bedbug – ‘Postcard’

bedbug explores the depths of indie rock and emo with ‘Postcard’

bedbug image via press photo

bedbug, the brainchild of Dylan Gamez Citron, release ‘postcard,’ a captivating glimpse into their upcoming album, pack your bags the sun is growing, scheduled for March 15th via Disposable America.

‘Postcard’ emerges as a sonic narrative, seamlessly blending Built to Spill-esque melodies and Kinsella-like guitar work, with an emotional depth reminiscent of a young Isaac Brock. Following the surprise release of January’s ‘halo on the interstate,’ bedbug continues to carve a unique space in the indie rock and emo genres.

Dylan Gamez Citron has evolved the project since its solo debut in 2016. With two albums released through Joy Void, bedbug gained recognition with performances alongside notable acts like Japanese Breakfast, Grouper, and Snail Mail. The upcoming album, pack your bags the sun is growing, marks a significant shift as it’s first studio-recorded LP featuring a full band lineup. This transformation adds a new urgency to bedbug’s sound, paying homage to their indie and emo influences while preserving the lo-fi warmth and bedroom pop heart that defined Citron’s earlier solo works.

‘postcard’ is out now. pack your bags the sun is growing is set for release on March 15th.

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