Deerhoof – ‘Wedding, March, Flower’

Deerhoof releases ‘Wedding, March, Flower’

Wedding, March, Flower
Deerhoof image via Ryan Hover

Deerhoof release a tender piano ballad ‘Wedding, March, Flower.’

Deerhoof preview their “studio debut album” Miracle-Level with their latest single ‘Wedding, March, Flower.’ The Japanese language track is sung by the band’s Greg Saunier.

Sauner details the inspiration for the track:

“I was flirting with my partner Sophie and sent her a video of me humming and playing the piano. Deerhoof was starting to get songs together for our next record. No one had suggested we needed any tender piano ballads, but Sophie convinced me to show it to my bandmates anyway. I was so touched when they were into it,” Saunier explains of its heartfelt, deeply personal inspiration. “The real kicker came when Satomi wrote lyrics. They were in Japanese, so when we first rehearsed it, I wasn’t even sure what I was singing. But Satomi had written a love song about a wedding. Satomi and I ended our marriage over 10 years ago, and it hasn’t always been easy for any of us to keep the band going. Our songs have always been one way that we all process our feelings with each other. Co-writing and performing ‘Wedding March Flower’ with her was really intense.”

‘Wedding, March, Flower’ is out now.

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