Olive Louise – ‘Special’

Olive Louise’s candid storytelling shines on her latest single ‘Special’

Olive Louise image via press photo

New York confessional singer and storyteller, Olive Louise, bares her soul on her latest single, ‘Special.’

Released today, ‘Special’ captures a composite of Olive’s experiences where she felt the discomfort of being out of place and longed to embrace her true self, a sentiment echoing the struggles of all those yearning for self-assurance.

Dedicated to all the “misfits” seeking a sense of belonging, Olive Louise shares her thoughts on what led her to the subject matter:

“My father used to tell me, ‘You don’t paint apples red or flowers more vibrant’ and that is always in the forefront of my mind. I don’t want my imperfections washed out. You can be soft and have grit. The events in my life have forced me through so many huge changes. I never could have seen my life going the way it has. It’s had a profound effect on what I resonate with. I understand not fitting in and moving around and trying to make sense of things without time to, and so that’s the imagery I’m drawn to and the music I write reflects my lived experience.”

‘Special’ promises to be another poignant chapter in her journey, inviting listeners to embrace vulnerability and find solace in her heartfelt storytelling. The track is out now on all digital service providers.

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