Dutch Uncles – ‘At The Wheel’

Dutch Uncles unveil No Hooks: A treasure trove of rarities and unreleased tracks / Release new single ‘At The Wheel’

Dutch Uncles image via Oliver Sangster

Manchester’s Dutch Uncles reveal No Hooks, a fascinating assortment of rarities and previously unreleased tracks, offering a unique peek into their musical labyrinth.

Recognized for their unique musical stylings and creativity, Dutch Uncles are set to treat their fans to a compilation filled with hidden gems and unreleased material. No Hooks boasts a diverse array of tracks, showcasing the band’s evolution and their penchant for experimentation.

‘At The Wheel,’ the lead track from this collection, serves as a testament to Dutch Uncles’ innovative soundscapes. In this release, the band vividly showcases their skill in creating complex melodies and nuanced instrumentation, revealing their dedication to pushing artistic boundaries.

The compilation, featuring a tracklist that includes rarities like ‘Jinx,’ ‘Infinity Pool,’ and the intriguingly titled ‘P is for Party,’ promises to be a fascinating journey through the band’s lesser-known sonic offerings. The inclusion of a Dolby Anol remix of ‘The Ink’ further adds to the allure of this compilation.

For enthusiasts eagerly awaiting this musical extravaganza, No Hooks promises to be a collector’s delight, offering a glimpse into the band’s evolution and unreleased treasures.

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