and release a slapping new techno/house/hip-hop track.

Marcus McCoan

‘Try Me’

Marcus McCoan releases new single ‘Try Me.’

The Know

‘Used To Be’

The Know release ‘Used To Be.’


‘butterfly (so free)’

daste. release new single ‘butterfly (so free).’

Marie Dahlstrom and Delleile Ankrah


Marie Dahlstrom joins forces with Delleile Ankrah for return single ‘Clouds.’

M. Byrd

‘Over You / Over Me’

M. Byrd releases his second single of 2022 ‘Over You / Over Me.’

Michael B Thomas


Michael B Thomas releases new lo-fi indie-folk single ‘Berlin.’

Bo Milli


Bo Milli releases new single ‘FOMO.’


‘I Know You Care’

London’s SOMOH returns for her sophomore single ‘I Know You Care.’

Mazey Haze

‘I Feel Like a Child’

Mazey Haze announces new EP / Releases new single ‘I Feel Like a Child.’

Emotional Oranges

‘On My Way’

Emotional Oranges reveal new single ‘On My Way.’

Chores (feat. Jezzabell Doran)

‘Crave Me’

Chores releases ‘Crave Me’ (feat. Jezzabell Doran).



JVLY releases new single ‘swim.’

Bright Town


Merceyside’s Bright Town release new five-song EP Smithereens! / Highlight new track ‘Bottom.’

Trunky Juno

‘Boys Like Me’

Trunky Juno releases ‘Boys Like Me.’

Ella Tiritiello

‘Not Your Girl’

Ella Tiritiello shares her latest single ‘Not Your Girl.’

Krooked Kings featuring Day Wave

‘Carbon Monoxide’

Krooked Kings connects with Day Wave for ‘Carbon Monoxide.’

Siv Jakobsen

‘Sun, Moon, Stars’

Siv Jakobsen releases ‘Sun, Moon, Stars.’


‘Beach Dreams’

wallyPDF releases new single ‘Beach Dreams.’


‘Seasons (feat. Squidgenini)’

1tbsp releases ‘Seasons (feat. Squidgenini).’



joan shares new single ‘flowers’ / announce debut album.

Ray Laurél


Ray Laurél reveals gorgeous new single ‘CHARLES JEFFREY.’

The Short Causeway

‘Tripping Down the Stairs’

The Short Causeway release their debut single ‘Tripping Down the Stairs.’

Cal In Red

‘Replay (Lounge)’

Indie pop/rock project Cal In Red releases their fourth single of 2022 ‘Replay (Lounge).’

Ella Grace


Ella Grace releases new single ‘Grace.’



Strongboi releases ‘Cold.’

Manchester Orchestra

‘No Rule’

Manchester Orchestra release new single ‘No Rule.’

Cherry Lena

‘Toxic Woman’

Canadian Alt-Pop sensation Cherry Lena is back with her latest single ‘Toxic Woman.’

Harry Nathan


Harry Nathan releases ‘Understanding.’

The Veils


The Veils release their first song in two years ‘Undertow.’



Rising pop artist Skofee releases her fifth single of 2022.

Midnight Pool Party

‘Icon Energy’

Midnight Pool Party release ‘Icon Energy.’


‘Old Man’s Land’

Touts release ‘Old Man’s Land’ / Announce UK Tour dates.

Alex Anwandter


Alex Anwandter releases his first single in three years ‘Maricoteca.’

Rianne Downey


Rianne Downey releases ‘Home.’

MF Tomlinson

‘The End Of The Road’

MF Tomlinson releases new single & video ‘The End Of The Road.’

Charlotte Plank

‘Lost Boys’

New and promising artist Charlotte Plank has released her sophomore single ‘Lost Boys.’

Rutherford Royal

‘Lords & Ladies’

Nashville singer/songwriter Rutherford Royal releases his second single ‘Lords & Ladies.’


‘The Other Side’

Softlung releases ‘The Other Side.’


‘Mental Breakup’

AJA returns with a gorgeous new single ‘Mental Breakup.’

Heather Woods Broderick

‘Blood Run Through Me’

Heather Woods Broderick shares new single/video for ‘Blood Run Through Me.’

Red Rum Club

‘The River’

Red Rum Club release their third single of 2022 ‘The River.’



Manchester power 4-piece Maruja unleashes ‘Thunder.’



1tbsp releases ‘2007.’


‘Monsters Are Waiting’ Video

Taken from her recently released album Metanoia, Leezy releases her video for ‘Monsters Are Waiting.’

Anna Mieke


Ireland’s Anna Mieke unveils new single and video for ‘Seraphim.’

Buffalo Nichols

‘Meet Me in The Bottom/Friends’

Buffalo Nichols shares new double single / Announces 2023 headline tour.

Mary Middlefield


Switzerland-based singer, songwriter, and composer Mary Middlefield releases debut single, ‘Band-Aid.’


‘Green Viridian’

Australian artist and producer Fonteray releases ‘Green Viridian.’

The Early Mornings

‘Ultra-Modern Rain’

The Early Mornings announce a new EP and share the title track ‘Ultra-Modern Rain.’

Sea Glass and Benét

‘(i have jokes) If You Wanna Hear One’

Sea Glass and Benét join forces to release their new single ‘(i have jokes) If You Wanna Hear One.’

Downtown Kayoto


Downtown Kayoto releases new single ‘In2you.’

DJ Tribbs / The Sometimes Island


DJ Tribbs remixes The Sometimes Island’s ‘Acapulco.’



London’s beachtown release ‘Homesmaker.’


‘What’s Your Fantasy’

Los Angeles-based galactic dream pop artist Polartropica has released ‘What’s Your Fantasy.’

The Lathums

‘Say My Name’

The Lathums release ‘Say My Name’ / Announce new album From Nothing To A Little Bit More due in February 2023 / Reveal Spring 2023 UK tour.

cln (feat. px)

‘That Place’

Australian musician and producer cln has delivered another strikingly relaxed single in ‘That Place’ (feat. px).

Cam Kahin


Toronto’s Cam Kahin signs to Dine Alone Records / Releases debut single for the label, ‘compass.’

Trunky Juno

‘Death Metal Music’

Trunky Juno releases his latest offering ‘Death Metal Music.’


‘Factoury Girl’

Brooklyn indie outfit Rebounder releases an ode to the dreamers, ‘Factoury Girl.’

Jude Korab


Australian newcomer Jude Korab releases his fifth single ‘DROWNING.’

Hohnen Ford

‘Don’t Fall Asleep’

Hohnen Ford releases new single ‘Don’t Fall Asleep’ co-written by Matt Maltese.



WILDES releases her fourth single from her upcoming album.

Florence Arman


Florence Arman returns with her latest new single ‘Friends.’

Siv Jakobsen


Siv Jakobsen releases new single ‘Tangerine’ from her upcoming album out January 20, 2023.


‘Five Minutes’

Mantaraybryn returns with his first track of 2022 ‘Five Minutes.’



Manchester’s Splint returns with an emotional and energetic track ‘145.’

kid apollo

‘leave her’

London-based trio kid apollo release ‘leave her.’



SOMOH (Pronounced Soe-Mow”) releases her second single, ‘Anything.’

M. Byrd


M.Byrd releases his first song of 2022 ‘Flood.’



Australian house/dance project 1tbsp (Golden Vessel) has returned with his first song of 2022 ‘Joan.’


‘On My Way’

Dazy Shares New Single/Video ‘On My Way’ and Announces December Headline Shows.


‘The Place With No Weather’

Pearla shares new single ‘The Place With No Weather.’

Emotional Oranges


Emotional Oranges reveal new single ‘Petty’ / Share news of a new album, The Juice Vol III.

Ruth Lyon


Newcastle folk/chamber-pop artist Ruth Lyon releases new single ‘Clown.’


‘Night Low’

Refs release their second single of 2022 ‘Night Low.’

Waiting for Smith

‘Skylight Dawn’

Waiting for Smith releases ‘Skylight Dawn.’

Jack Kane


Hertfordshire-born rising artist Jack Kane releases ‘Underdog.’

Sunglasses For Jaws

‘Under A Rainbow’

Sunglasses For Jaws releases ‘Under A Rainbow’ / Shares news of new album.


‘don’t wanna be your friend’

joan release single and video for ‘don’t wanna be your friend.’

The Flints

‘Right Kind Of Love’

The Flints release their second single ‘Right Kind Of Love.’

The Backseat Lovers

‘Slowing Down’

The Backseat Lovers release ‘Slowing Down’ / Announce new UK & Ireland Shows.


‘Freak Like Me’

Munan shares new single and video for ‘Freak Like Me.’


‘what doesn’t kill you mutates and tries again’

L.A.-based musician iamnotshane releases ‘what doesn’t kill you mutates and tries again.’

Sophia Alexa

‘Going To California’

Sophia Alexa shares her desires in ‘Going To California.’

Elizabeth M. Drummond


Elizabeth M. Drummond shares single and video for ‘Bullet.’

Late Night Therapy

‘When You’re Gone’

Late Night Therapy releases ‘When You’re Gone.’

Tommy Newport


Rapidly rising sensation Tommy Newport releases ‘Jackpot’ featuring Jazz Cartier.

FrenchHorn Rebellion, Cimafunk, and Stalking Gia

‘The Weight of the Weekend’

French Horn Rebellion, Cimafunk, & Stalking Gia collab to release ‘Ya Llegué.’

Mazey Haze

‘The Weight of the Weekend’

Mazey Haze releases her first new music of 2022 ‘The Weight of the Weekend.’

Bonny Light Horseman

‘Someone To Weep For Me’

Bonny Light Horseman release new single ‘Someone To Weep For Me’ / Set to begin U.S. Headline Tour.


‘About Hunger, About Love’

Pearla shares new single ‘About Hunger, About Love’ from her upcoming debut album.



Softlung shares their debut single, ‘Worry.’

Shelf Lives

‘Skirts & Salads’

Shelf Lives return with a new single and video for ’Skirts & Salads.’



Mewn release and announce new EP.


‘New Religion’

Refs return and find a ‘New Religion’ with their latest track.

Scott Goldbaum

‘Drive Too Fast’

Multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Scott Goldbaum releases debut single and music video ‘Drive Too Fast.’



VA-based musician Dazy releases ’Split’ / Announces debut album OUTOFBODY.

Alice Boman

‘Where To Put The Pain’

Alice Boman shares new single and video ‘Where To Put The Pain.’

Ella Tiritiello

‘Take It Personal’

Ella Tiritiello reveals her second single ‘Take It Personal.’

Izzy Strigel


Rising alternative-pop artist Izzy Strigel releases her second single of 2002, ‘Breathe’

Zoe Wees

‘Daddy’s Eyes’

Zoe Wees drops her latest track, ‘Daddy’s Eyes’



Rising London duo beachtown sign to Young Poet Records and release new single ‘Spin.’

Che Lingo

‘Vibe Check (Palo Santo)’

South London multi-hyphenated artist Che Lingo releases his second single of 2022, ‘Vibe Check (Palo Santo).’

Emotional Oranges & Unusual Demont


Emotional Oranges & Unusual Demont collab to release ‘Cardigan.’

kid apollo

‘camera shy’

kid apollo announce new EP, u the real star here and share new single ‘camera shy.’



Dungen release their third single of 2022 ‘Skövde.’

Hohnen Ford

‘Close To Your Head’

Hohnen Ford announces EU tour supporting Matt Maltese / Releases new single ‘Close To Your Head.’

Anna Mieke


Anna Mieke shares new single and video for ‘Mannequin.’

Lip Filler


Lip Filler release their debut single, ‘Cool.’

Alex Amor

‘Half Of Me’

Alex Amor shares new track ‘Half Of Me.’

Amanda Tenfjord and Evangelia


Greek/Norwegian artist Amanda Tenfjord and Evangelia release new single ‘AMAN.’



cln releases his fourth single of 2022, ‘endlessly.’


‘missing pieces’

braveweather releases third single of 2022, ‘missing pieces.’



Australian artist Fonteray (Drew McCarty) shares his latest creation, ’Sunshine.’

Ray Laurél


Ray Laurél releases a gorgeous new track, ‘Charles.’

Elron Gardy

‘Reflex and Movement’

Mysterious newcomer Elron Gardy releases his debut single ‘Reflex and Movement’

Darla Jade

‘On My Tongue’

Darla Jade shares ‘On My Tongue.’


‘If Only’ and ‘I Just Wanted To See You So Bad’

Melbourne jangle-pop quartet Quivers release double single ‘If Only’ and a cover of Lucinda Williams’ impulsive ‘I Just Wanted To See You So Bad’ B-side.



Multi-platinum singer/songwriter Mimoza returns with a new single and video for ‘Madly.’

MF Tomlinsen

‘Winter Time Blues’

MF Tomlinson announces second album We Are Still Wild Horses — Releases new single ‘Winter Time Blues.’

Siv Jakobsen

‘Romain’s Place’

Siv Jakobsen announces new album Gardening / Releases new single ‘Romain’s Place.’

Swim Deep

‘Little Blue’

Swim Deep release new single ‘Little Blue’ and announce a UK headline tour.

Ruth Lyon


Newcastle folk/pop artist Ruth Lyon releases new single ‘Trouble.’



NYC’s MisterWives releases ‘Wrongside,’ a cathartic and charismatic single poised to change your attitude.

Hybrid Minds and Birdy

‘State Lines’

Hybrid Minds team up with Birdy for the ethereal ‘State Lines.’


‘Boo Hoo’

New Zealand newcomer Ferby releases her third single, ‘Boo Hoo.’

Stalking Gia

‘Saddest Happy Girl’

Stalking Gia unleashes her latest effort, ‘Saddest Happy Girl.’


‘Your Life’

Munan, a new music project of Peter Lee, has released his debut single, ‘Your Life.’

Elizabeth M. Drummond

‘I Tried’

Elizabeth M. Drummond drops her third single, ‘I Tried’ and announces debut EP, Congratulations.

Hanne Mjøen

‘I Never Told You’

Alt/pop artist Hanne Mjøen releases her latest single, ‘I Never Told You.’

Hohnen Ford

‘Send Me A Sign’

Hohnen Ford announces debut EP Infinity, releases her second single, ‘Send Me A Sign.’

The Backseat Lovers


DIY-indie rockers The Backseat Lovers release ‘Growing/Dying’ in advance of their upcoming LP, Waiting To Spill.

bad tuner


bad tuner releases ‘loverboi’ ft. Sebastian Adé and announces upcoming EP, (bad to my <3).

kid apollo

‘all on me’

Brixton trio kid apollo releases R&B single + self-directed video, ‘all on me.’

Late Night Therapy


Late Night Therapy releases a driving atmospheric dance track, ‘Spinning’

Michael B Thomas


EADES frontman, Michael B Thomas releases his debut solo single, ‘August’


‘Trust Issues’

L.A.-based singer/songwriter Emei has released her third single of 2022, ‘Trust Issues.’

Me Like Bees


Missouri-based indie rock four-piece Me Like Bees returns with their first single in 3 years, ‘Radio.’


‘Be Easy’

KWAYE returns with his first single of 2022, ‘Be Easy.’

Bo Milli

‘How It Is’

Norway newcomer and indie-rock musician Bo Milli releases her second single ‘How It Is.’

Olive Louise

‘The Loveliest’

NY-based indie-pop artist, Olive Louise releases, ‘The Loveliest.’

Joe Turner


Joe Turner teams up with Julia Church for new single ‘Borders.’

Alex Amor

‘Casually Cool’

Rising indie-pop artist Alex Amor releases new single ‘Casually Cool.’


‘Sweet Connection’

Elizabeth has released ‘Sweet Connection,’ the second track in a suite of three.


‘Into The Night’

Brisbane producer, cln releases ‘Into The Night (feat. Eilish Gilligan),’ his second single from his upcoming full-length album.

Rebel Kicks


New York City-based alternative pop duo Rebel Kicks releases their latest single, ‘Hamartia.’

Ira Nor


Rising Oslo-based pop newcomer Ira Nor releases new single ‘doomed.’

Rancid Eddie

‘Tiger love’

Melbourne 5-piece Rancid Eddie release ‘Tiger Love.’

Paige Bea


After a three-year hiatus Paige Bea returns with a sultry new single, ‘Melt.’

Aidan Carroll

‘Force Field’

Exclusive Video Premiere: Aidan Carroll unveils his second single of 2022, ‘Force Field.’


‘american kids’

Genre-fluid musician, MYKA releases his first single of 2022, ‘american kids.’

Casii Stephan

‘Trust Fall’

Tulsa-based soul-pop/rock artist Casii Stephan has released a new single, ‘Trust Fall.’

Hohnen Ford


English singer/songwriter Hohnen Ford releases her debut single ‘Infinity.’


‘Far and Wide’

WILDES has announced her debut album, Other Words Fail Me – Releases her third single of 2022, ‘Far and Wide.’

George Gretton

‘Down To Earth’

London-based multi-instrumentalist, singer, and producer George Gretton releases, ‘Down To Earth.’


‘That Girl’

Los Angeles singer/songwriter Emei releases ‘That Girl.’

Alex Amor

‘Bad Tattoo’

Alex Amor releases her new single, ‘Bad Tattoo,’ and announces her new EP The Art Of Letting Go.

bad tuner


bad tuner has dropped ‘oxygen,’ his third single of 2022 and the first from his upcoming EP.

44 Ardent


Australian lo-fi house producer 44 Ardent has released ‘intothedeep,’ the title track from his upcoming EP.

The Big Pink

‘Love Spins On Its Axis’

The Big Pink release a new single, ‘Love Spins On Its Axis.’

Golden Vessel

‘so far’

Golden Vessel releases ‘so far,’ his final single before his album release on July 7.

Agar Agar


French electro-pop duo Agar Agar has released their latest single, ‘Trouble.’


‘Te Vas’

18-year-old Madrid musician, DORA releases a new single, ‘Te Vas.’

Ira Nor


Oslo-based artist, Ira Nor releases her debut single, ‘flashback.’


‘Undone’ (feat. Holly Hebe)

Brisbane electronic/alt-R&B producer, cln has released ‘Undone’ (feat. Holly Hebe), his first track off his upcoming album.


‘Colour of You’ (feat. Anna)

Litche returns with his first new song of 2022, ‘Colour of You’ (feat. Anna).



Norwegian pop superstar Dagny has returned with her latest single, ‘Brightsider.’

Midnight Pool Party


Midnight Pool Party return to their classic disco sound with ‘DON’T KILL MY VIBE.’



Mal releases a vulnerable, lo-fi track from their upcoming EP, Continuous Short Feature Film.

Alex Amor

‘Colour Me’

Glaswegian singer-songwriter Alex Amor releases a delicate and glowing track, ‘Colour Me.’

Henry Carlyle

‘A Bigger Splash’

Orielles’ guitarist Henry Carlyle follows up his debut single with a whirling lo-fi track, ‘A Bigger Splash.’

George Gretton

‘Morning’ feat. theMind

George Gretton releases ‘Morning (feat. theMind),’ a soothing new track about wasting the day away.

Evie Moran


20-year-old singer-songwriter, Evie Moran releases a tender and inviting single, ‘Disconnected.’

Sad Boys Club

‘Ignorance Is Bliss (Haven’t You Heard)’

London four-piece, Sad Boys Club release their new single, ‘Ignorance Is Bliss (Haven’t You Heard)’

Lemonade Baby


Australian artist and producer, Lemonade Baby has released ‘Alien,’ a stripped back piece of dreamy Alt-pop.

The Crowleys

‘Sewer Drain’

The Crowleys release their third single, ‘Sewer Drain’ ahead of their debut album set for July

44 Ardent


44 Ardent is back with his third single of 2022 — A glorious six-minute lo-fi house track begging to be played.

Golden Vessel


Golden Vessel has returned today with ‘spinning,’ the latest addition to his upcoming album, eee, due in July.

Benji Lewis

‘Jump This Train’

Benji Lewis has released ‘Jump This Train,’ a song about freedom, trust, and living life as if it were one big adventure!

The Lathums Release Official ‘Sad Face Baby’ Music Video

3,000 fans take center stage at Blackpool’s Empress Ballroom in The Lathums’ official music video for ‘Sad Face Baby.’

The Big Pink

‘No Angels’

With ‘No Angels,’ London electronic outfit, The Big Pink, release their first new music in over a decade.

Dull Reality


Australian newcomer, Dull Reality releases his first single of 2022, ‘Fragment’

Three Colored Squares

‘See You’

Amsterdam-based producer Three Colored Squares releases ‘See You,’ his third single off his upcoming full-length album After Rain

The Backseat Lovers Add 2022 Tour Dates

The Backseat Lovers are set to play ten shows in twenty days throughout Europe before returning to the US to support Jack White’s arena tour.

The Lathums

‘Sad Face Baby’

The Lathums have released their first new music of 2022, ‘Sad Face Baby’

44 Ardent


Australian producer, 44 Ardent, has released his second single of 2022, ‘95overflow’

Day Wave


Day Wave releases ‘Pastlife,’ the title track off his new album due in June

Golden Vessel

‘pockets full of rocks’

Golden Vessel drops ‘pockets full of rocks,’ his second track from his upcoming album, eee

Benji Lewis

‘Head Rush’

Melbourne-based singer/songwriter, Benji Lewis is back with his second single of 2022


‘Watch Time With Me’

Pentire release a blistering new track, ‘Watch Time With Me,’ their first of 2022



cln releases a captivating cover of the 2021 megahit, ‘Stay’

Wet Leg


Wet Leg release their fifth single, ‘Angelica’ off their upcoming debut LP, Wet Leg

44 Ardent


44 Ardent, has broken his 12-month silence to release his first single of 2022, ‘pieces’

DJ Hila and Anita Sibona


DJ Hila and Anita Sibona release a hypnotic new track, ‘Cosmos’

Des Moines’ 80/35 Festival is Back

Charli XCX, Father John Misty, Future Islands, Japanese Breakfast, and more to play 80/35 Music Festival in Des Moines

Golden Vessel


Brisbane’s Golden Vessel releases his first single of 2022, ‘eee’

Helena Deland


Helena Deland releases a stunning new single, ‘Swimmer’

Slouch Online

‘get it and go’

L.A.’s Slouch Online has released, ‘get it and go’

Alison Wonderland

‘Fear of Dying’

Alison Wonderland releases a powerful new single, ‘Fear of Dying’

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