Lip Filler – ‘Cool’

Lip Filler release their debut single, ‘Cool’

Lip Filler - Cool
Lip filler image via Maya Lutz

West London indie-punk 5-piece Lip Filler release their debut single, ‘Cool.’

Lip Filler have released their debut single, ‘Cool.’ The track is a raucous, high-energy affair about the insecurities of becoming a young adult. The track features distinct call and response vocals over top searing guitars and hard-hitting drums. Produced by St Francis Hotel (Little Simz, Greentea Peng, Michael Kiwanuka), the track has already become a fan favorite at their live shows.

Speaking more on the new track’s lyrical inspiration, George said:

“It’s a song about caring too much about yourself and your image. I suppose it’s about trying to claim validation from other people around you. It’s about types of people we generally encounter on nights out since moving to London. But there’s also contrasting sections of the song, such as the chorus, which focuses more on the vulnerabilities of these people. It looks at the weird transitional stage of young adulthood where you’re not secure enough in your own identity.”

Lip Filler’s debut single ‘Cool’ is out now.

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