LYR – ‘The Song Thrush and the Mountain Ash’

LYR release new single ‘The Song Thrush and the Mountain Ash’

The Song Thrush and the Mountain Ash
LYR image via Press Photo

LYR release their third single of 2023, a record of human separation created to chronicle the COVID pandemic and its effects on civilization.

Composed of author and current British poet laureate Simon Armitage, singer-songwriter Richard Walters and multi-instrumentalist & producer Patrick Pearson, LYR have released their third single of 2023. The track, ‘The Song Thrush and the Mountain Ash’ deftly combines orchestral instrumentation with glitchy electronica and delicate vocals whether spoken or passionately sung.

Armitage describes the track:

“The Song Thrush and The Mountain Ash is also a metaphor for any relationship which suffers because of a lack of communication. The Song Thrush is famous for its tuneful call, while the Mountain Ash or Rowan is one of our most common trees, almost shouting with bright red berries in winter. But bird and tree, no matter how melodious and colourful, have no common language, just as the characters in the song are failing to speak to each other through a closed window and the dense fog of memory loss.”

‘The Song Thrush and the Mountain Ash’ is available today. Their upcoming full-length album, The Ultraviolet Age, is set for release on June 30, 2023.

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