Computerwife – ‘I Get Better Every Day’

Computerwife releases new single/video for ‘I Get Better Every Day’

I Get Better Every Day
Computerwife via Molly Soda

NYC-based musician Computerwife releases new single and video for ‘I Get Better Every Day.’

NYC-based musician Computerwife (Addie Warncke) has shared her driving, fuzzy new single ‘I Get Better Every Day’ off her self-titled debut album out August 4th via Danger Collective Records. The track arrives with a Jackson Katz (Brutus VIII)-directed video and finds Warncke dying her hair and getting her ear pierced in real-time.

Warncke discusses the track:

“When I made this song, I thought I was gaining control of my life and building self-confidence. This is one of the first songs that taught me how to write lyrics. I was reading ‘Annihilation’ (by Jeff VanderMeer) and wrote down interesting words and then found ways to use those words to express my own thoughts.”

Of the video, she adds:

“I wrote and recorded ‘I Get Better Everyday’ as an 18/19-year-old thinking that I was becoming the best version of myself while losing it mentally. It reminded me of the movie ‘Thirteen’ which covers the same kind of story. After I moved out of my last apartment, I had my entire bedroom in storage, so it was really easy to recreate it in Jackson’s white studio. We settled on doing a fucked up ‘Thirteen’-style makeover in the bedroom and chose the home piercings, hair dye, and destroying belongings as classic manic teenager activities.”

‘I Get Better Every Day’ is out now.

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