kid apollo – ‘these things’ / ‘sylvie’

kid apollo drops their final release of the year: Double single ‘these things’ / ‘sylvie’

'these things' / 'sylvie' press
kid apollo image via Ned Collyer

Crafted alongside Ray Laurél, kid apollo debuts their poignant double single ‘these things’ / ‘sylvie,’ marking the culmination of a year filled with musical growth and introspection.

In a crescendo of melodic prowess, Brixton’s dynamic trio, kid apollo, unveil their much-anticipated final release of the year. The new double single, ‘these things’ / ‘sylvie,’ emerges as the latest installment following their In Your Own Right EP, celebrated for its standout track ‘fantasise’ featuring dexter in the newsagent.

Co-written and co-produced with Ray Laurél, ‘these things’ melds bedroom guitar-pop with bold hip-hop-inspired beats. Bookended by evocative piano motifs, the track delves into the fleeting nature of life and its overlooked moments. Meanwhile, ‘sylvie’ takes a more minimalist approach, with a captivating pitch-shifted vocal line leading the composition. Influenced by Dijon’s compelling album Absolutely, the song weaves delicate keys, subdued guitar passages, and understated violins.

Speaking on both track’s lyrical meaning, Jimmy explained:

“‘these things’ is trying to portray that feeling when you’re in a period of your life where you feel like everything’s moving so fast and kind of passing you by. As a result of this, you find that you lose track of what’s important and end up not making enough time for these things. This song was actually one of the fastest songs we’ve made. It was the last idea of the day that we worked on, the first time we were in with Ray and it just kinda stuck for both of us. Us and Ray have a similar ear in terms of what clicks so it was really easy to land where we wanted creatively.”

“‘sylvie’ kinda felt like an outpour of a whole bunch of different feelings and thoughts towards someone. Talking about a load of more specific small things is sometimes a better way of explaining yourself than trying to tackle the bigger picture as a whole. That’s what I think this song is doing. Instrumentally, we wanted to make it very dynamic and feel like a train of thought rather than it be so structured.. to sort of mirror what the song’s about.”

‘these things’ / ‘sylvie’ are out now on Sweat Entertainment, marking a triumphant conclusion to a year marked by artistic growth and acclaim.

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