The Lathums – ‘Thoughts Of A Child’

The Lathums return with new single ‘Thoughts Of A Child’

Thoughts of a child
The Lathums image via Ewan Ogden

The Lathums release their first new music since March, breaking a seven-month pause.

Singing away the bad times in favor of good, The Lathums release their first new music since early spring with ‘Thoughts Of A Child.’ The track explores the innocent, hope-filled child trapped in most adults’ cynical souls. Swelling, swirling, ebbing, and flowing from hushed acoustic intimacy to air-punching, arms-around-your-neighbor choruses, the song’s sense and celebration of change reconfirms both The Lathums’ untarnished worldview and their assured artistic confidence.

Moore says of the song:

“We’ve all been told before that we, for some reason, aren’t good enough. We don’t look a certain way or our interests are futile and unachievable. Then, one day, something or someone just turns your world the right way up. A partner, friend, a community. Maybe a new job, or is it the sun choosing to shine on you? An angel sent to your underserving hands that just makes everything feel right again with the happiness and purity we feel when we are children. For some reason, we lose it along the way. But together we can find it again.”

‘Thoughts Of A Child’ is out now.

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