Brasstracks – ‘Indigo’ (feat. Adelaide James)

Brasstracks drops ‘Indigo’ (feat. Adelaide James)

Brasstracks image via Press Photo

Brasstracks releases the title track from his upcoming album.

Brasstracks, the Grammy award-winning project of New York-based musician and producer Ivan Jackson, has released his fourth single of 2023. Taken from his upcoming album (Indigo), the track features vocals from up-and-comer Adelaide James.

Jackson shares:

“I’m not good in the mornings, but I’ve always been productive in the evening. My productive evenings turned into productive late nights, which turned into productive early mornings. I remember waking up when the sun was going down for most of the winter. I thought nothing of it. My managers, my collaborators, my peers- everyone had more equilibrium than me. I looked at that like my superpower. If you know me, you know not to call me in the morning. ‘Wake me up when the sky’s more Indigo.’ I knew I had the album concept on my hands. My nocturnal superpowers.”

‘Indigo’ (feat. Adelaide James) is out today. The album Indigo is slated for release on June 2nd.

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