Zoe Wees – ‘Daddy’s Eyes’

Zoe Wees drops her latest track, ‘Daddy’s Eyes’

Zoe Wees - Daddy's Eyes
Zoe Wees image via Press Photo

German singer-songwriter Zoe Wees releases a raw and emotional track, ‘Daddy’s Eyes.’

Following up on her single, ‘Third Wheel,’ Zoe Wees has delivered her latest track. The raw and emotional track, ‘Daddy’s Eyes,’ is about the one time she met her father.

Speaking about the song’s meaning, Zoe explained:

“My father was never there for my Mum and me. I’ve met him once in my life and I realised that my eyes look exactly like his. I don’t wanna cry these tears with my Daddy’s Eyes. I don’t need you, Dad!”

‘Daddy’s Eyes’ is available today on your favorite DSP.

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