Nite Bjuti – ‘Mood (Liberation Walk)’

Nite Bjuti release their debut single ‘Mood (Liberation Walk)’

Nite Bjuti - Mood (Liberation Walk)
Nite Bjuti image via Maciek Jasik

Afro Caribbean three-piece Nite Bjuti release an intoxicating avant-garde experimental jazz track, ‘Mood (Liberation Walk).’

Brooklyn-based avant-garde experimental jazz trio Nite Bjuti (singer-songwriter Candice Hoyes, Grammy-nominated SoundChemist and beatmaker Val Jeanty, and bassist Mimi Jones) have released their debut single, ‘Mood (Liberation Walk).’ The intoxicating jazz meets electronica track is also accompanied by a music video directed by Candice Hoyes.

“What good is freedom if you don’t really feel free? Black girlhood maturation brings a range of evocative contradictory experiences,” confides Hoyes, and “in ‘Mood (Liberation Walk)’ we express the sudden sensation of a girl jumping/jumped into puberty, roped into a new emotional reality, physicality and societal positionality. As explored in the music video, she jumps through the portals of her own design right until the foreboding street lights flicker. Jumping is tied to shared childhood experiences, embodies connectivity and the chasmic leaps of growth in the Black womanly experience.

‘Mood (Liberation Walk)’ is out today.

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