Alex Spencer – ‘A Night To Waste’

Alex Spencer releases his debut single ‘A Night To Waste’

Alex Spencer
Alex Spencer image via Press Photo

Manchester busker turned future headliner Alex Spencer unleashes his debut single ‘a Night To Waste.’

Discovered playing on the streets of Manchester street smart teenager Alex Spencer has released his debut single. Written about growing up in the suburbs, the track uncovers the desires of the young up-and-comers coming into their own.

He says of the song:

“It’s about the life of a teenager who wants to live their life a little and get out of the same old boring suburb. It’s about enjoying a good time with their friends and that ‘none of us have got a night to waste’. It’s the same for so many people my age, especially after all the setbacks we’ve had over the past few years with lockdowns stopping us in our tracks.”

‘A Night To Waste’ is out now.

Connect with Alex Spencer:


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