Luna Morgenstern – ‘Dance Dance (Don’t Go)’

Luna Morgenstern releases ‘Dance Dance (Don’t Go)’

Luna Morgenstern - Dance Dance (Don't Go)
Luna Morgenstern image via Nikola Lamburov

Luna Morgenstern invites you into her world with her latest single ‘Dance Dance (Don’t Go).’

Artist, producer, and innovator Luna Morgenstern invites you into her euphoric trance-inspired world of alternative pop with her new single ‘Dance Dance (Don’t Go).’ The Amsterdam-based, Cologne-born creative ushers in a new era with the effervescent title track from her forthcoming EP.

Luna explains:

“‘Dance Dance (Don’t Go)’ is a daydream about a long-term crush. It’s about hidden looks and lusty thoughts in a close-knit friendship, where you don’t want to lose the person, but also can’t help falling for them. It’s when you try to suppress your emotions, that opening the door to the fantasy becomes like a delicious rush on its own, possibly surpassing reality by far. The melancholy of knowing that there is no future in it battles with the euphoria of feeling for someone so intensely.”

Luna Morgenstern’s new single ‘Dance Dance (Don’t Go)’ is out now via Nine And A Half. The EP’s release follows in June.

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