Charlotte Plank – ‘L.S.D. Love So Damaged’

Charlotte Plank releases ‘L.S.D. Love So Damaged’

Charlotte Plank
Charlotte Plank credit via Georgia-Mae Skeldin

Newcomer Charlotte Plank combines Indie-pop, garage, and drum & bass in her latest track, ‘L.S.D. Love So Damaged.’

Twenty-one-year-old newcomer Charlotte Plank releases a multi-genre track ‘L.S.D. Love So Damaged.’ Adding to her growing discography, ‘L.S.D. Love So Damaged’ joins her first two singles (‘Hate Me’ and ‘Lost Boys’).

Here’s Charlotte talking about the track:

“This was written about the turbulent, habitual, addictive cycle of being in a toxic relationship” explains Charlotte, continuing “Whereby you know that it’s bad for you, you continue to hurt each other out of spite and lose respect for each other, yet it’s like you both subconsciously crave the problems and toxicity within one another and keep the rose-tinted glasses on yet another last chance despite your views of love being distorted and forever damaged.”

‘L.S.D. Love So Damaged’ can be heard now on your favorite DSP.

Connect with Charlotte Plank:


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