Ira Nor – “flashback”

Oslo-based artist, Ira Nor releases her debut single, ‘flashback’

Ira Nor - flashback
Ira Nor image credit Luis Kramer

22-year-old, Ira Nor channels her relationship tribulations into a sparkling debut track, ‘flashback.’

Born and raised in a small Norwegian coastal town called Halsa, Ira Nor has released her debut single, ‘flashback.’ The track is about seeing an ex-lover at a party and how it, “takes you a thousand steps back in the healing process.”” You might be moving on, she says, but “because of the rollercoaster of emotions you had with that person, seeing them again is like getting smacked in the face.”

She goes on to detail how everything will be ok. You just need to find perspective:

“I just want to let people know that it will be ok,” she says. “Finding your own way; moving on from a bad situation and suddenly finding yourself alone. It will all be ok.”

‘flashback’ is out now. Her debut EP, Swim Ira is out August 26 via 777 Music.

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