Annika Kilkenny – ‘Sentences’

Annika Kilkenny’s Vulnerability Shines in Latest Single ‘Sentences’

Annika Kilkenny image via press photo

Irish songstress Annika Kilkenny unveils her latest track, ‘Sentences,’ a raw and introspective journey into her world of emotive songwriting and soulful melodies.

Annika Kilkenny’s ‘Sentences’ is a poignant snapshot of an artist navigating the complexities of the music industry. Born and raised in Co. Kilkenny, Ireland, Annika’s earnest songwriting takes center stage in this release. The track, one of her earliest online offerings, carries a vulnerable authenticity that resonates with listeners. Opening up about her struggle with perfectionism, Annika reflects on the nuances of her journey as an artist.

Annika reveals:

“I remember getting the vocal stems back and being so disappointed at how I didn’t sound ‘as good’ on the track as when singing in all of the vids I post on here. That came down to a multitude of factors; nerves, inexperience in a pro-setting, and new-ness to it all in general.”

‘Sentences’ can be found on your favorite streaming service.

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