Bright Town – ‘Bottom’

Merceyside’s Bright Town release new five-song EP Smithereens! / Highlight new track ‘Bottom’

Bright Town - Bottom
Bright Town image via press photo

Bright Town release ambitious new five-song EP Smithereens!

Modern Sky UK (The Coral, The Lathums) signees have released a rich blend of heartwarming tracks that embody pure power and emotion. Led by principal songwriter Tom Cornfield, Bright Town embody a crowd-pleasing, uplifting, and welcoming sound.

Here’s Tom discussing his process:

“Songwriting is what I turn to in order to keep myself going when life appears to be too much to handle, and I intended for this song to act as a sort of musical light at the end of the tunnel. It only made sense to us that, while lyrically drawing heavily from themes of despair and isolation, the music should be steeped in drama and intensity to create a juxtaposition of emotion that resonates with and elevates the listener.”

‘Bottom’ is available today on their Smithereens! EP.

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