M. Byrd – ‘Only A Feeling’

M. Byrd releases ‘Only A Feeling’

Only A Feeling
M. Byrd image via Miriam Marlene

M. Byrd releases his latest single from his upcoming debut full-length album The Seed.

German-based singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer M. Byrd has released his manically ethereal new single ‘Only A Feeling.’ Powered by a vintage OP1 drum machine, the track features airy guitars weaving around a steady beat as he tries to capture the essence of a panic attack in a song.

M. Byrd explains:

“I have a close friend who deals with panic attacks on a regular basis. It’s crazy to think of how something just triggers such a powerful reaction where a person has an outburst out of nowhere and ends up gasping for air. The drums even mirror this shortness of breath.”

‘Only A Feeling’ follows the release of M. Byrd’s previous singles ‘Seed,’ ‘Flood,’ ‘Over You / Over Me,’ and ‘Outside Of Town,’ all from his debut full-length album The Seed out June 16th.

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