Rebounder – ‘Factoury Girl’

Brooklyn indie outfit Rebounder releases an ode to the dreamers, ‘Factoury Girl’

Rebounder - Factoury Girl
Rebounder image via press photo

Rebounder releases their first single off of their upcoming EP Sundress Songs.

Mixed at The Neighbourhood’s “The Factoury” studio in Los Angeles, ‘Factoury Girl’ is a self-produced anthem dedicated to the nonstop dreamers that work tirelessly to keep their ambitions alive.

Dylan of the band confides:

“I was inspired by a friend of mine who is working to be an actor, who works two jobs, truly 9-5, then 5-9. Factoury Girl is a song about how amazing I think they are.” “Factoury Girl” features layered dreamy melodies and blissed-out guitars over chillwave-drenched soundscapes for an immersive listening experience.”

Directed by Jimmy Giannopoulos, the music video for ‘Factoury Girl’ follows New York icon and actress Annie Hamilton as she puts a chaotic spin on waiting tables.

‘Factoury Girl’ is available today on your favorite digital service provider.

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