Meltt – ‘Your Melody’

Meltt releases new single ‘Your Melody’ / Announces new album Eternal Embers

Your Melody
Meltt image via Zachary Vague

Alternative psych-rock band Meltt releases emotionally charged single ‘Your Melody.’ The band has also announced their forthcoming sophomore album Eternal Embers due out September 22nd.

Meltt has released yet another song in their productive year. ‘Your Melody,’ their fourth single of 2023, is a soul-stirring tribute to Meltt bassist Iam Winkler’s father, who valiantly battled ALS. “My dad was in the late stages of his fight with ALS, so it was a very intense time for me. My grandma had also recently died. We were going through her old photo albums, and there was one picture of my dad as a kid. I saw the picture and where he was in the present like, ‘Holy shit, this was his destiny.’ I was interested in determinism and physics from a philosophical perspective. Since all of time just exists, we’re playing through it like a song. That’s where ‘Your Melody’ came from. I saw my dad’s song from beginning to end in the picture. The song was born out of a lot of fear, grief, and anger.”

Eternal Embers is out September 22nd via Nettwerk and features ‘Your Melody,’ which is out today.

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