MF Tomlinson – ‘We Are Still Wild Horses Pt. II’

MF Tomlinson releases part two of ‘We Are Still Wild Horses’

MF Tomlinson - We Are Still Wild Horses Pt. II
MF Tomlinson credit via Andrea Zvadova

Brisbane/Meanjin-born singer-songwriter MF Tomlinson has released the second part of his upcoming album’s epic 21-minute-long title and closing track.

MF Tomlinson has followed up his early November release of ‘The End of the Road’ with his first track of 2023. ‘We Are Still Wild Horses, Pt. II’ is a seven-and-a-half minute epic tale that flows from low-key ambiance to psychedelia and back in a matter of moments.

Speaking more on the track’s inspiration, MF Tomlinson said:

“Finishing this song was the hardest thing I’ve ever done as an artist. And yet, it was impossible to resist. It didn’t feel like I had a choice – it just had to exist. It draws upon themes of awakening, remembering, escape, release, and transcendence. The verse is murmured reflections, memories flashing before the eyes. The story of the horses is a dream – I can’t visualise it.”

“But then, ultimately, it is catharsis – and I very much had to live all that. I cried a lot, it almost drove me mad. In order to finish, I had to work on it for 24 hours continuously. But in many of those hours I would find myself in a meditative state. I would get lost in this sonic world – it was a place I could go. It was very healing.”

MF Tomlinson’s second album We Are Still Wild Horses will be released on February 17, 2023, via PRAH Recordings. His latest single ‘We Are Still Wild Horses (Part II)’ is out now.

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