Activity – ‘I Saw His Eyes’

Activity release new track/video ‘I Saw His Eyes’

I Saw His Eyes
Activity via Ebru Yildiz

NYC post rock quartet Activity have released ‘I Saw His Eyes,’ the final single previewing their new album Spirit In The Room, out Friday, August 4th via Western Vinyl.

Follow-up to their mid-June release, ‘Department of Blood,’ Brooklyn-based band Activity release their final single previewing their upcoming album out Friday, August 4th. ‘I Saw His Eyes’ features a laid-back groove that slowly builds through the four-and-a-half-minute runtime. The single arrives alongside a Lynchian-but-jocular video, directed by the band’s own Steven Levine.

Activity’s Travis Johnson explained the song’s sorrowful inspiration:

“My dad got cancer and when I saw him next, the treatments had caused him to waste away. He was slight to begin with and he’d lost like 30 pounds. ‘Hey, under the blinding glare, I’ll meet you there’ is a reference to this book I read called The Great Divorce and imagining seeing my dad again ‘on the other side.’ An advance apology for all the times I’ve been petty and short and cruel with him. But he got better! And he’s doing okay now, thankfully.”

Of the song’s menacing yet light-hearted video, Levine adds:

“For some reason I had that image stuck in my mind for the first hit of the song–a blanket being laid over the camera. Then, naturally, I thought about how that could lead in a creepy direction. Then it started to feel silly, and I kind of liked the humorous direction it was going in, so we just went with it.”

‘I Saw His Eyes’ is out now. Spirit In The Room, is out Friday, August 4th via Western Vinyl.

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