MF Tomlinsen – ‘Winter Time Blues’

MF Tomlinson announces second album We Are Still Wild Horses — Releases new single ‘Winter Time Blues’

MF Tomlinsen - Winter Time Blues
MF Tomlinsen image via Andrea Zvadova

London-based, Brisbane/Meanjin-born singer-songwriter MF Tomlinson today announces details of his second album We Are Still Wild Horses — Releases new single ‘Winter Time Blues.’

Singer-songwriter MF Tomlinson is back with news of a new album and single. We Are Still Wild Horses is set to release on February 17, 2023, and the first single, ‘Winter Time Blues,’ is out now.

‘Winter Time Blues’ is MF Tomlinson’s first single of 2022 and his first off of his upcoming album. Twirling brass, spooky synths, and reeling guitars coupled with MF’s lyrical expressions conjure up dreary and disenchanted emotions as the ode stretches over six minutes in length.

MF Tomlinson commented further on the inspiration behind ‘Winter Time Blues’:

“I think we’ve all had the Winter Time Blues – it’s trying to express that deep feeling of sadness and frustration that creeps up on you. This awakening to your own depressive state. It’s a stormscape – seemingly placid and sleepy but underneath the surface menacing & sinister, seething and boiling over with chaos. I picture the climax of the song like a giant wave bearing down on a ship, with a huge cruel mouth trying to swallow it whole. Winter can be rough!”

The album stands as a document of the year after ‘the year everything changed.’ Written during the winter of 2021 when the days were short, the album speaks heavily to dreams and their importance.

Tomlinson says of the album:

“At both ends of the album there is an abyss: one is darkness, the other is the unknown. By the time you make it from one end to the other, you find the abyss has been filled up with stars.”

MF Tomlinson’s second album, We Are Still Wild Horses will be released February 17, 2023 via PRAH Recordings. His new single ‘Winter Time Blues’ is out now. MF Tomlinson will also headline London’s OSLO on March 1, 2023 (tickets here).

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