Blusher – ‘Backbone’

Australian pop force Blusher announce debut EP / release new single and video ‘Backbone’

Blusher image via Tom Lewis

Australian 3-piece announce their debut EP Should We Go Dance? and release of their latest single ‘Backbone.’

Melbourne-based 3-piece Blusher have announced their debut EP aptly titled Should We Go Dance? Set for release on Friday, July 14th via Atlantic Records/Warner Music Australia, the news comes alongside the release of their new single ‘Backbone.’ The track is an anthem devoted to the aftermath of heartbreak.

Speaking on ‘Backbone’, and how it came from the whiplash and aftermath of a breakup, Blusher explain how they wanted to “sing about the way that heartbreak can strengthen and empower friendships. It’s a fiery, energetic love song to the friends who have your back through it all. Backbone is aptly named, its themes of power, confidence, and deep friendship are the foundation of our band.”

The new single is accompanied by the music video which features Blusher in their alter-ego ‘choose your fighter’ personas. Speaking on the concept behind this, they explain; “when we first wrote the song, we had visions of 80s workout routines/Charlie’s Angels/a “choose your fighter” moment in an anime video game. It made us think about what our video game characters would be. We saw ourselves channelling an element in each of our verses. Miranda’s verse is powered by fire and lit by red brake lights, Jade’s, a watery moment with a tear-filled champagne glass, whilst Lauren’s air-bending bridge propels you to the dance floor and breathes new life into you.”

‘Backbone’ is out now. Should We Go Dance? is out July 14th via Atlantic Records / Warner Music Australia.

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