Splint – ‘145’

Manchester’s Splint returns with an emotional and energetic track ‘145’

Splint - 145
Splint image via Will Fry

Splint follow their August debut on Nice Swan Records with their second single ‘145.’

Manchester’s electrifying quintet Splint have followed their August debut on Nice Swan Records with their dynamic second single — ‘145.’ The track peers into human relationships and how humanity goes through the motions of everyday life.

Bonometti says:

“It’s about the human condition that unites every person but also divides us. Going through life without paying attention to what is actually happening to the people around us and settle for the “I’m fine” in reply to the “how are you’s?” Pretending to be strong when everything is falling apart and never allow yourself to be vulnerable.”

The video for the single, created by filmmaker, Mackenzie Thomson walks on into the darker corners of the territory signposted by the band’s music and the deep-hearted intent behind 145’s lyrics. Throwing nothing away on the cheap, splint’s visuals meet the sonic ambush of every song.

‘145’ is out today on all streaming services.

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