44 Ardent – ‘pieces’


44 Ardent - 'pieces'
44 Ardent image credit via 44 Ardent

Australian producer, 44 Ardent, has broken his 12-month silence to release his first single of 2022, ‘pieces.’

Australian producer, 44 Ardent, has recently broken his 12-month silence to release his latest track, ‘pieces.’ The chilled-out, lo-fi music producer has created an approachable and atmospheric track that clocks in under 3 minutes. But what the track lacks in length, it more than makes up for in sonic vibes.

Through his use of smooth vocals combined with an up-tempo and danceable beat, 44 Ardent creates a dense and multi-layered mood that is engaging and memorable. He recounts how the balance of complementary forces are ever-present on the track,

“pieces is supposed to sound sort of happy and sad at the same time. The piano and vocal samples combined are a little bit bleak, but then the drums and bassline are quite upbeat. There are also some cool things going on in the stereo imaging of the track. The bass is super wide and sort of engulfs the whole song as it comes in. My favourite part of the song is the subtle snare which does its own thing on the right-hand side of the song and works with the hi-hats to drive everything along.”

‘pieces’ is available everywhere now via Mammal Sounds Records.

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