Beachwood Sparks – ‘Gentle Samurai’

Beachwood Sparks make a triumphant return with the announcement of their upcoming album Across The River Of Stars / Share new single ‘Gentle Samurai’

Gentle Samaurai
Beachwood Sparks image via Emily Badgley

The indie-country pioneers will release their first album in 12 years on July 19, 2024.

Today, Beachwood Sparks unveil their latest single, ‘Gentle Samurai,’ a jangly sonnet to lost friends, woven with nostalgic 12-string chords and “burritos in space.” The track follows on the heels of their previous two singles: ‘Torn In Two‘ and ‘Falling Forever.’

The pioneering indie-country band will return with their new album Across The River Of Stars, their first in 12 years. Produced by Chris Robinson (The Black Crowes), the album is slated for release on July 19 via Curation Records.

‘Gentle Samurai’ is out now.

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