Ferdous – ‘Deal With It’

Afghan-Dutch artist, producer, and experimental visionary Ferdous announces debut mixtape Cool Party / Releases new single ‘Deal With It’

Ferdous - Deal With It
Ferdous image via Niko Zelenik (Art Director), Melissa Verhoeven (Photographer)

Ferdous releases a captivating new single ‘Deal With It’ / Announces debut mixtape Cool Party.

Amsterdam-based, Afghan-Dutch artist and producer Ferdous has shared his captivating new single ‘Deal With It.’ The track is an explorative slice of experimental pop full of surprises. Accompanying the single is news of his debut mixtape and first full-length project Cool Party.

Speaking about ‘Deal With It,’ Ferdous says:

“Deal With It is my way of celebrating pain. I’m going through phases in my life right now that I don’t fully understand, this song was my way of making sense of the different shitstorms around me…Pain sometimes gives me an immense love and appreciation for existing, which sounds super conflicting, but that’s exactly what I tried to put into this song.”

Ferdous adds:

“With this project, I’m having all the fun I could have, it doesn’t matter where it leads me, I’m at my most confident, but I’m also awaiting when I crash back into my old self again: a person who is truly vulnerable and scared. That’s how Cool Party eventually ends, like getting a hangover the morning after.”

Cool Party is set for release next month, February 24th. ‘Deal With It’ is out now.

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