The Backseat Lovers – ‘Growing/Dying’

DIY-indie rockers The Backseat Lovers release ‘Growing/Dying’ in advance of their upcoming LP, Waiting To Spill

The Backseat Lovers - Growing/Dying
The Backseat Lovers image via Travis Bailey

Utah-based indie outfit The Backseat Lovers release a reeling new single, ‘Growing/Dying.’

The Backseat Lovers have released their first song since signing with a major label. ‘Growing/Dying’ is a dazzling new track that shows both sides of the band within a four-minute timeline. From a reeling guitar crescendo to the softest of vocal treatment, ‘Growing/Dying’ seems to have it all.

Joshua Harmon says of the two records:

“When We Were Friends was our first attempt at making an album, and it was essentially recording one song, selling some t-shirts at a show the next month, and being able to record another song. Upon finishing it, we were quickly filled with a strong desire to MAKE an album. We were pretty much obsessed with the idea of making something that really flowed together and felt like each song was intentionally placed, creating a cohesion that spanned the whole record. Making it a collective body of work as opposed to a collection of songs. Overall though it really feels like a continuation of the next chapter of our lives.”

Expect additional music in the coming weeks in advance of the album’s release on October 28, 2022. ‘Growing/Dying’ is available on all DSPs today.

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