Olive Louise – ‘The Loveliest’

NY-based indie-pop artist, Olive Louise releases, ‘The Loveliest’

Olive Louise - 'The Loveliest'
Olive Louise image via press photo

NY-based classically trained musician, Olive Louise delivers a sparkling ode to the love of her life on her latest track, ‘The Loveliest.’

NY-based and classically trained musician Olive Louise has released her first single of 2022, ‘The Loveliest.’ The song sparkles with adoration. Accompanied by a whimsical piano, Olive delivers heartfelt vocals that highlight the quirks of her lover as well as the moments that were so distant before meeting her muse.

She confides:

“It was awesome putting into a song how much I love the person I’m with and plan on being with forever. I think it’s relatable because it’s how anyone that’s really in love feels, like, this person is amazing and you have your own language with them, and that feeling is universal.”

‘The Loveliest’ is available on all digital service providers today.

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